Ne-Yo On The Gay Rumors And R. Kelly “Beef”

Princess .P. | January 25, 2008


Ne-Yo did a lengthy interview with Essence where he spoke about the R.Kelly issue,his alleged baby mama drama and the gay rumors flying on the internet.
You’re a busy man. Let’s switch gears to address some of the rumors, like your beef with R. Kelly. I understand you are suing him?

As of right now, things are pending legally so I’m not at liberty to talk about the case. You know, I never have a problem talking about anything, but I’ve been advised not to discuss the case.

That’s understandable. Well, can you explain how your dismissal from the tour came about?

Well, it wasn’t even told to me directly by [R. Kelly]; he sent his people to tell me.

So do you think your affiliation with Jay-Z and Def Jam had anything to do with it, considering that they once toured together and didn’t complete the tour together?

I don’t think so, because if that were the case I wouldn’t have been on the tour to begin with. It’s no secret that I’m a Def Jam artist so I don’t think that had anything to do with it.

It’s been reported that you were asked to leave the tour because you upstaged him. Is that simply speculation?

Well, I’m the one who made that statement. I only did two shows in Columbus and Georgia. It was only the next day after the first two reviews came out and they gave me great reviews and his were not so positive.

Wow—so did you ever speak to R. Kelly about your dismissal?

Nope. That was another thing—as a man he showed me blatant disrespect. He never tried to come and speak to me, but he wouldn’t even have to come to me, I would have been willing to talk to him about it, but that never happened.

Had you met him prior to this tour?

No, I was on tour and I didn’t get to speak to that man. I didn’t see his face. He didn’t make an attempt to speak to me; it was as if it didn’t matter that I was there.

Wow. So would you be willing to sit down and talk if he ever reached out to you?

Absolutely, I don’t hate R. Kelly. There won’t be no diss records—we don’t do that in R&B. Seriously, I looked up to R. Kelly as an artist, and still do, but I don’t have respect for him as a man. I was happy to join the tour. I’m a man, so I don’t disrespect other men. I would still be open to talk to him. But his not coming to me directly was blatant disrespect, because he didn’t even view me as someone important enough to show respect to by talking to me man-to-man. If you have issues with me, then be man enough to come to me personally, but instead he had his people do it and then they said it wasn’t him but that the promoters asked me to be removed from the tour and that’s b—sh–.

You’ve been the target of many rumors, but I love that you keep it moving. Let’s address the rumor regarding your financial dispute with your son’s mom, who was supposedly getting evicted due to your refusing to pay child support. Is that true?

There is truth to some of it. She was being evicted because I refused to pay her rent any longer once I found out her child was not my biological son. But I’ve been his father since the day he came on his earth so I told her anything he needs I got him, but you are a grown a– woman with working arm and legs—ain’t nothing wrong with you so go get yourself a job.

Why in the world would she try to take you to court after you agreed to give financial support in raising her son?

She wasn’t happy with the amount I offered to give her and said, ‘No, I need more.’ So she decided to take me to court. I asked her why and told her she wouldn’t win because he was my not biological son. So I said, ‘Fine, you get nothing. Let’s go to court.’

Whoa! So why did you wait to get a blood test?

Well, she told me when she got pregnant that it could be between me and another guy, so I knew that from the beginning. When the baby was born everyone assumed that he was mine because he looked so much like me so no one really questioned it except my mother because she never trusted her and urged me to get a blood test.

How did that discovery affect you?

It hurt me for a minute, but you know….

Do you still see him?

No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? As a mother she has the right, I don’t.

And your initial reaction to folks questioning your sexuality?

Honestly, when I first heard that there were rumors out there about me being gay I thought, Wow someone must really hate me. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I just couldn’t understand why someone would make up lies like that. I remember speaking to Jay-Z about it and he was like, ‘Look, man you haven’t made it until someone says you’re gay.” And what about now?

Nah, I don’t even think about that mess anymore. Once it’s said, it ain’t nothing you can do but ignore it.

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  1. dj-owe New zealand says:

    Neyo your the shitt bro gay or not u a DESCENT man and u make awesome music much love to you bro u deserve all the sucess u get and already have. f$$k r kelly for being a hater still like his music but not his ways.

  2. John says:

    Who cares if he’s gay, he’s still makes great catchy music

    Stop living in the past people, I’m straight and I accept gays/lesbians etc

  3. crystal says:

    well its finally been confirmed today he is gay he shouldn’t have lied i look at him the same way but then there are judge mental people so yall dont hate

  4. Ronnie says:

    Neyo i love your music keep doing yo thang! If u r gay then so what. God loves everyone! People are so judgemental! But they fail to realize a gay person could be the one that save their life one day! The main ones that talk about u is gonna need u one day!

  5. von says:

    thats not big enough… why can Ludacris be gay too! or Diddy, or Someone fly enough to really change the way the world perceive gays, not to hate on Ne-yo, but first there is the leaked pictures so tacky and cheap of some prostitute posing with his p$$$s in her mouth. The real Gays would never degrade a woman on that level unless it was Cher of course… but apart from that there is the baby mother scandle, of which the baby wasn’t his… again this ties him in with another female and basicly places him on a low rate re-run taping of The Murray Povich show. He has beef with R.KELLY! who IS the dawn of a dying breed you can’t up-stage R.Kelly even if you can.. YOU DON’T, every gay man knows that rule. I’m sorry I toss him back to the straight side of town past the uncultured sector and I’m not too sure I would keep him in a neighbor hood of the metro-sexuals.
    I would make him strictly music, with no story, just hits… like Joe.

  6. Dee says:

    NeYo is very talented. I’m so tired of people speaking about what others are doing behind closed doors! I think NeYo is Great…. I love his music, I don’t care who he has sex with. just keep making that goodd music and keep me dancing!!!!

  7. Dee says:

    Put all that crap about NeYo and his sexuality to the left…. Just like the song says…

  8. Cb says:

    i think ne-yo is fuckin gay as hell

  9. Arielle says:

    Yo! Stop hatin’ on Ne-Yo! So what if he’s gay??? He still the amazing singer, dancer, and best songwriter he was before he admitted it! Plus, Ne-Yo is HOT!!!!! If he’s gay, let him be gay and without discrimination! LOVE YOU, NE-YO 4-LYFE!!!!

  10. zach says:

    As far as R.kelly he makes trashy ghetto a$s music he is a F$$$$$g pervert Neyo he doesnt deserve your respect as a man or a artist. Neyo you a top notch singer/song writer dude ofcoarse a old a$s washed up perv Like R.Kelly gonna hate lol. Keep banging them hits out cause you and Chris Brown John legend and Jamie fox are the only Relevent R&B singers out right now..

  11. Tia says:

    So what if Ne-yo gay or not. He is very talented and his music is good. You shouldn’t really judge someone cause you don’t know what that person went through or goin through. So keep writing songs and don’t let people put you down….

  12. Alex says:

    the only reason why ppl put gay rumors on ne-yo is becuz he doesnt fit into the image that most ppl are use to seein black men be thugs, have thug swagga, wear urban clothes have very very deep voices, down-grade women in there music, normally dont smile , ne-yo is the opposite of these traits and ppl dont feel comfortable wth that without placing a label-ing i sumthing in this case they label it gay

  13. JMack says:

    Have you all not read the interview Ne-yo is not gay!!!!!! Keep doing your thing Ne-yo making great music and forget about R-Kelly its time for him to retire LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. zee says:

    gay or straight, i’m still crazy about u. anyone who worries bout ur sexuality can go straight to hell if heaven’s too far

  15. grafitti says:

    I’d rather a gay man come OUT than pretend he’s not. It’s a dangerous scenario… Ne-Yo is at the top as a a singer, songwriter, dancer……R. Kelly’s lyrics are vulgar, gutter, tasteless….too bad….R. Kelly is so talented…but he has no class…and is straight from the cess pool. Now Ne-Yo….even if he is gay….is multi-talented, his music is captivatingly beautiful…and his dancing and stage presence is classic. Ne-Yo has CLASS. The devil is a liar !!

  16. Cristina says:

    NEYO IS PROBABLY THE BEST R&B ARTIST RIGHT NOW!! 10 years from now he will be talked about. People will still listen to his music he’s an instant legend. His music is great. PROBABLY THE BEST SONGWRITTER. Ne-yo is the BOMB. And if he says he NOT!!! Gay he’s not gay. LEAVE EM alone HATERRRSS!

  17. FP says:

    Well I have to agree with Alex, just becuase Ne-Yo doesn’t have a thugged-out swagga they say that he’s gay. Of course, there are rumors out on so many male celebrities being gay. All of these comments are about homosexuality basically. Not saying that all of them are negative though. That’s all you hear about today is homosexuality. Why can’t we just get it off of our mind? If Ne-Yo is gay or not, which I can care less about, doesn’t mean he’ll be any different from anyone else. He’s just an ordinary person that breathes air and lives his life. He’s a great song-writer and singer. Nothing wrong with that.

  18. Channie says:

    Ok, wgy is saying someon is gay suppose to be so bad. Is it bad for a man to be sexually attracted to men??? Its good tro say you still like NE YO even tyho he is gay. Its not like being gay is going to change anythin about him, he still the gay man he was when you started him if he is gay.

  19. Diamond says:



  20. ?uan says:

    Neyo is not gay !!! first they say my man is a sex addict!! Now GAY !!! Beat it !! He’s the best and i love you sexy a$s!!

  21. Jasmine says:

    I am like one of ne-yo’s #1 fans but i just heard a song.Its new and its called love migraine and he was like “you coulda told me you had a wife”.So im thinking hmm.Did i miss him coming out the closet.I dont question his sexuality ever because we kno he is a fan of all women.But i just wanted to make sure.I am a major Ne-yo groupie and we can’t have him going bi or gay.Cuz then i will lose all respect for him becuz he said he wasn’t.Anyways love you ne-yo.By the way you guys know his name Is SHAFFER.OMG.I’m glad he didnt pick that as his singer name.I wouldn’t buy cd’s from a shaffer.eww

  22. Wood says:

    There wouldn’t be a Ne-Yo if not for Rob Kelly…songwriting-wise. Kels is a legend. Speaking negatively about his music is like talking about Marvin Gaye’s music. Ne-Yo hasn’t written an ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ yet. He’s a dope writer, but he’s not legendary yet…he’s poppy. And, he’s not the best writer around…he just has the biggest platform now. I like how he handled the baby mama situation, tho. As far ad his sexual preference…God does not make mistakes, so he was not born gay (if he is), and in His eyes, the lifestyle of homosexuality and pedophilia hold the same weight. The people, He loves…the lifestyle, He hates. Food for thought

  23. kemi says:

    gar or no gay, NEYO u r d best. AM still looking forward to doing a duet with you-love u man!

  24. Slamz says:

    Gay or not,he got good writing skill.dont like poppy muzak,bt great lyrics.out here,if u hot,rich n single,evn at 25,u will b labelled gay.f$$k kels!trashy vulgar ghetto a$s,perv!i only listn2 his old songz

  25. luben says:

    i think that neyo is a F$$$$$g gay f$$$$t. that n$$$a sing like a F$$$$$g girl,i am just keeping it real,the first time that f$$k n$$$a came out i know he was gay and just to let yall niggas know i was the one that started the rumor.

  26. DEON says:

    so what if ne-yo gay it dont matter ppl need to stop hatting on him just because of his sexual orientation it dont matter. He still make great music. and ppl need to appriciate him and his music. So what if he’s gay it okay its not like it was his choice to choose thats just the way god made him. dont hate on him. God made everyone different in each different way. Ne-yo’s always gone be the best singer im into right now!
    And everyone freakin out writin all these comments dissing ne-yo and stuff its not like he’s the first singer that is gay.
    And if he’s gay get over it im sure most of yall hatin on ne-yo are gay anyway.
    gay is a strong word and if you use it in the wrong way it could hurt you.
    So as long as ne-yo still got his fresh swagg, good personality, great music
    then me and ne-yo always cool!
    Alright Den Peace, For cmments on my comment email me at lildrizzle2009@hotmail.$$m

    Ne-yo’s the best!

    oh and just so you know ”luben” who wrote about me shut up and listen to ne-yo’s music maybe you’ll learn something!


  27. dontae says:

    people say the same thing about me and im glad that i no somone going throw what im going throw

  28. tea says:

    I am very disappointed in NE YO how can i believe in his music if I cant believe in is he gonna sing about girls when his mind is on boys…its called singing not acting…….I love gays but he needs to start singing about men and kiss men in his video….and dance with men since he is getting everything out in the public..

  29. Gagaga says:

    Well guys .. Ne yo is not gay .. But well you see .. He kindda acts gay .. Don’t you think ? .. Kindda .. :S

  30. Albert says:

    Cut this b$$$$$$t about there being nothing wrong with homos. Burn dem Chichi man. Someone tell me 2 positive things that come out of being gay. Anyone. I think we are putting into Jeopardy th human race with this nonsensical notions. Tyra Banks show is coming to an end because she infested it with Butty men. There is absolutely nothing positive about being gay other than being an example to the world of what not to be. Neyo if you are straight say so and dont try to second guess yourself by putting in a good word for the gays of this world.

  31. A for Apple says:

    We know you could be gay anyway but your music is the poopy. As far as R seems like you and him will always be on the outs. seems like you are jealous of him cuz hes not gay?

  32. Letho says:

    neyo just keep on making gud music and foget about those ppl who say u are a gay coz u the 1 who know better than everybody does

  33. lataisha says:

    you are not gay so dont let ppl think your gay i still love u

  34. feeleffect says:

    The man said he is straight and that’s HIS BUSINESS. Anyway, Who made you cynics GOD! He is in my opinion the BEST Crossover R&B artist out there. This brother can sing and write music as well. Life requires all of our attention on ourselves to be better well rounded people such as Ne-Yo did in expressing himself in a level headed manner unlike some of you who prejudged without tangible evidence.(And I am not talking about the way he looks) Negativity is based on hate and a person who is usually unhappy with his of her life. I ain’t gay by a long shot but I just appreciate his music. HIS PERSONAL LIFE ISN’T MY BUSINESS ( nor yours) AND I REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE BUT BRING ON THE GOOD MUSIC NE-YO. You have the ability and potential to be on Prince and Michael Jackson level in the future. As for R.Kelly, This Man has had problems since the mid 90’s and even that is between him and God as well. In life you get double back and more on your actions, whether positive or negative.

  35. Bruno says:

    Ne-Yo i don’t think you gay man a guy like you love girls i’m sure of that, something else forget about what others say about just keep on writing your songs and sing you the best am big fan yours ! Halla at me Mozambique