Usher Talks About Being A Father

Princess .P. | December 28, 2007

Usher has been a dad for three months and he believes that he is a super dad.
The singer reveals that the birth of his son has completely turned his life around and he is now becoming a family man.He said:

“I’m really like super dad. Really. I really cook for the family. Now I basically do chicken and broccoli and steamed vegetables, because I’m on this diet. But believe me, I can fry some chicken too…
“I really clean up. I walk the dog, myself. I burp the baby. I change the diapers. I trim the tree. I’m about to get the things for the tree after this because it’s bare. … I’m super dad. And it’s only begun.”

That is a lot of I,for a man who is a family man.

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  1. usher am you freind noor says:

    usher you are family mind be carefull for children stop music becuse and becaure full for childre byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. sharon says:

    usher is cut

  3. khadijah kennerson says:

    heyy usher myy namee is Khadijah and i been a fan for a long a$s tyme just hit meh up on myspace khadijah kennerson. i luv yuh…byee bae.