Tyler Perry Aaron McGruder Feud

Terry | July 1, 2010

Tyler Perry Aaron McGruder Feud – Tyler Perry has fallen victim to many harsh criticisms over the years. He’s faced some troubling opponents in the movie industry and some have suggested that he fell short of making a comeback with his career. Some blogs have been reporting that Tyler Perry is continuing with a lawsuit against Aaron McGruder because of the “Boondocks” episode that was released and mocked Perry’s famous character. Some of the scenes featured in the episode attacked Perry’s personality, his leadership characteristics as well as his sexuality. Despite the aggressive tactics that were used to attack Tyler Perry new reports have come in and Tyler has decided not to act out on the situation. Perry has received tons of money from his pistol-packing character Madea that transformed him into a box office hit throughout the last 10 years.

While he might not be suing over the controversy he is definitely upset about the way he was portrayed. Some of the depictions on his character were embarrassing and downright mean.
Perry reportedly knows who wrote the script and developed the cartoon as well. Reports suggest that the person who created it is someone other than Aaron McGruder, perhaps why he won’t be pursuing the lawsuit. An unknown source clarifies that Aaron McGruder only chose to air the episode last Sunday but that he had no involvement with its actual making. The person who actually made the video seems to be a staff member that Tyler Perry Studios once hired. He was fired several years ago and then came back into the industry to work for McGruder. We don’t know yet whether the episode was used as an attack against Tyler Perry because of what happened to his job, but it definitely appears to look that way. Remember that “Boondocks” often targets individuals and makes fun of them, so this is nothing new on the show.

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  1. LIl'Black Cat says:

    WTF. While not a fan of Perrys’ sitcoms I do applaud his Movies and the message he sends to the black community. I like Aaron Mcgruder as well. He gets his point across though inpolitically correct, I get it, as well as plenty of others. When I watched “PAUSE” I thought it was just plain stupid. Now that I’m reading more about the whole issue, I now think “PAUSE” is mean spirited and in poor taste. Both of you men have a lot of talent and a message to send out to our community. Why can’t McGruder respect that. There a very few black men who are in the positions they are in. DO THEY HAVE TO TEAR ONE ANOTHER DOWN.

  2. Be Real Though says:

    Aaron Mcgruder had every right to air this episode. He makes a cartoon that pokes fun of people while at the same time making a good point on the situation in general. Tyler Perry is just mad because it’s true. If it wasn’t you laugh it off and keep making millions of dollars. Tyler Perry’s work while motivational and spiritual is actually destructive and against God. It’s the same story over and over with new characters. The writing and dialouge are never that good. And Tyler Perry did say God gave him the idea for the plays. I highly doubt God told you to cross dress for the sake of making millions of dollars. Get over it, The fact that he’s even making a big deal out’ve it just shows that there’s some truth in it.

  3. 17 year old black kid livin in the suburbs says:

    @LIl’Black Cat very few black me in their position? and whos fault is that? im sick of black women like you who go around and act like black men never get a chance to express themselves in the mainstream. stop acting like a f ing second class citizen.

    @Be Real Though How is tyler perrys work agaianst god? i know that hes full of s$$t, but the morals are are still good.

  4. ItsGabrielle says:

    I would have to agree that though it’s only my opinion that I don’t see his work as Kingdom building. Mudea def portrays my great grandma mudea and she actually looks just like my mudea and though I get a good laugh and I begin reliving the memories of my mudea before she passed, she was a cursing, hammer slinging crazy yet funny woman. However she did go to church. I don’t feel like the Mudea character speaks for all grandmas or blacks but she def doesn’t speak for Christians.

    The plots seem to be, child abuse, rape, cheating and the underdog gets married in the end! Dang near EVERY movie now! I didn’t go through any of that as a child. I only see one church scene in every movie and then the rest of the movie is curse, sex, money etc.

    Lol all that is off topic so let me jump onto it. It was wrong for the ex-crew member to air their dirty laundry and honestly I don’t think McGruder knew the other guy was doing it out of spite I think he saw it like I did and had a big laugh. You don’t hear Chris Hansen tryna sue McGruder cause he knew it was all in fun. Whether Tyler Perry is gay or not is beyond my realm of caring but he can make fun about people in his shows and movies and in the same sense he can be made fun of. Yes alot of people think he’s gay. Personally I don’t care, I feel like he always has a sexy yella man in every show he puts on and I love it!!! He always gets them to take their shirts off but I never see any type of sexy women on the shows, you know in a towel or a bikini and I love that too lol, I don’t need to see the competition to have me getting low self esteem. But on the real it’s all jokes. I laughed and I’mma laugh at the next mudea movie too. Get over it!

  5. concerned party says:

    Tyler Perry has been outed! Only 1 positive dark skinned black man in all of his movies or shows? 1? If you’re light you’re alright? If you are dark you are a shark? The funniest jokes are rarely jokes at all but more pointing out some truth. There is truth to the writer’s observations of Perry’s movies and plays and perhaps more. Anyone who says Jesus or God told them something should be monitored anyway (last I checked, hearing voices is a sign of mental instability). I think Tyler Perry is making the same mistake many so called church leaders make which is taking themselves too seriously and forgetting that they are just people. Both themselves and those making fun at their expense. I am not upset with Tyler Perry cross dressing. Cross dressing black men are given the spotlight. (Flip Wilson, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Fox) But to think you won’t be made fun of, mocked or ridiculed is at the least naive. I like the boondocks and know McCruder will face similar criticism albeit from a different direction as Perry.