Montana Fishburne Sextape: Vivid Video Leaks

Jerry | August 8, 2010

Montana Fishburne Sextape: Vivid Video Leaks – Interest in the Montana Fishburne sex tape has increased in recent days, and the company has decided to speed up the release of the tape. The tape, which will be called “Montana Fishburne: An A-List Daughter Makes Her XXX Debut,” will be released eight days ahead of schedule. A different sex tape has already made its way online. Reports said that friends of Lawrence Fishburne had attempted to buy the tape, but it was too late and had already been shipped to several different locations.
“We knew there would be interest in this movie but we didn’t anticipate that it would be quite so strong,” said Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid.
Lawrence Fishburne has not commented on the story as of yet, but reports have said that he is very angry that his daughter would resort to pornographic videos as a means to earn money. She has said that she wanted to use a porn career as a way to launch herself firmly into Hollywood, much in the same way that Kim Kardashian did. The sad part is that it seems to be working, and everyone is clamoring to find out what she and her family thinks of the entire ordeal.
The decision to push up the release date is not surprising, especially after the other video was leaked online. The company is going into damage-control mode, and is looking for a way to keep interest in the video high.

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  1. Denver Dallas says:

    I am appalled by lawrence fishburnes daughter making a porn movie. This is a digrace to lawrence his family and to his career that she is jepordizing i just wish she would stop to think about someone besides herself.

  2. Nickium says:

    She is hot. She fu s like a pro.

  3. jvmfan says:

    Yikes! There has got to be a better job for a star’s daughter!! Has anyone seen this covered on the show “Issues?” They are covering it all more on the show tonight.

  4. listickfun says:

    I think she has made a big mistake in her life so young, i bet when she get older she will regret what she has done to her familey who work so hard to make a good life for her, she really need some help. conseling

  5. Acappellla says:

    I just have one word: why?

  6. C. Cannon says:

    This is just another scheme of the Devil to get people looking at what they think is glamorous that lead to death. Broad is the way to destruction. She is starting her life down the wrong path. All these filfty things people do in the eyesight of Jehovah will be judged according to their filthiness. She needs to consider the direction in which she is going.

    Without a doubt, this life-style doesn’t bring anything but death and depression.

    Don’t let the Devil get the victory over your life. Don’t sell your soul to the Devil because that’s what you’re doing.

    You are doing this for money, “selling your soul to the Devil” “The love of money is the root to all evils”.

    Repent and go the narrow road, and live a long and blessed life pleasing Jehovah.

  7. chocolate says:


  8. Rossmor says:

    All we can do is pray for the child…this has nothing to do with her dad..this is all about what she has choose to do. As the comments states in the end she will have to be the one who answers for her decisions…not her mom or dad. These are the times we are living in. As parents we can only do the best we can. Once the child decides they are going to do something…they are going to do it…as parents we can only accept there decisions…we may not agree..but it’s there decisions…as with all of us: we reap what we sow….let’s all pray for her, maybe she really does know what she’s doing…she does not seem to be at this time to distraught about her choice of careers…so!!!!…she went into this with eyes wide open….she was not forced…pray for the ones who are and were forced into porn…but this child: eyes wide open….GOD BLESS…ALL

  9. there is no god, sorry :) says:

    Does you she do a DP or ATM?

  10. Kia . . says:

    omg , why does she have spots on her butt ? nd like nasty bumps between her legs o _ O

  11. ken says:

    Is a piety………

  12. Ana Zamora says:

    First of, daughter of a famous actor or not everybody in this world have the freedom to live theire lives the way they plz. the fact that her FATHER is a hell of an actor, that doesn’t make it HER life. people need to learn to LIVE and LET live. y is it a digrace? cause she not the lead star of wizard of oz or perhaps the voice of tiana from the princess and the frog. get over it people this world is full of choices yeah we make good one bad one n maybe plenty we end up regreting but only one could judge us!!!!!!

  13. dre says:

    she kinda look like ‘keke palmer’ in this pic .lol

  14. charles says:

    as a father,fishboure daughter was out of line,she dont look like she starving for nothing,she will regret it1 day.if she was mad with her father,do better to make her self shine,not disrespect her self and father.and she dont even look that good anyway.