Rihanna Dating Pharrell Williams?

Princess .P. | July 19, 2009

Rihanna Dating Pharrell Williams?

Rihanna Dating Pharrell Williams? – Pharrell Williams has apparently found his lady love and it is none other than Rihanna.Few British tabloids are reporting that the “Umbrella” was seen hanging with Williams at her London hotel.A source told the mirror:

“It’s no secret that Rihanna and Pharrell have chemistry. And not just in the studio — they seem mesmerised by each other.”
“Chris will be gutted to learn he could have lost Rihanna to one of the sexiest men in music. Rihanna and Pharrell talk on the phone all the time and whenever she can get a break in her schedule she’ll go and support him at a gig.”


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  1. tracia harrison says:

    gitl yyou r a diva don’t let anybody get u down keep up the good work.

  2. porsha says:

    mAn diS aNiT tRuE

  3. bo marks says:

    mi dear plz go back to chris ,no body is perfect

  4. Miss Prissy says:

    whatsup with Rihanna and the talented VA boys (i.e. Virginia). Is she looking for free ride for her career since she couldn’t snag JAYz. Pharrel deserves better, way better. Pls dont let her incite PW to violence. Has he seen her ala Lil Kim look.? I know his Mama wouldn’t approve. TEEHEe

  5. Dont worry says:

    I dont care wat chris says if he did it once he can do it again……..am sayin 4give him but dont giv him da chance to do it again let pharrell show chris how its done….u go girl

  6. ronnice says:

    i agree with bro marks and porsha. my opion is that she should date for a while. juss have sum free time for herself for a mintue or two. she keep dating everybody…….. but thats juss my opion. juss pray for bother their souls …… (meaing rihanna and chris)

  7. ronnice says:

    sorry re-read that and ment to say that Rihanna should not date for a while….. sorry. spelling mistake

  8. jay says:

    she been dating everybody lately. lemme find out she slowly turning into a ho

  9. Tara says:

    Really i think she should be single for an well cuz diz chris brown thang still goin on 2 me rihanna seem 2 nt kare at all she the one hit chris frist did u say sorry u just need 2 chill for a min.

  10. kim says:

    I love Rhia’s style. I always look her up to see what she had on days before. Beyonce ain’t touching her.

  11. joyous says:

    i really love yooh gurl your the best keep up the work. i bet yooh hate brown bacause i would to . LOVE YOOH GURL!

  12. Deeliishiis says:

    damn.. rihanna is a fu**in h$e in my eyes
    miss prissy is right…
    pharrell deserves WAY MORE BETTER than rihanna…
    i dont kno y all the boys like her?
    i dont even kno how they could just speak to her
    if it’s really true and they r a couple, im going to throw up.i swear
    i would be soo disappointed from Pharrell…

    f$$k this bitch_

  13. Skateboard P says:

    Ya’ll are crazy.. Rihanna and pharrell are a perfect couple. Dey luk awesome. Yall luk at da negatives y dnt u luk at da positive side 4 1nce?.. I really admire both rihanna and pharrell.. They r kwl.. So pharrell keep up da good wOrk..

  14. Katie111 says:

    i dont believe this s$$t!!! it cant be true…pharrell deserves much better and more beautiful girl than rihhana is.
    but if it is really true pharrell has very bad taste… 🙁 im better looking!!! he should better choose me 😛

  15. besma says:

    i haite u Rihanna i love pharell so mathe am from algiria pharell u are emaisin u are faimes in algiria

  16. besma says:

    i ove u amirica