Serena Williams Talks About Venus Butt Controversy

Princess .P. | January 20, 2008

Serena Williams
Serena Williams was pictured winning her way to the Australian Open quarter-finals last night.

Serena Williams gave her opinion about her sister Venus Williams buttocks being commented on by tennis commentator Roger Rasheed live on Australian TV earlier this week.
Serena told the Australian press, who used the more polite term “posterior “:

“Oh, yeah, we say booty,” “I’m not quite sure about posterior, I’ll try to keep that in the back of my mind. What are you doing? I’m shaking my posterior,”

She added:

“Venus definitely has a great posterior. I’m sure it looked nice.”

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  1. danny bonaduce says:

    this is messed up and im glad that serena took it in stride. i heard those ugly hoz mary joe fernadez and pam shriver comment on venus’s shorts being obscene. those two hoz only wish they had the careers of the williams sisters. you go serena and venus. your the best thing to happen to tennis since well your the best thing period.

  2. C. Cannon says:

    They are jealous of her butt because they have to wear those foam fake butts. Ha Ha Ha LOL. Why don’t you buy some cilicone injections for your Butts, Isn’t that they way y’all get your bodies through putting unnatural in your body.

    Venue, you are beautiful and keep on trucking.