Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama Anti-Obesity Campaign

Princess .P. | November 26, 2010

Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama Anti-Obesity Campaign – Sarah Palin was recently a guest on the radio show that is hosted by Laura Ingraham, and it seemed that she had some baggage that she needed to get off of her chest about a few of the women connected to her competition.

Palin criticized Barbara Bush for saying that Palin should stay in Alaska, saying, “I don’t think the majority of Americans want to put up with the blue-bloods—and I want to say it with all due respect because I love the Bushes—the blue bloods who want to pick and choose their winners instead of allowing competition.”

She also went on to criticize Michelle Obama for her stance on childhood obesity and the campaign that she has recently undertaken.

Palin said, “What she is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families in what we should eat…instead of a government thinking that they need to take over and make decisions for us…just leave us alone, get off our back, and allow us as individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions and then our country gets back on the right track.”

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  1. B Owens says:

    What the nerve of her to try and criticize the first lady about obesity. Look at Bristol she is very plum even after dancing all that time on dancing with the stars. she seems to be the only person on the show that didn’t lose any weight. So don’t throw stones when you back yard is dirty. Teen activist a*s assets Being nice.

  2. labman57 says:

    Sarah is simply trying to protect our children’s Constitutional and God-given right to acquire Type II diabetesbefore their 30th birthday.

    Alas, the truth is even more pathetic. Palin was being critical of the FLOTUS simply for the sake of being critical. Sound logic and rational thought play no part in any of her public commentaries.

  3. Cool 1 says:

    Sarah Palin is STUPID.. DUMB…. I cant believe that people actually listen to her…. i rahter listen to someone who children are healthy……


    why does America keep giving such a dumb headed and an empty vessel called Sarah PALIN time to waste on every TV or RADIO interview. she keeps barking mad like a dog which is hungry for left overs. See how obese her daughter Bristol is.

    Sarah keeps gobling nonsense becoz she still cannot believe that our black president Obama is the boss in white house. And she is annoyed that Michelle Obama is educated and she is not. She wishes if she was sexy michelle. Can someone send her back to high school so she can learn more about obesity

    From mama AFRICA

  5. tonie says:

    I agree with labman. Is there anything that this administration has done right to you Sarah Palin? Who argues with insuring the health of children? She gets wayyy too much airtime.

  6. Ann PITCHARD says:

    Perhaps Sarah thinks we should beat more fish.

  7. g wool says:

    Perhaps Sarah thinks we should beat more fish.

  8. Tonya says:

    What a freaking idiot!! She is about as dumb as they come and it amazes me that people actually book her and listen to her. Where does she get off saying that Michelle is trying to take away our “God given rights” by telling children what to eat? If this moron took the time to review the facts, she would see that America is an obese nation and that eating healthy and exercising as a child is extremely beneficial. I really wish his lady would just go away. I can understand criticizing the President, as he is an elected official, but lay off Michelle. No one talks about Todd all because his stupid, make up words as she goes, fame hungry, egotistical wife likes to talk in front of a camera!!!

  9. Shaamex1 says:

    I can believe Sarah talks alot of trash, but if she’s gonna get back into politics I can’t believe how thin skinned she is. She seems to be having a hard time with not being in charge any longer. The reality show isn’t filling that void apparently. Or maybe she’s mourning that her own daughters aren’t doing as well in lifeskills dept. as the Obama girls. I like Bristol though and was glad she did DWTS. Even though she’s not a celebrity,she is showing she is living despite taking on the difficult job of being a teen mom. Sarah could learn from her daughter it seems. Telling Michelle she’s wrong to inspire a Nation to combat Obesity, Sarah is showing how tactless she really is. Not Presidential material since the ” I’m not a Witch” lady.

  10. Felicity Mrewa says:

    It is really unfortunate that a great country like the USA cannot do any better than produce DUMB a$s politicians like Sarah Palin. I am not a fan of the Bushes, but I totally agree with Barbara Bush.

    Sarah Palin does not know the difference between North and South Korea, she does not know that Africa as a continent is made up of many countries, She believes she can bomb Russia through her bedroom window. How does one expect her to recognise the fact that American children are the most obese and unhealthy children in the developed world.

    Considering the degree of awareness in the USA one is bewildered by Sarah’s nasty a$s followership and ignorant adoration. Sarah is only fit for a place in a third rate commedy show.

  11. Kianti Murphy says:

    While Pain may make off remarks, I do agree that our parents should be able to decide what our children eat. Unfortunately, our parents seen’t doing a good job of that. Michelle Obama is on the right track in one way, that government can and should do something. But parents need to do half the work.
    So, here is what needs to happen. Schools and supermarkets need to provide education for parents, as well as better quality food. Until this cold day in hello parents need to find the education elsewhere, like online. Once educated, parents need to start forcing quality, more healthy food to be more readily available BY BUYING ONLY THAT FOOD. Grocery stores and other food suppliers will stop stocking what we won’t buy. All they care about is selling.

  12. Sonia says:

    Let her eat Moose. Bristol evidently loves it.

    What does Sarah have to say about teen moms? Nothing? Hot air…..

    On her new show she told one of her kids not to cast their fishing line too close to a huge brown bear. I just hope they don’t get attacked by wild animals while showing the world about Alaska.

    Anybody that would criticize an anti-obesity campaign is nuts.

  13. phillip jackson says:

    as crazy as sara palin may sound there are people that actually want her to run for the highest office of the land and that bothers me more she only talks devision and if we as americans want this country to go in the right direction we are going to have to learn how to work together and i just dont think she gets that.