Venus Williams Mini-dress – Australian Open 2011

Jenny Roberts | January 18, 2011

Tennis superstar Venus Williams recently turned a few heads after she debuted an outfit that seemed to be missing the bottom half. Williams sported a blue “mini-dress” during a match, and caused quite a few people to begin wondering whether or not there if there was such a thing as “too short” on the courts.

Although the star had on black spandex shorts underneath her mini-dress, many people felt that it was still bordering on the indecent. However, that didn’t stop Williams from winning easily and beating her opponent in only two sets.

Williams is currently ranked fifth in the world, and she and her sister Serena had long been known from trying to bring a sense of fashion into the tennis world.
As of lately Williams has been known for raunchy outfits – she wore a sequined dress paired with flesh colored shorts to the 2010 US Open.

At last year’s French Open, the star wore an attire trimmed with red lace that had numerous reporters wondering just what she was thinking. However, Williams told the reporters afterwards, “Lace has never been done before in tennis and I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time.”

Sister Serena Williams currently has her own fashion line, as well as a nail polish line.

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  1. jacksy says:

    yea wonna sexy yea

  2. mieoux says:

    So hot!