Tyler Perry Studios:New Tyler Perry Studio In Atlanta

Princess .P. | October 6, 2008

Tyler Perry Studios:New Tyler Perry Studio In Atlanta

Tyler Perry Studios:New Tyler Perry Studio In Atlanta Tyler Perry Studios are now open for business.Last night was a historical night for Tyler Perry who became the first African American to own a major television and movie studio in Atlanta, GA.Tyler Perry Studios grand opening included celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey who cried a lot Will Smith, Ruby Dee, Sidney Poitier who shed few tears also.

Tyler Perry Studios:New Tyler Perry Studio In Atlanta.

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  1. KENYA WHITE says:


  2. UNCLEMONTE says:




  4. Bishop Alvin Davis Sr. says:

    I love all of your movies God has bless you but nobody knows about the struggle that you have been through to acheive the blessing that you have know I have not yet reached my goal but I have not given up; I am a gospel artist as well as a pastor and I sing along with my wife and children. The group is called Bishop Davis and Company. I have written songs in my home town that have taken over the radio stations; but I am looking to go much farther with my music and I am hoping that you can assist me in doing so. My contact # is 985-518-2586

  5. chanima linear says:

    Mr. Tyler P. I am a huge fan as many others.I’ve followed (your history) and i adore you,because my family history.All can relate to all you movies.Every single one tells alittle about my life.My grandmother raised me most of my life because of alcohol&drug use on both mom-dad sides.I can go on&on but i’m pretty sure you would understand all my situations.One of my wishes is to meet you and spend the day with you! I feel all i’ve been through i need to write a book on my life.If you can help me that is a blesssing well deserved,i promise you that!Just look at the fruit from my labor,my four kids!Ages 15,10,4,5.I love the fact that somebody gave you a chance to show your talent.You give inspiration to many all over the world and you are a blessing! love you truely, chanima.

  6. Cheryl Brown-Avery says:

    Hi Mr. Perry,
    I’m Cheryl Brown-Avery, author of Summers to Remember and Where it all began. You can check me out online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Do I have a movie/or play idea for you. Both books are about my life growing up on a farm in rural North Carolina during the summers of the early 1960’s. My latest book, Where it all Began, is a continuation of Summers to Remember. Chapter 6 in Where it all Began seems to be the hot controversial topic here in the Carolina’s. This chapter deals with people I like to call “Churchwatchers.” These are people who come to church before the Pastor arrives, loudtalking, bossy and telling the members to jump and how high. Believe me, there are churchwatchers in all churches. You have to read Where it all Began to get the point. Some friends and family who’ve read the book told me to email you and see what you think? You definitely will get a big laugh from the churchwatchers I described from my church. Thanks for your time. I hope that even if you can’t use my idea, I hope you get the book and enjoy it. Thanks again. Cheryl Brown-Avery, author

  7. Verinia says:

    How come you haven’t called me to be in your next movie? You know, I can move my schedule around to accomodate you. Hit me (ha, ha, ha). I am serious though. Hook a sista up.

  8. Mando Allen Sr. says:

    Dear Tyler Perry: I self produced a feature film entiteled telephonebookthemovie This film stars legend Rudy Ray Moore”DOLEMITE”.This film is available on NETFLIX.I’m very intrested in working with you on some projects.Where can i send you a copy of Telephone Book The Movie for review.

  9. Huvell Edwards says:

    Mr.P my name is Huvell Edwards I’m coming to ALT. To meet with you or your staff. I can’t say we traveled the same road but I feel a connection I’ve written two books Rough Clay which is my autobiograph and I would like you to take a look at it for possible movie. Every one loves the book I need a break and they say you love to help your people just give it a chance that’s all I ask. Luv publisher, author ,mininster.Huvell Edwards my other book is Revolving door of blacks in america which I sent a book to president obama. p.s pleasr read the books

  10. Yvonnia Johnson says:

    Thanks Mr. Tlyer Perry for the movies and plays. My mother and me use to watch your movies and plays every day. And my grandmother we called her Madea. The last Sunday in August 24,2008 was the last time we watch them together. October 17,2008 my mother went home to be with the Lord. So I still watch them. I was wondering will you bemaking part two of Daddy,s Little Girl with the same actors. I would like two see what happens after there mother gets out of prison. My address is PO Box 5212 – Coralville, Iowa 52241 and phone number is 319 887- 7155. My email mighty not be working right now ok. Keep doing what the Lord told you to do. God Bless all of you!

  11. Bianca McIntosh says:

    Hello Mr. Perry:
    I will be graduating from Clark Atlanta University, May 18, 2009, with a Masters in Clincial Social Work. I have been involved in acting, musical, and dancing while in the elementary, middle and high school. My question to you and your staff; who do I contact to send a copy of my resume? How do I find out about casting roles?

    I am interested in trying out for a role in one of your movies and/or appearing in one of your TV Shows? I do not have an agent. I am currently living in the Atlanta area attending Clark University. It would be an honor to get to read for you.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Bianca McIntosh

  12. Huvell Edwards says:

    My books were sent back to me unopen. I was just hoping you would read rough clay God knows I need A break open the door AND I’ll get it myself luv roughclay

  13. Don.Julio Pagan says:

    i want to become someone who has done his part on earth,before i have to face the almigthy “GOD”ive been working on a true story book,and to make sure this book will sell, i have spent 5 years working on it,i really got about 4 books ready,but i have to live my life and experience these things before i can write about it,cause i am a true life story teller!if you can just take the time and review my myspace page you will understand,i have invested close to 250,000 dollars into this book in the last 5 years cause i know it will rock people of their feet.i have found my calling in life,and i want be able to rest into i deliver this message for the almighty “GOD”with that being said,please just take one look at my myspace page and i guarante you you will love it,if not i understand,cause just like “GOD”i am a kind man.ive been calling around trying to sell this book but people want even listen thats why i made this myspace page for you can see for yourself,if i could get a respond a.s.a.p.that would be great.im in need right now for help,and i dont want to do bussiness with the wrong people,so please have faith on the man upstairs and take a look,you will enjoy.satisfaction guarante.”(GODS BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE,BUT THA DE???WICH IN THE HOOD I CALL HIM A HATER)”THE LESS WE SAY HIS NAME THE WEAKER HE GETS,HIS WEAKNESS IS LONELINESS,HELP ME MAKE HIM VANISHED FOR GOOD.LATER,GRATITUDE 4 READING.

  14. Emily Mathis says:

    Dear Mr Perry

    I am sixty-seven years old, and widow. I just self published a book title




  15. Lena Turner says:

    I have a story/movie idea about five (5) children who became orpahs at an early age in Macon, Georgia. All the children are living now and in respectful job positions. (Praise God!) I would like to turn my ideas into a movie. Can you tell me the first step I need to do to get this started.


    Dear Mr. Perry,

    I am one of your biggest fan. I love all of your work. You are a great inspiration to me. I am an actress who have a dream to perform with you. I”ve done some local performances over the years. Most of my experiences are in Theatre, however, I have never been given that break. I have been misled and used in some cases because of my love for acting. I know you get many letters and you probably don’t get the chance to read them all but I am praying that you get this letter. Mr. Perry it is my pray that you find it in your heart to grant me a chance to audition for you. I thank you in advance for your time. I know you are busy man.



  17. CASSANDRA says:

    Dear Mr. Perry,

    I am one of your biggest fan. I love all of your work. You are a great inspiration to me. I am an actress who have a dream to perform with you. I”ve done some local performances over the years. Most of my experiences are in Theatre, however, I have never been given that break. I have been misled and used in some cases because of my love for acting. I know you get many letters and you probably don’t get the chance to read them all but I am praying that you get this letter. Mr. Perry it is my pray that you find it in your heart to grant me a chance to audition for you. I thank you in advance for your time. I know you are a busy man.


  18. SHirley Davis says:

    Hi Tyler, I have tried to contact you. When your play was here in Oakland this year I send you some cds. My daughter is a song writer. she did her first cd may 07. Her songs tells about life . Check her my space.$$m/coledavismusic . (Ferris Wheel)

  19. natasha ridley says:

    hi my name is natasha ridley am writing abook on my life and i want to make amovie out of it or a play i heard your looking for new faces my home number is 1347 431-3073 my cell phone is 1646 226-5513 so i would like to hear from you please call me .

  20. zana vassell says:

    my dream is to become a actress and work for my friend and ashante too it;s my passion and desire to act and too help my family if you get this my number is 914 -665-1521

  21. zana vassell says:

    Dear tyler perry

    my dream is to become a actress also my friend ashante howard it ‘s our passion and desire to act we also want to work as actors my father lost his job my mom have to work two jobs to help as through the tuff times and get food to eat and clothes to wear we almost lost our home my friend ashante too you can call us each at 914-665-1521 and her number is 914 -371-7662 call any time

  22. betty palmer says:

    let me say happy new to you and you staff.you no each and every day the lord ara blessing you for a job well doing inded.you no you put me in the mind of my self when i was a child,i grown up in all kid of foster home.my mother dies when she was having twin.i alway want to have some thing in life.but i didnt no any thing about getting out there getting a job because i didnt have no one to teach me how to do this and that.one thing i can say is that my mother sister took me and my brother and sister home and she raise all 5 of our sister and brother.she send me to school ,and i learn those books.you no i have alway respect the way you do thing and carry you word to each and every one.i saw you on t.v and you say in these word.you didnt care about the money all you care about how the people think,and how you look up to the man.that made you for who you are.youno what i have learn in life is give glory to god for all he have done.i want you to no you have did a beautiful job.you no i cam from a poor family.what i mean when i say that,my father used to beat us not one day every day.he was a man that drink and couldnt not stop drinking.we didnt have food to eat,you no you put me in the mind of you and how you grow up.i listern to your stores and your child hood,but you no tyler you can over come that.the lord have been so good to you.you are a very nive and kind man.i watch your t.v show all the time.my kid are crazy about your show.i mean my grand kid.i wish i could meet you in person.but i dont have the finance to come to your show.all i can do is to buy your cd of look at you on tv when you come on,
    happy new year
    betty palmer
    thank you

  23. Huvell Edwards says:

    HA! i know now I want be hearing from you that’s fine im going to show you what GOD can really do when you have a calling on your life. So I will meet you in hollywood if the good lord wils. luv Huvell

  24. ROSE .RODGRES says:

    IF SO i would be happy do so thank you and hope here from soon

    404 312 -8892

  25. bety palmer says:

    well my name is betty,and i like the way yo play all of your part on all of your t,v show.i dont no how yo do and carry you self out here in the real word,but i do hope you are the same as well on and off of your show. you no i think that you say that yo came from a buse family well i did do,i never had a real father to sit down and chat with and i never have had a mother to chat with as well .i am so dam prove of you and what you hace became. i wish you can talk to all of the men that have kid, and that go to the lady and girl.i with you can have a show one day for the kid have aid and and kid that on drug.

    your fan
    bety palmer
    thank you

  26. Joanna P says:

    I would like to make a movie of my real life. I am divorce , one child and a survive of domestic violence.

  27. Joanna P says:

    I am a big fun of ” Madea ” . Every movie of Tyler Perry motivates me to work with he or just to talk about what I went through on my mariiage. How I met my ex-husband and why I lef he. I hope that somebody will contact me anytime. 904-418-0258

  28. Eleanor Richardson says:

    You are truly blessed and I hope those blessings continue to flow. I sent you two books by a talented author “Ombonia Waits” who has published five books and no publisher has taken notice to date. Wanted you to take a few minutes of your busy schedule to check out the books: Closed Circles and SOS (Schemes of Schemers). I appreciate your work and love the opportunity to meet you while in Atlanta, July 29, 2010 for my fam. reunion. I am expecting a response to my comment; thank you and stay blessed.

  29. Eleanor Richardson says:

    Same as above

  30. Thomas H. Boyd III says:

    My soul-mate Eleanor Richardson sent you an email in reference to my books. It would be greatly appreciated if you could view and get back to me. I know that you are busy and have little time for reading at this point but I have beat down doors, sent Oprah and you copies of two of the books along with other networking to get the attention of someone who will take time to offer me an opportunity to share my talent. May you continue to be blessed and remain in the good lord’s being. Look forward to your response.

  31. Thomas H. Boyd III says:

    Mr. Tyler, check out the book layout on Eleanor Richardson’s my space page.

  32. Drucella W Smothers says:

    I love what the Lord has done in and through your life. My question is will their be any touring of the studio to the public. Couple of friends from New Orleans wanted to know.
    Continue in the Lord and be blessed.

  33. jean says:

    hi Mr. Perry, i want 2 thank u 4 everything & I do mean everything. U r wonderful. I love the way u just tells it like it is. I’m a coupel years older than u. Many people wont speak what GOD gives them, because they live in fear of hurting others feels. I’m more of your kind of person, if given 2 me & it’s GOD, TELL IT LIKE IT IS. People gets so upset even family & they’re the ones that taught that. I believe in truth, I tell it & dust my feet off & go on in Jesus name. I want 2 thank u, u helped me 2 come out of a situation that I was in for years. I hung on for so many years thinking it woukd be wrong to pack up & LEAVE. Do 2 the fact i am a woman of GOD, we were taught 2 stay there. I was worried stayed worried up. Stressed I saw no way out other than killed myself, but u came out& the very one that told me about Tyler & he purchase your video, OMG I felt something rise up in me . I left with my kids, would’nt look back. The Lord sent another man along& he was a lover of all of your plays, movies, talk show u name it we love it. We get along so great I didn’t know was so great. People calls us Pamela & David. GOD IS SO GREAT!!! People of the church looks down on me, because I broke loose. You helped me to wake up. One day i said wait a minute why should I live life like hell here on earth & surely die & go straight to hell. Oh no no. I was so tried of trying to get a grown man 2 realize his obligation. we are doing great now. I now have good thoughts going on in my head. I can now openly& freely praise the LORD. I don’t want to type to much stuff’ but before i close I WOULD LIKE TO ALSO SAY TYLER DID NOT, I REPEAT TYLER DID NOT BREAK UP MY SAD, MISERABLE, RUNDOWN LIFE. HE JUST HELPED ME TO SEE THAT IT’S OK IF THEY DON,T KNOW HOW 2 TREAT U (WOMAN / MAN) RUNNNNNN & I DID. Sometimes u you feel so unloved, that u just want 2 end it ALL. Think before u make any more & relize I LOVE MYSELF IF NO ONE ELSE DON’T. Please put GOD first& then YOURSELF. PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED & WE LOVE U VERY MUCH.

  34. Mamie Scott aka Bonnie says:

    Mr Perry do You ever read these messages? I have to wonder if a person is wasting time thinking He or She will get to say something to You on the net it is a wish of that person, and Their wish will never come true, all i wish for Mr. Perry is a answer to whether or not You received MY certified mail with My written work titled Through My Grandmother’s Eyes, still I await, Thank You again for Your time M. Scott aka Bonnie

  35. Mamie Scott aka Bonnie says:

    It looks as though Your web site has a mind of it’s own for it is no longer letting Me ask You whether or not You have received My mail, well I don’t know whether or not this one will get in as I have changed My wording, but if it does can I get a answer My phone number Mr. Perry is 215 888 3623 call it anytime please
    thank You again M. Scott aka Bonnie

  36. Shakeelah Hicks says:

    Dear Tyler Perry, I love your television shows I admire your work very much i love to act ever since i was 8 yrs. old i have always wanted to be in your movies or one of your television shows i would really like to have an audition sir i live in flint, michigan so there arent many acting jobs i always wanted my 1st show/movie to be with you i can get down to atlanta easily i have plenty of family down there i just need an audition just one shot thank you

    -shakeelah hicks

  37. anisha mclendon says:

    hello Mr perry, I would like to say that i enjoy your work and i have so many things in common with you i am currently homeless from place to place living in my car at times i know this is just a storm and i have faith in God that he will bring me though i have so many great idea but do not know how to start do you have any suggestions on what to do to promote my idea for plays thank you Mr perry and my God Bless you always

  38. terry says:

    mr perry i had scripts at most of the major studios and production companys you know how that goes.is there any one in development i could speak to.ruben used to go to my church,

  39. Brenda J. Green says:

    Mr. Perry,

    First let me say that you are fresh breeze of air in the Christian families. Not only you bring laughter and you keep it real and show people how to come out of our situtations. I have attended 99% of your plays and have purchased all of your DVDs as well as attending the theater to see your latest movie. If I may, I always wanted to see someone produce a movie regarding a christian woman who’s heart belongs to an unsaved “good” man because he treats her better than the so call christian brothers in the church that she has dated before she met Mr. Unsaved. Now, we know that there are issued that unevenly yoked couples go through, but just maybe, just maybe this relationship can work to the glory of God. Even though the bible tells us that we (men/women) should not be unevenly yoked and eventually Mr. Unsaved becomes saved not because he loves this woman and wants to marry her but because he has been watching her christian life and loves who she is a a christian woman and has found Jesus for himself. Would love to hear your respond of something like this being manifested into a movie. “All Things Possible”. God Favors You, Brenda

  40. Artie Woodington says:

    Mr. Perry.
    I have recently published a novel Saying sorry Won’t Stop the Pain. This novel depicts how racial tension, molestation, and spousal abouse affect the life a young girl’s relationships throughout her life.

    May I submitt a copy of my novel to you?

    Artie Woodington

  41. Artie Woodington says:

    Mr Perry,

    I admire your work. I would like to know what you think about mine. Check out http://www.artiewoodington.$$m.

    Artie Woodington

  42. Alexander Curry says:

    How are you Mr.Perry! I think that you are an outstanding person. and not only are you a great actor,but an outstanding producer. I watch each and every one of your shows,movies and plays! My prayer,my dream is to one day become apart of one of your movies,shows or plays! i promise you that i am a very hard and dedicated worker. i have always wanted to act,but to me,it seems like becoming an actress or actor only happens by luck,but my prayer is that I would recieve and email,text or phone call from you,interested in me becoming one of your actors. i truly love you and your works! Have a blessed day! here’s my number just in case! 786-355-8701 Be blessed!

  43. Meionda Hall says:

    Hi Tyler Perry,
    I love acting and i love your plays. i want to be part of your cast on meet the browns or house of payne both are my favorite shows! i am a 12 year old girl with an enormous dream of becoming on tv. i live in Riverdale,Ga i live on 681waterview dr If you have questions or comments please contact me at 678-519-2586 or send me a message on my facebook or email address at meionda@yahoo.$$m plesas please please call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  44. sarah cherry says:

    I don’t know who might read this or even see this. My name is sarah and I just watch madea big happy family. And I really enjoyed it so much!!!!!! I recently lost my mom this year August 20, 2010 to heart failure. And watching that part about when she had cancer and dying in the hospital brought some many memories about me being in there in the hospital with my mom. When I saw that, I just bust out crying. It really touch very, very, very deeply. It still hurts a lot, knowing that she won’t be around for hoildays and birthdays. Chirstmas this year is very, very hard for me. For the simple reason, my mom took care of chirstmas and buying gifts for my babies and my sister. Now it’s on me and I can’t take it. I’m always crying, and crying now typing this. I know that sound crazy, but I’m deeply hurt. This year haven’t been peaceful. But by the grace of God, I’m making it, and seeing my blessings coming in cause I truly and deeply beleive in him and his words. My mom was never afraid of dying and always take about how she wanted things to be and how she want God to say servent well done. I really miss her and wish I can stop crying. Just want to say thank you taylor for believing.

  45. Corazon says:

    OMG! Mr.Perry i want 2 in one of your movies soooooo bad but i cnt sing but i can act! :D. I live in the tci so there isnt anyway i’m oing to get an acting gig i’m only 13 and i’m black :). i would love to be in one of your plays movies or shows!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to be an actress since i was 8 years old!!!!! plz plz i would LOVE to be apart of one of your flims!!!!!!! my friends and teachers parents and family know how ad i want to be apart of ur flims or be an actor!

  46. Corazon Hall says:

    i’ve just turn 13 plz plz plzy let me be in one of your production i would be the luckiest girl in the world i know this sounds corny but REALLY i would. i have a bubbly, fun, exciting personality, i am the one who everyone’s says Cory here!!!!!!!! ( my nickname) sometimes i act craky 😀 ever btw my last name is Hall embarrassed for not putting it up

  47. brenda beavers says:

    mr.t perry i didnt no how to contact u but i need some advise see mr.perry since u been on the air i admirer madea/meet the brown/house of patne u maid me feel that i have something to live for,because mr.perry ihave conjustive heart failure and and the dr. make me feel that i have nothinh to live for and the time that i was working me and my honey fulltime i feel that i can talk with mr.perry i gained so much weight and i feel like i souldnt be here anymore but i heard you talk on the oprah winfrey show and u made me feel that i can talk about thing mr. perry im not asking for a favore but i am being honest im about to be evited out of my apartment and i gained 450pounds i 1yr and i need help in all area and i need help to pay for a by-surgery and need l noe to no that someone out here to help people and motivate people mr.perry i dont no what screen i suppose to be in be please help me and my family i coulnt get my grandchildren any christmas gift or or anything thank u for listing if u cant help me may GOD BLESS YOU………..Thank U mr.t.perry

  48. Chet Grimsley says:

    I am a native Atlantan and love your movies and work. See Chet Grimsley on Wikipedia my 2nd book The White Golden Bull is on Facebook. I would love to get you a copy to review also on you tube. I am a white American who went on to become a Black College All American and a member of Groove Phi Groove in the 70s growing up in South W

  49. Linda S Branch says:

    I have a great idea for a new show. I don’t want to reveal over internet. E-Mail me. It will be worth it. I can tell you this much,it ‘s about family, education and faith.

  50. KENYA, SMITH says:



  51. Lucinda R Gibson says:

    Hello;Tyler. Its been awhile since i wrote to you on your’e messege board it was in nov. i was downtown and i thought i would get on the computor and send you a messege again. I hope you had a nice new years. Mine was so-so. Like i said before i have a huge crush on you and i follow your’e career and i have alot in common with you i to was a victim abuse and also molested as a child from the ages of 5 years to 15 years. I cried when you was talking about what happened in your’e house as a child on the oprah show i felt your’e pain.you are a great man over comming what you went thru i to iover came the same thing. I feel a connection with you i feel god brought me here to reach you thru your’e messege board. I have wanted to be an actress or singer when i was younger but i never got regonized i sing very good i took 4 years of chorus and choir in high school. I wanted to see your’e movie for colored girls when in came out but didn’t have the money i have been finercial drained in the last 5 months. I would like to purchse it when i get my income tax back which should be in th next few months.I hope this messege reachs you i have been wanting to see you face to face for awhile now You can reach me at this address 2708 Endicott Ave, Kansas City Ks. 66104 or 913- 980-2283.. I would love to hear from you i have been wanted to hear from you since sept 2010 or you still single have you meant anyone yet i think me and you are compatable we have alot in common.Well need to close for now as i have wrote alot.bye for now Sincerly, Lucinda Gibson.

  52. natley says:

    i would like to be in one of your plays especially with tamardavis which is my favorite actress in madeas big happy family and marriage councler pleasecall me at5955901 if i can audition

  53. mz shae.aka lashon says:

    Hello mr t.perry. im not going to be concern about asking u for anything. why because God has been great an amazing,most of all he has an is showing me the most unconditional love i have ever felt in my life inspite of my errors and my ways. the lord knows all my talents and anointing he has blessed me with. god knows the only thing i want is to be more like him and very very close. there are sum ?s i really want to know, but i know they edit what we write so guess wat! god will make ways for this ? to be answered.u may remember me from myspace.$$m, under blessedanhighleyfavored. i came 2 u b 4, asking u some personal ?s , i knew that u wouldnt answer me back! so mr tyler perry i went to God an begain to really pray an call on the name of jesus. i really begain to pray an call on the name of jesus christ when i watch a dvd with u an a number of great gospel artist an other celebritys on it, i wont go in details yet. well thank u for ur time.great job . God Bless u Always.

  54. mz shae.aka lashon says:

    Okay, alrite, we see now that they dont want us to call ur bluff or pull ur card. why i not they knows the real trueth. dnt get it twisted. god bless.

  55. mike watson poppin says:

    this is mike watson a street dancer that been thru alot in life and im only 29 my dad dont think i can make it as a dancer he downs my talent and every thing i do he say the only way im gona make it is to play instruments or be a singer he say dancing is not going to put money in your pocket or help me take care of my son when my mom takes up for me he beats her and dont let her drive the car dont let her go places by her self or have a phone and she 54 but i promised my mom that i will show her that i will prove him rong and make her proud of me one day but just because im not a coreogropher and just a street dancer that dont mean thats not talent god gave me i khnow that a gift god gave me because thats all i think about is poppin the dance talent god gave me i just wanted to say even us street dancers have talent but people dont think so i just wanted to say to you mr.perry please give me a chance to show you my talent i beg you please look on you tube and type up mike watson poppin i would like to dance for gospel plays like yours if you have the time out your schedule please mr.perry please call me at 404- 573- 1640 god bless

  56. gloria says:

    hi brother, i know that you were sent to prepare a way, to lend a voice on behalf of our people, and for this i say THANK YOU , MAY OUR LORD WHO WAS, IS AND FOREVER WILL BE…BE WITH YOU ALWAYS. i have a script in making…a true life story that would leave you motionless. an eye opener. the pain would never go away, because the memory lives on. have you ever tried running away from yourself, is that ever possible? but GOD IS A GOOD GOD AND MAN TO MAN IS SO UNJUST….. Please i need to meet with you on behalf of the memory of my loved one. The PROMISED I MADE.

  57. Paticia Davis says:

    Hello Mr. Perry I have been a huge fan of yours since the first time I saw your Madea Plays and I must say that is what have been inspiring to do more writing. I have just finished my first book and have been writing screen plays as well as Movies but not one to show them to. I even moved to Atlanta in hopes to meet you I looked for your Studio because I would have camped out front if I could. But I was unsuccessful because unfortunately I could not ind it. but it did not stop me I did ind your house LOL! but I am not a stalker I just want to be successful I want my material up on the big screen. Mr Perry I know you have alittle time to perhaps give me some insight on what steps I must take to pursue my Dream perhaps maybe somebody to show my material to. I have great ideas I have so much and so many words in my head I cannot write quick enough I feel I have been Blessed with this ability that God made me for a reason I just hope that I can be steered in the right direction so I can be a Blessing to someone else if you would like to know more about what I write about please feel free to call 9034665592