Zoe Saldana Not Black Enough To Play Nina Simone, Says Petition

Princess .P. | September 16, 2012

In 2008 many were asking if then Senator Barack Obama was black enough to be called the first African-American president, in 2012 the same question in being posed regarding actress Zoe Saldana.

Miss Saldana who is Dominican-Puerto Rican is apparently not dark skinned enough to tackle the role of jazz legend Nina Simone in the upcoming movie Simone (the role was originally offered to R’n’B singer Mary J Blige but it appears the producers have decided to take another direction).

While many African-Americans have voiced their disappointment in the choice via Twitter and Facebook, Tiffani Jones, who runs Coffee Rhetoric has taken it a step further by launching a petition on Change.org asking that “The Avatar” be replaced with a darker star.

Over 3000 people have signed the petition asking the director Cynthia Mott to go with someone like Viola Davis or Kimberly Elise.

Among the 3000 folks is Nina’s daughter Simone Kelly who wants a darker star to play her mother.

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