Serena Williams And Common Not Engaged

James S. | January 16, 2011

Tennis star Serena Williams has once again denied allegations that she is engaged to her rapper boyfriend Common. The Tennis legend said that he has yet to propose to her. Williams first started dating the rapper back in 2007 and the pair recently reunited after a brief split.

Since the duo rekindle their flames reports which have been coming out, suggested that the relationship has taken a somewhat serious turn which is why there are all the rumors of an engagement in the air.

Williams’ representative says that she is definitely not engaged to the rapper and that they have no plans to walk down the aisle together in the near future, insisting that when she does get engaged she will let the world know.

Williams has called the rumors “not true at all”, saying that they are just dating and nothing more for right now, although with the amount of time they have been spending together it seems as if they are a little bit more serious than they want us believe.

When the couple broke up in 2010, Williams commented, saying that both of their busy schedules kept them from being together but

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  1. Alice Gates says:

    Serena , you are a gracious “Lady” . I love to watch you play tennis , especially when you beat up on the “favorite blonds” . Those girls can’t hold a torch to your tennis playing . I am watching the Australian Open now and it is boring . They are all bragging about the blond Denmark girl . She bangs like a sounding board . She has no variaty in her game . I was so wishing that Schiavone could have pulled off the upset . I really wished that you were in that Tournament . It is truly boring to watch .
    I love the idea of you and Common . Please hold on to him . You all are the best couple . He deserves you and you deserve him .GREAT COUPLE . GET MARRIED !

  2. donna says:

    serena marry common forget about john long your love will grow for common. He will offer you what you need to have a happy life. Don’t let him get away for john long , move on with your life and marry common now’ sign a agreement were common can’t have all your money if you all divorce but you get a share of his that will keep him from wanting to do any wrong (keep him in check).common is waiting i saw him on a interveiw he want you to marry him. common you are a smart man it is john long lost serena have it all be happy, be a man and not a whore, stay marry forever, a life time ,in this world you all going to need this type of life, serena as well be nice don,t be with other man, and get common permission before showing his good ok be good and life will be good to you.