Spike Lee Comments On Tyler Perry:Tyler Perry On 60 Minutes

Princess .P. | October 26, 2009

Spike Lee Comments On Tyler Perry:Tyler Perry On 60 Minutes

Spike Lee Comments On Tyler Perry:Tyler Perry On 60 Minutes – Spike Lee recently blasted Tyler Perry in an interview with Ed Gordon on Our World with Black Enterprise,for making stupid black movies.Spike said:

“We’ve had this discussion back and forth. When John Singleton [made Boyz in the Hood], people came out to see it. But when he did ‘Rosewood,’ nobody showed up. So a lot of this is on us! You vote with your pocketbook, your wallet. You vote with your time sitting in front of the idiot box, and [Tyler Perry] has a huge audience. We shouldn’t think that Tyler Perry is going to make the same film that I am going to make, or that John Singleton or my cousin Malcolm Lee [would make]. As African-Americans, we’re not one monolithic group, so there is room for all of that. But at the same time, for me, the imaging is troubling and it harkens back to ‘Amos n’ Andy.’”

Perry decided to anwer during an interview with “60 Minutes”.Here is Tyler’s response to the criticism.

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  1. Norma hipsher says:

    To Tyler Perry, I say, God bless you for sharing your dream with us. To Spike Lee I say don’t be hatin… God bless you both. Keep hope alive.

  2. Z. R. Baxter says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid we as a (black) people still can’t be happy for ourselves..

  3. arthur webb says:

    No, while the images are disarming and humorous, let’s look at those roles in the Perry pieces, which are more diverse than these characters. Quite frankly, there aren’t any. While it is true, that these characters are humorous, and that is because as African-Americans, know and understand, that these individuals do exist. However on the other hand, why not create more, Sydney Portier(s), James Earl Jones(s), Lou Gossett(s), Ruby Dee(s), Morgan Freeman(s), Cicely Tyson(s), Vivia Fox(es).

  4. Tasha says:

    I for love Tyler Perry’s plays, movies, and sitcoms. His characters are people we can relate to. We should not look at that humor but the meaning of the characters. If you look at it we all have a Madea, Brown, and etc… in our family. So they are characters that make you think about those family members whether they are dead or alive. Also his characters are God based and alot of people are religious and love to see his films. If they church community don’t condemn his films nobody else should. Another thing is don’t look at the films as bringing our race down but buiding a better understanding.

  5. sherekeria says:

    Spike is a hater, Tyler is making money and he’s not.

  6. Nancy M. Ortiz Beard says:

    They need to stop bikering. Everyone is entittled to an opinion and the Media likes to hipe up ratings pitting people against each other to get ratings. They are of a different generations with the same principle in mind. One has not walked in the others shoes, all generalization due to the culture and race.

    The men are both born the year of the ROOSTER, and we all know what happens when you put two ROOSTERS in a cage. YOU get a c$$k fight! So I suggest they stop it, let their God given talents shine and keep enlightening your people!!



  7. Nancy M. Ortiz Beard says:


    Unless this is the whole point , getting rating, they can just extend their “cocks” measure and move on.


  8. Flora L. Rose says:

    Mr Perry,

    We love you and understand what you do. Keep the course and maintain your faith. If you did not have the right impact they would not spend the time to attack you.

    I love you and I am in your corner and further more I do not purchase any knock off videos of yours.

    Continue to stand tall.


  9. Carolyn says:

    Spike Lee is nothing more than jealous of anyone that takes the spotlight from HIM (not that he was in it that much). Tyler Perry is giving the people what they like, I love all his plays and movies; millions of people can’t be that wrong. Lee is running his mouth just to keep himself in the limelight; his wife is doing the same. She came to Memphis as if she is so concerned about dying Black children, in the spotlight gone,haven’t heard anything about her since she left, children still dying. Where was Mr. Lee when Martin had ‘Moma Payne’, Flip Wilson was ‘Geraldine’, Amos and Andy paved the way for others to come along, etc. Other than Malcom X, those other movies Lee made, were the image he claims about Mr. Perry. “Bamboozzled, Do The Right Thing, Nola Darling, School Daze”, nothing to write home to mom about. If Mr. Lee feels Mr. Perry’s work is ‘coonery’, what has he done better? Shut your mouth and do better, if you think you can, put your money where your mouth is. He did , he paid for his own, with his own money. CLOWN!!!!!! He and Bill Cosby are two old bitter men. Get a life, leave Mr. Perry alone, stop drinking hater-aid. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. (Looks like Mr. Perry is way ahead, in this one). PLAYER HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. geneva fender says:

    Love Tyler Perry Go Man we are your fan base and we love it keep it coming.
    PS I am christian and “white” ;very funny!

  11. IJ GOODING says:

    I can’t understand our people, for some reason they can not handle success. we had rather bash. Spike needs to get over his jealousy and more on. Don’t get me wrong, because I think he is doing a great job directing. What Tyler is trying to bring to life is what our children need, it may be funny in some cases, but it gets there attention. Some of our young ladies don’t know what it is to be treated nice, they think its right to be called the B” word. Some of our children think you are suspose to pop gum, they aren’t taught that it’s not becoming of a young lady. These are thing our children need to know, you can’t teach it in school anymore. The bottom line is Tyler Perry is a writer and a director, Spike Lee is only a director, big difference. I am proud of any black man that cuts his hair, has his clothes on correct, and can say something other than ,yoh man, and what up! In order to get the Morgan Freeman(s),Lou Gossett(s), James Earl Jones(s), and Vivia fox(es) we must have some where to get them, these people came from humble beginnings just like TYLER. People for some untold reason think it’s wrong to rear children with some morals. Spike help Tyler create a positive image, as long as we fight among our selves we are playing their game!!!!!

  12. TR says:

    I think that Spike Lee does have a point when it comes to some of the caricatures and stereotypes in the Madea movies and Meet the Brown’s TV series. Yet that does not encompass all of his work. I think some of his best work are the movies without the Madea character such as “The Family the Preys” starring Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates was very inspirational.

    I feel now that Mr. Perry has made a name for himself he should take time to step out of his comfort zone and rely less on Madea (but that is his cash cow) and rely more on his intelectual talents.

  13. Brittany C. says:

    Spike Lee is one of the most creditable producers-screenwriters of all time. He has made great films, I havent saw them. I do know of some of his work, although Im on 24. However, Spike Lee created movies that were interesting during “that time” we as Americans in general have to be up-to-date. This is a more contemporary generation, so audiences are going to spend their time and money on what is interesting to them. I love Tyler’s movies, they ALWAYS make a point, are very funny, and have so much emotion. I am so excited for Tyler that he is able to create such intertainment that is diverse. I feel as though Spike shouldnt have pin pointed anyone in specific, it sounds like jealousy. While I do give respect to Spike as pioneer in the industry, I support Tyler Perry as a talented, black, successful producer. Lets show respect, because this is an ever-changing generation where things are bound to change drastically.

  14. Christie Y. Shaw says:

    Spike Lee needs Tyler Perry to move out the way so he can make some money. Please… what black family does not have a Madea in it or a Brown… these characters are a tad exaggerated in Tyler’s works but we surely can relate to them and laugh our behinds off in the process.

    This is appalling that Spike Lee would say such a thing… he must be friends with Kanye West… just saying any old ignorant thing out of his mouth.

    Everyone is not going to be a president Obama, or an Oprah and not to minimize their accomplishments (because God knows I am proud), but some of us still remember and relate to our Uncle Brown or our Madea and from them we have learned valuable life lessons. That is the element that Tyler brings to the screen.
    Tyler please keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  15. JCM says:

    People, please understand that you need to understand Spike’s case first. Then criticise it, don’t just say I like Tyler Perry’s work so therefore Spike doesn’t make sense…that method doesn’t make sense. Now, to Spike’s credit, he’s absolutely right. There are characters that Perry creates that have no moral depth nor are they multi-dimensional. They are simply created to give the audience a “good time” which in all honesty says more about the audience then it does Mr. Perry. Mr. Perry doesn’t even deny this…he calls those character’s “bait”…now that’s where issue lies. Spike thinks he’s selling out to give into what hollywood wants to do to make their investments, and Mr. Perry thinks its a business and reacts accordingly. That’s the issue folks…argue that please. As far as I’m concern, its a free country and just as much of its Mr. Perry’s right to make whatever he wants, its also Spike’s right to criticize. And if you disagree with Spike on the issue then say so, but don’t say this man isn’t making good stuff, don’t say his character’s are similar when in actuality his movies are MORE realistic and should be more relatable…the only reason they are not, is becasue, truthfully, people aren’t real with themselves. Also, understand that Amos & Andy (PLEASE go look up those characters and Steppin Fetchin’ before you criticise) were given roles as a way to appease the “black crowd” and give something amusing for whites too look at…..thus they were “bait” for crowds as well. There has to come a time where an entertainment venue TEACHES rather then feeds….if we all agree that society is getting worse, its time we start looking at what truly helps CHANGE that. Oh, and I’m sorry I don’t know NOT ONE black person like Madea, a 6’5 edlerly woman, that waves a gun around at police and actually fights them….if you do? They probably 6 feet deep. Just something to think about, I love my people for better or worse, peace.

  16. JCM says:

    OH…to all. Please stop taking Church as the ultimate authority on anything in life rather it be spirituality or secular….there is one authority, God, Yahweh, Supreme Being, Allah etc…your relationship with him/her is the ULTIMATE decision maker. You put your faith in men and you are going to get a “human” result everytime. Not one “physical” property deserves that much blind faith. And I BET most of you guys that say, church this and church that, have no idea what the people who BROUGHT you this version of Christianity used to do to people….that would REALLY make you think. Peace.

  17. LJJJ says:

    I hate when people say we can relate to Tyler Perrys characters..lol..i mean im a black man and i cant relate to damn thing this dude does. But see im not from the south im from the east coast and alot of s$$t spike lee does speaks to me. So its really based on personal preference.

  18. Tallahassee Baby says:

    Tyler Perry is a talented man. He has the gift of making us laugh,think and even sometimes cry. Through His plays and shows there is always an underlined meaning. He has created a way to send out the message of Jesus Christ,and for that I believe He will continue to prosper. Thats what life is all about compelling men to be saved,forget the other stuff!!!!! Lol

  19. Dee says:

    What can we possibly be so upset about. We are our own worst enemies. Let’s not put the finger on Tyler Perry, he is just keeping it real. I remember when Sanford and Son would come on, he kept it real also. I pray that Perry continue doing what he is doing and Spike just need to continue creating too. This world is big enough for both of them to keep our awareness alert. Don’t try to bring God in it. Remember HE sits high and see everything. SOme of you don’t and won’t lift a hand to help a poor widow or an orphan. So get yourself right with God and see the goodness in all that HE has to offer us, regardless who HE uses.
    Peace and Love.

  20. urban auteur says:

    JCM, thanks for your prudent eloquence and salient points to most of the ‘apathy’ and reactionary brain farts on this site.

  21. Elaine says:

    While I don’t particularly care for the sitcoms “Meet The Browns” or “House Of Payne”, I absolutely Love Madea & the work that Tyler Perry does. I liked some of Spike Lee’s material as well while not caring for some of his other work. It’s all a matter of preference & taste. I just find it disheartening that Spike has to paint a negative view on another man’s work; he sounds jealous. I can certainly relate more to Madea than I can to Crooklyn. Like Tyler said, there are people out there like Madea who exist. If we had more Madeas & less Wannabes out here, we might be better off. Both Spike & Tyler could improve but I respect both of them for the artistic contribution. A lot of times we need a message but sometimes a movie should just be a movie— mindless entertainment!!!!

  22. Jeffrey P. says:

    I am only familiar with Spike Lee’s works. But in his “Do the Right Thing,” he used common stereotypes for a purpose….to teach how we can all end up with different mindsets based on where we’re at…

    For instance, Sal the Pizza Store owner just didn’t get it…He didn’t understand that for blacks to be on the wall of fame, they would be more emotionally invested in the restaurant that “fed them since they were kids.” Sal was the pizza man, yet it took “Radio Rahim” ( a man with a boom box) to show Sal’s total ignorance of the world in which he lived. However, Sal deep down knew that he served a function in the neighborhood…as the pizza purveyor. Lets just say he was totally culturally insensitive.

    His purpose in the movie was to show someone who wasn’t an “all hating white” because for better or worse, he not only wouldn’t but couldn’t leave as tensions heated up. And you saw that in his flirtatiousness with (spike’s) sister.

    Also, Ozzie Davis, caretaker of the neighborhood, was a drunk, yet thought to save the young boy from the oncoming car…to his peril. Others dismissed his heroism, though that was an unselfish act.

    So, Spike Lee freely sprinkled stereotyped characters..or maybe they are cultural archetypes…to paint a picture that mostly implicated the pizzamakers and for good reason. The cursing Korean storekeepers were definitely stereotypical, and somewhat funny…but they only reached out to the community after the shop burned down.

    It truly seemed like a teleplay in real time. And no, I’m not a movie reviewer. I think that the “Klumps” movies seem to be what Spike Lee would see as really self-demeaning “art”…I have yet to see Madea.

  23. al says:

    Thanks you Spike!!! I find Tyler Perry’s product disgusting and embarassing. It’s 2009 brother (that means you Tyler). This type of depiction of blackness does not need to be fed into.

    Mr. Perry, please, now that you have money, try putting black americans in a more positive light. Not the embarassing figures being promoted by TBS. No, it’s not “very funny”. More like, “very sad”.

  24. fricken'midget says:

    Spike Lee dissing Tyler Perry over “buffoonery” of his characters???

    Bwwaaahahahahah! Is there anyone more buffoonish or ridiculous looking as Spike Lee dressed in his rainbow-colored, outlandish checkered suits, eyewear, and general clown-like appearance? What an absolutely ridiculous comment for someone like him to make about anyone else, tv character or not. Man takes himself too seriously but cannot see he’s the only one who does. Lee’s a fool and a laughing stock. Wish he’d just disappear from the planet and take Ms. Winfrey with him. They both detract from any foothold ” their people” may acquire. Bigheaded fools, both of ’em.

  25. shay Green says:

    It’s very sad and down right discusting at this day and age black people are still
    putting each other down. I like both Mr. Lee and Mr. Tyler for the work each one has brought to the movie industry. Mr. Lee should have spoken to Mr. Tyler respectfully among each other and not make this a public show case. After a hard day of work or family gatherings, we like to laugh and have fun inwhich Mr. Taylor brings to the table. Each man has given us a piece of themselves that we can hold on too. I just thought it was tacky how Mr. Lee spoke ill of another black man trying to make it and stand on his own two feet and not begging for a hand out. Why not put your creative thought togather and lift each other up. Mr. Taylor please do not justify yourself or make a comment s regarding that statement. Mr. Lee made. (Bait) and you took it. Mr. Lee I also like the movies you have put out and I have seen them all becasue I support you as well as Mr. Taylor, next time show more respect for your fellow man and be more professional, before you criticise, get to know the person first. Like that old saying, you have a barrell and the bottom of the barrell are a bunch of crabs, so each crab it trying to get to the top of the barrell and each time one crab gets to the the top, another crab grabs him leg and pulls him down to the bottom of the barrell again. Another reason for the other race to see how (Black) can’t get along again.

  26. Cee Jay says:

    I find it interesting how black artists, directors, authors and the like are constantly under pressure to produce the better side of African Americans. White people don’t suffer that crap from their race. Archie Bunker was a huge baffoon, and so many other “white” shows I could name, but did other white directors come out against their white counterparts and criticize them for making whites look bad. Spike Lee had dumb behind characters as well, remember School Daze? Was that really suppose to be the work of an intellectual? Or “She’s Gotta Have It”, that pretty much depicts black women as whores with insatiable sexual appetites? Oh yeah, Mr. Lee is the pot calling the kettle black. But I guess it was okay when he was the one making money off of those characters, right? When was the last time he produced anything anyway, and on his own studio lot? Oh, I forgot, Spike has to go to the white man to get his projects off the ground these days. Maybe if he asks kindly, Mr. Perry will allow him to use his studios.

  27. LJJJ KILLA says:

    Man I just want to say to this ljjj cat “FK what you trying to do” you think you are supreme because you are from the North? You disrespect the south? People from the south are not ELITORATE dumb a$$. that was a self hating statment against Blacks jerk off! I have lived on the east coast and in the mid west as well as the south and I gotta tell ya the ingnorance is in both places. As well as the racism and every other problem that faces each person of color and minorities every where. I could literally smack you for that s$$t! That I am supreme attitude is what you learned from your masta the white man fool…when did NIGGAz on the east coast get a “n$$$a” pass? Fool I was born in the 70’s I know that self righteous U god I am my own god 5% mixed with who knows how many other isms thought process that you have …… simply put URADUMBASS spike needs attention tyler can come better but as long as they are speaking they are doing their jobs PEACE by the way this is from H_TOWN!!!!

  28. Atoiah S says:

    To all of you that don’t understand good work or that can’t even step out of your tiny little box of life. GO GET YOU SOME BUSINESS!!!! Tyler Perry is a wonderful person with a great mind. All of his movies has a meaning in one way ,form or fashion. This man has come along way and has worked hard to get to where he is at. I think that all of his movies and plays shows that life is not easy and that you as a person will always need someone. Learn to love and respect your self as well as others and maybe you will have more good to you come out of life. Ok Spike Lee did his thing, i’m not knocking that by along shot. Learn to share the fame and it is very selfish to try to tear any MAN down. You of all people should know that! This has nothing to do with being black or white. This has to do with just being a Damn human being!

  29. Nisha says:

    Ok so spike has “beef “with Perry. what else is new, bottom line is reguardless of who we are we all do what we do to make money, God gave us the ability to make money, HE knew and knows we need it to survive, Spike, really, there was a time u did what u had to do to get your movies played or heard or whatever, tell the truth, and seeing that racism is alive and well, we all have to do what we gotta do to be heard or seen. do i call it selling out, no , i call it surviving, Black people have been surviving for decades, Spike stop trying to be so “Black Panther” (ya’ll know they SURVIVED too right, check ur history) and be supportive, Tyler, God has given u a talent and through your struggles with this talent he has perfected it, Keep letting HIM do what HE do and you will come out alright and HE will get the glory. Don’t worry about the haters. Spike and Perry lets just have one love, one heart, let’s get togther and feel alright (Jamaican song).

  30. diomi says:

    : a drama of light and amusing character and typically with a happy ending
    comedy will remain comedy it has nothing to do with stereotype. not too serious, drama enough mix in comedy to enjoy the day regardless your colorskin.

  31. Teresa says:

    Iam quite surprised by Spike’s comment I have never been a great fan of his however I have watched much of his works.and I have watched Perry’s and I respect them both in their perspective places! They each portray us in a light that will appeal to an audience who has made the choice to see that movie! They each depict characters who may exist in our lives however if every movie is designed to show the reality of black lives then it just maybe that many of us would laugh a little less! You only get one life if joy comes by way of a funny movie that helps you laugh at your situation rather than cry! than so be it! Spike’s message many times is quite serious with a history lesson however the problems lie in if they have never been educated on much of that history than a movie does not create a foundation either! But the end result is we are all entitled to an opinion! Which leaves us just as we are against one another!

  32. bo thompson says:

    i admitt to liking tyler perry’s work… everyone is right…there are madeas and brown in almost every black family…. however i dont believe to the full extreme of madea…lol… i respect spike for having the courage to step up and say what he said… most black folks are gonna say he’s hating… only problem i have with tyler perry is… i saw alot of his plays before he got to tv… and once at the end of one of his plays… he announced that he had got a movie deal… and he emphatically stated that he would not let hollywood change him!!! but yet in his first movie… he changed the ending…( diary of a mad black woman)so i know he will go over board with these characters in order to keep that deal… spike has been the same for years…he’s definately not hating…he has the right to speak his mind…he’s a vet at the movie game….

  33. Denise says:

    Spike you should know better than that. Why hate on another brother? Were you born with a sliver spoon in your mouth? Or did you have to start from somewhere? This is this man’s God given talent and he does it very well. Don’t hate congradulate. He’s awesome and you know it that’s why you’re hating. If you were so great then you’ll still be doing the damn thing, but you’re not, so stop. Let the Lord be the only judge, not you. Tyler you’re the best in the business. Don’t worry about what others have to say. As long as you got Jesus you don’t need nobody else.

  34. Bennett says:

    As a strong black man I have found many of Tyler Perry’s movies slightly offensive. Not that we have to glorify everything black; I just can’t understand why we can’t do a better job of celebrating our strength, culture, and, accomplishments. Mr. Perry has aspired too, and achieved a level of capability that far surpasses what many of his predecessors have achieved. However, with this power comes great responsibility. Why not use this power to help create a better Black America by putting forth images that we can all respect and appreciate. Tyler perry may not be capable of directing a movie of this caliber; however he has the ability to see that these types of things are put forth. It really isn’t what you gain that makes you rich, but rather what you can give.

  35. Brenda says:

    Spike Lee is just jealous. You should be proud that a black man has come up. You could have did the same with your money, you choose not too, so stop being a hater critter.

  36. Cola Sims says:

    Lets go down the list with Spike movies….Do the right thing, She’s got to have it,School Daze,Jungle Fever,Mo Better Blues, Malcom X…….out of those movies his best work was Malcom X…….Tyler Perry every play and movie had apurpose and some type of words of wisdom…..We all have a grandma like Madea…..A uncle like Brown…..So i said all this to say this……Spike u fell off, so don’t hate on the next brother trying to do it………You are feeding into the white america…….Why go at one of your own and condem him for making the type of movies he distibutes…..I love everything he has put out….Are u just upset that he can get…..Heavy hitters to be in his movies………How many movies did u make with a purpose Spike…..compared to Tyler’s work….or are u jealous, cause they gave Tyler sitcoms a chance…….Don’t hate on your fellow brother congratulate him for his success….1luv

  37. goldfishh says:

    jealousy takes us nowhere and will never change the truth.So soike should get a life and dont hate you decided not to do the sameSo hands up to Tyler it shows you are doing something

  38. Fonzerelli says:

    I like Spike! He keeps it real! Tyler need to do something new!

  39. vashunte s says:

    Me personally i perfer Tyler Perry over Spike Lee any day it sounds too me that spike lee is hating because you can understand what Tyler Perry’s movies are actually about most people i know dont know what spike lee is meaning in alot of his suppose to be hit movies.

  40. fefe! on feb 7 from sanfrancisco says:

    Spike Lee is a leggen. Tyler perry is some guy came yesterday he does the same thing over & over again! persenally I support spike Lee. Tyler perry isn’t no body he just untalent guy to me.

  41. Mr. Quintessential says:

    I consider it nothing more than a simple case of the green eyed monster. I’m sure Mr. Spike Lee has his hands full with his art, but yet he wastes time demeaning others. Thats just so horrible how we as African Americans can speak about bettering our communities or helping our brothers and sisters, but as soon as someone rises up a little, we try our best to knock them down. I didn’t know Spike Lee had that mentality…..

  42. Candi40 says:

    Spike Lee is truly jealous because he does not have or ever had the fan base, talent ,or money that Tyler Perry has. Tyler Perry has crossed over……… everybody not only Blacks enjoy his feel good movies. Spike Lee needs to think out of the box and quit talking negative about others that have excelled.

  43. jane doe says:

    i dont know why spike lee talking down about tyler perry, spike lee had is time ,now its somebody else turn,what he fail to realize is that tyler perry plays or movies all have messages behind it,its not just pure comedy ,everybody family have a madea,a brown,a coral etc. he always display what goes on in african american family now days with also some pure comedy…let the truth be told spike lee you had your turn no need to talk negative about the person trying to show the world their work we all equal (black,white,hispanic etc.),everybody is in title to their own a opionion but you can do it in a respectfull way….

  44. Dee says:

    I don’t like the Madea movies but I do like a few of his movies without Madea. I guess Spike went to school for his profession and feels some of Tyler’s movies aren’t quality films. It’s all good because Spike films have more substance and quality and Tylers movies make more money. Many Black people will pay to see foolishness before substance.

  45. Darlene Harris says:

    Spike has a point, Tyler Perry does major BLACK BAFOONERY masked behind black movie/tv stars, but it’s the public who supports this “entertainment”. His stereotyping is nothing new, but he’s milking it with the same formula over, and over and over – 2 movies per year, same garbage. No, I don’t pay to see the “show” in the movies, but I am guilty of watching it when it hits cable, but I can certainly do without it or him. Black people go out in droves to see his movies and that’s all you hear about, and the movie is straight junk, but most folks lap it up and can’t get enough.

  46. Darlene Harris says:

    One more thing, about that “black person rising up” comment, at what cost to our own images? It’s ridiculous on the border of Steppin Fetchit, which is not necessary. Spike Lee has grown as a prominent director with real substance in his later films, yes, the first file “She’s gotta have it” was STILL funny and made a valid point while including some male “characters” – but didn’t chop ’em up, demean them and regurge to the public to pablum. Perry is laughing at us all – on his way to the bank and not giving one sh*t about how ridiculous he makes the men look, how desperate the women or how stupid they ALL act.

  47. CC says:

    Spike Lee:
    T.P. movies/plays/ etc. are for the very sophisticated person who understands parables. Some don’t get it and unfortunately, neither do you. However, the dollars speaks for themselves. These same black people love oprah and cosby………we do know substance………..
    You (spike lee) have done nothing in the last 20 years and your work was not perfect. I love Tyler Perry and he has an awesome following because he is black and he is working to help others through his movies……there is always a moral to the stories he writes and it helps our community and others who share the same problems. Stop hatin, I am disappointed in Spike Lee and will not mention his name to my children if he continues this negative vibe with Tyler Perry………..O byw spike , you should see tylers lastest play, I am a physician and I love T.P. , so I paid for education on all levels and will continue to support T.P.: Laughter is the best medicine. You are blind, unfortunately, if you cant see the good in T.P. movies.

  48. SHALESE says:

    Well I agree with Tyler Perry, yes we have a black President and if I’m not mistaking Spike Lee had his time, and season at the box office some things was the same old thing. with Madea/ House of pain and many others he have made are true and realistic. Where you can sit back and laugh through our daily obstacles. Really get to know God and Faith,Love.. Please before you show hate spike get together and share love to one another this is your brother. This is what God is all about Love. Look tyler didn’t bad mouth you lesson learn. Season your mouth with grace as God show us daily. Continue doing what you do Tyler because you lett the young and the old be strong,and give words of wisdom and courage be bless.

  49. coco says:

    I have lost all respect for Spike!!

  50. Elaine Brittenum says:

    GOD has provided each of his children with talents. But, inretropect, no one’s talent is exactly the same.
    As a writer, I have always admired Alfred Hitchcock’s films. I too, write gospel musicals and I “keep it real” in my productions. Being a fan of Hitchcock, my plays always have an element of surprise, which the audience admires. How do I know? The oohs and aahs come at the right time. My mission is to save souls by revealing the Bible in a visual mode.
    I have received kudos from individuals who stated that I was the next Mrs. Perry, in a way. This was a compliment because I do admire Mr. Perry’s works.
    In order to reach minorities, we must be real and provide the evidence they need to witness and leave with a lesson taught.
    I would never “knock down” another person’s talent because you use what GOD gave you, and, when the money is rolling your way….then you’re blessed!!!

  51. Pata says:

    I don’t let my children watch Tyler Perry TV shows or movies. A good Cosby or other reruns would usually suffice.
    This is not a put down of Tyler Perry’s work but it’s just a personal choice as a parent and individual.

    If you don’t like…….don’t watch.


  52. Ashley says:

    I don’t believe Spike Lee is a hater. If you all read between the lines, he’s telling Tyler that he has the audience so do something with it. Educate our people, bring forth the message you say God is giving you. There’s no context in these movies and they only reason they’re popular is because he sells fantasy and heroism to black women. We’ve watched these movies because of the dysfunction in them. What message do you get from these movies involving God? The bible is plain and clear. Don’t be fooled. It’s all about the money. I love Tyler, but we’ve got to do better. Lukewarm is never good. Spike Lee, I hear is teach the next generation of directors so that they can be so much greater than the mess we’re used to. Read in between the lines. He addressed a very serious issue.

  53. SHEILA says:


  54. Mitzi Dee says:

    I really enjoy Tyler Perry’s movies and TV Shows. Women learn that you do not have to accept the brothers hitting on you. That a single parent can make it and bring their children up the right way, you learn the way a man is suppose to treat a woman and the way a woman is suppose to treat her man. It brings back the way that my parents taught me and the way you teach children to be respectful of their parents and grand parents adults. These are the ways that I was brought up and it worked for me in bringing up my children to be respectful with me and away from me. Have you taken the time to notice the young people of today. He brings back the family value system in his movies and I need to smile and laugh sometime. Also Mr. Spike I hear a lot of things that Mr. Perry does with the money that we as his fans give through the movies that we take in. He sent 65 children to Disney World who were refused at a white swimming pool. He help a grand-mother with her grand children when her house burned down and he is not only rebuilding her home so that she can keep her grands with her but until it is built he has put them in a house and put furniture in it along with paying the rent until her new home is ready. These are just a few things that he has done and is doing with our ticket money. He also opens up chances for new comers in the movie business by taking in un trained actors and opening the doors for them to become known. OK Mr. Lee what have you done for your people lately???????