Rihanna Chris Brown Update:Chris Brown Single

Princess .P. | February 12, 2009

Rihanna Chris Brown Update:Chris Brown Single

Rihanna Chris Brown Update:Chris Brown Single – Here are the latest updates on the Chris Brown /Rihanna drama.On his private Facebook page, Chris Brown has just updated his status to “single.” Which means that Rihanna does not want to take him back.
Chris Brown has moved to Las Vegas and is hiding at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas. He’s staying in a suite on an upper floor of the hotel.According to E!:

“They had to kick out any paparazzi that were around and get him tons of security to sneak him in.”

Brown’s case has been turned over to the D.A.’s office and he could get 9 years in prison.

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  1. cece says:

    yea boy stay single cz u dont needs ta b wit a chick like dat who would lie on you n would not be completely honest wit you yea u need ta leave ha a$s fa realz cz she tryna mess up yo u career ima still support u 100% so i got chu n dont get discouraged b/c sooner or later they will kno the truth and this will all blow ova trust n if it dont then they dont have lifes

  2. Amberilla says:

    Cece…Ur a straight up dumbazz! How r u gonna flip this around like dude is innocent? I bet u beat ur girl too huh? She should take a frying pan to his head..show him what it feels like!!! And he looks fruity as hell in this pic…a Pink watch?? Gimme a flippin break!

  3. Mari45 says:

    you should stay single cus the b**** aint even worth you time i give you all the support that you can get no matter what happens i still love you

  4. Constance Dedrick says:

    wow chris brown is so cute in this pic but to everyone, nobody know what happen except for chris brown and rihanna. I just wish that this never happen. I wish that chris brown was smart about what he did. Rihanna, girl be strong, i know it hurts now and it will hunt u for the rest of ur life. But all i got to say is be strong and think very hard on what u are going to do with ur life. Chris brown, u already know that what u did was wrong, even though Rihanna supposely went through ur fone, that did not give u the right to put ur hands on her. Just like u said how ur step dad abuse ur mom. Dont be like him, ur to good for that. Your a bright guy, very talent, and have a lot going for yourself. I am still behind u 100% but just make right choice and we all make bad mistakes but overall we get over it and i know that you and Rihanna is going to make it through. Ya’ll might not be together but you will make it through, all just by the help of God. Make sure u have him by your side. Your an intelligent guy and i still love you and always will. Be careful and safe and goes the same for you Rihanna.

  5. lil says:

    I’m sorry cece, can you please translate that into English for the rest of us?

  6. lil says:

    lol and mari…this b**** ??? you do realize this is rhianna you are talking about? chris brown was lucky to be with someone that successful. as for all this drama he is a dumb a$s and i’m glad radio stations are playing his songs anymore!

  7. rushell milton says:

    I use to to rate chris but not any more , no matter what rhianna did you still have no right to hit her chris .

  8. golden says:

    I think u need help. I think she does 2. But there is somethin in your eyes a great deal of sorrow. I know that look all to well. I think you will be fine if you keep your eyes open to what they were closed to before. U know what I mean. Talk about to who ever you trust the most who isnt familly.

  9. RIM says:

    Seriously I don’t feel anyone can really take sides, because obviously no one really knows what happened. All in all Chris Brown was wrong for what he did. I’m starting to hate that people are saying oh she probably deserved it. Whether it was something she did or something he did, no man has the right to put his hands on a female. It’s wrong no matter how you look at it, and to the chic who said Rihanna is lying and all this other bs ima need you to take a step out of denial miss. cece. The truth is HE DID hit her, and that’s the reality of the situation. He destroyed his own career, Rihanna is a very successful woman dont get me wrong but so is Chris Brown. That little boy came up quick, and just as quick as he came up, that’s about as quick as his a$s DROPPED!!

  10. the truth says:

    everything that glitters aint gold…it doesn’t matter he should have never hit her…..no matter what she said or did….thats the biggest part in being a real grown a$s man….being able to take or stand up to any obstacles…..people are saying we don’t know happened only they know….well he did indeed hit her….and he’s not denying it….thats where he went wrong…never ever hit a female…because there are alot of females…who truely need to be hit in da mouth…but that don’t make it right…he couldn’t take what she was dishing out to him..thats makes him a straight up loser…

  11. BRITTANY says:


  12. Classic says:

    He was wrong aint no question about it! The fact he hiding is a true indication that he knows that…As for the ignorant CeCe how the hell u defend him…HE RENDERED HER UNCONSCIOUS ON THE ROAD BY STRANGLING HER AND RAN AWAY LEAVING HER THERE!!!!! I aint saying he is a monster but his actions were definitely inhumane and monstrous. He needs to go away and fix himself up as for the radio stations keep boycotting its teh least he deserves…The coward.

  13. kyia says:

    Gt off his d$$k ok. chris is gonna b fine

  14. toni says:

    i hope you work it out i feel bad for you chris not you rihanna you got what you deserved

  15. datchick says:

    chris deserves so much better than her.i am not a hater im just speakin the truth.he is too fine too be wit sum 1 like her..she aint all dat in a bag of chips..real talk..just speakin my opininion straight up.