Will Smith Dead:Did Will Smith Die In Car Accident? NO

Princess .P. | November 22, 2009

will smith car accident story

Will Smith Dead:Did Will Smith Die In Car Accident? – Will Smith Car Accident/Did Will Smith die? ‘Will Smith Dead’ crazy rumor has hit the internet.Another day,another stupid celebrity fake death has hit the web,this time claiming that Will Smith died in a car accident.There is a faux report flying around claiming:

Will Smith was driving his Porsche in the Hollywood Hills earlier today when he suddenly lost control and flipped his car.Paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes but were unable to revive Mr. Smith.

Will Smith is alive and well.

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  1. Alberto says:

    Man some people talk alot of s$$t, talking bout my Brother from another mother Will Smith die. Come on man stop killing the man with you big mouth, pray for him to get better motherfuckers kabrones. I love Will man that’s my inspiration, i’m a big fan. So will, is time for you to drive safe and stop messing with this crazy fast cars man, those cars are made to fly bro be more carefull. Your Spanish people love you too Brother. Get better boy. Bless!

  2. Alberto says:

    Well all I can say is that I love Will Smith and I got super scare when my son told me that, I was like oh man not Will, then I got home and I said to my self let me see if is truth. So I google it and now I feel much better because is not real.
    Will I wish you the best and get Better so you can make more crazy movies like allways my Brother from another Mother. Your Spanish people love you Bro. Sanate pronto. Bless!

  3. cheryl says:

    what is going on. was he in a car accident

  4. sarah says:

    I jsut want to say to will n his family always remember that god is good. people are going to hate but that’s just conformation to me that your doing ur job n u do it well thats why they have to make up something just to get something started. keep ur headup.

  5. Ronnie P. says:

    Those people who write these false stories for tabloid news fame should be sought out and charged legally with writing a false story! WILL SMITH, GET BETTER MY WEST PHILLY BROTHER. From Syracuse, N.Y. with relatives in WEST PHILLY.

  6. Joseph K. Bentum says:

    what is going on; i wont sombody to tell me wat is happing abaut my brother, i wos at ELMINA in GHANA when he came daun for his tour GHANA and i like WILL SMITH soo much.

  7. KEISHA REED says:


  8. Devereaux Priest says:

    The problem is people start fake stories and some people are hungry for that next “thing” so they feed into everything they hear, or they make up their own stories and others run with it. It’s stories like these that destroy peoples lives and careers and can kill them literally in one way or another, hence, Mr. Michael Jackson. Tragic. Stop The lying people.

  9. Mone't C. says:

    People have nothing better to do these days than to make up some s$$t about someone that we all adore. IT’S A RECESSION, GET UP AND FIND A DAMN JOB.

  10. lola says:

    Well thanks for giving me a heart attack. I”ve literally lost 10kg by the way my heart jumped. Its taboo to say such a thing but in Africa, when u say it,…u add more years for that person. So,.. Will, i guese ur up to seeing ur great grsndchildren. And u will lose lots of ur teeth. Hahaha…..,,,,yes, the two of u are in for ride. Take care.

  11. Albert says:

    Hey Cheryl read! He is alive and well.

  12. Cris Collins says:

    I was looking up his songs on google whenever i saw a tab that said he died and I just flipped out. Will Smith has been my Idol since I was 5 years old and I am 14 now. I really do hope that he gets better and be careful, the road gets icy in winter.

  13. Niya says:

    Please don’t joke like that i love Will Smith And when the fullest of time until then don’t give me a heart attack like that i love him and the smith family keep praying them to stay strong.

  14. suzanne o cameltoe says:

    this n$$$a needs to be dead jk but thats kinda sad cause i just found out
    but 1 question is he alive or dead!!!!!! am so confused!!

  15. Lauren says:

    no hes not dead if he did iwould be like reli sad der just terrible rumors going around people have to stop spreading rumors der sick

  16. tristan says:

    wiil smithdid not die so skrew all of u jackass

  17. sexy wild girl 2098 says:

    god bl;ess you i did not mean to cus you out by p.s. all of the boys out there i need a boyfrend my name is bria and my number is 3135982349 so call me who ever call me first gets to win a free kiss and gets tro have sex with me gits to win by peace out sucka

  18. GHOSt says:

    will smith—Comment on will smith ok right to the point he’s a fagot his a$$$$$e is so big you can stick the entire industry up his a$s….The so called man will smith has sold his soul for riches and has taken the oath. The Master will come to collect his soul on that day just as all whom sell out. So with that being said will smith go is a bad influence for the male figure……So as for the words of the beast- go will go! You lil brainwashed b$$$h wanna be woman. hAVING SEX WITH MEN AND HE HAS BOY KIDS ( BABY GOATS) will smith the new micheal jackson jada you dumb whore what happend to your dam brain? you let that money blind yo dumb as? I knew you shouldn’t have fucked him for that cash that one time you lost wicked wisdom harlot…The time is near beware babylon the fake—-she shall fall—-13.9

  19. kathy baccus says:

    suzanne cameltoe you are a h$e and a lousy b$$$h. Will Smith is sexy, smart, funny and probably a great husband and Dad. So kiss off .Jada should rip your head off your shoulders. Ooops she is too nice for that … Why don’t you go find a hole and crawl in it and blow yourself up with something?

  20. kathy baccus says:


  21. Darria says:

    First of all if will was dead did he magically come back to watch his wife at the bet awards 2010 if so tell me second of all if he was dead it would have been on the news duh learn wat you talking bout be4 the rumors start haters ughhhhhhhhh

  22. Drew says:

    i don’t bielieve that crap!!!!!

  23. gigi says:

    The person that wrote and spread this insignificant rumor needs to really get a life. Its unforgivable to promote and make up such idiocrasy. My heart was at my throat when I heard the dumb rumor, as you can tell im writting this right after the heard the news. Nevertheless, my prayers go out to you Will, you are untouched professionally. The greatest actor of all time! I can finally take a breather after this uncovered fraudulent act of someone! To that wasteful individual: how old are you? get a life!

  24. moe123 says:

    willow smith is my favrite singer her brother is so cute like i wish i could become famouse so i can see willow smith do any of yall knoe where she lives because im her biggest fan i love her music and jaden i knoe all about them i just do knoe where they live i wish i could meet jaden smith and willow smith they is home scoled they dont go too shcool at all i dont knoe why people say she is gay and willow smith is not gay so plese stop saying that because im getting mad she is not gay so stop saying that dag yall all need too shut up shut dont go up cars go fast so take my advice and kiss my a*s

  25. jo mama says:

    wata heck happened

  26. elizabeth white says:

    who ever started this rumor need their azz whipped back and foward #love you jada,will and family

  27. nikeswooch says:

    will get well soon

  28. David says:

    I hope that’s not true, may he get well soon.

  29. David says:

    I just like Will he’s a good role model. Very inspiring, I’m praying that he be ok.

    Nairobi, Kenya.

  30. Feesahyor says:

    wait, wait, wait,..i hear he died in a car accident.. i also hear.. he fell off a cliff while acting a movie….which is tru??… i #hope non is tru :'( …..God help Him and his #family…:(

  31. ravimehra says:


  32. MISTY GIBBONS says:


  33. will smith and the family says:

    youll is disrespectful thatz real rude of youll get well soon will

  34. Hi says:

    He is my fan he is not dear