Montana Fishburne Playboy Photos Leak

Camille H. | August 26, 2010 | 11 Comments

Montana Fishburne Playboy Photos Leak – The daughter of acclaimed film and stage actor Laurence Fishburne, has recently confirmed that she did pose for Playboy. Montana Fishburne is 19, and has recently had reports confirmed that she did a test shoot for Playboy back in 2007, by the website TMZ.

Playboy conducts test shoots when the magazine wants to see how the model will look before actually running the photos in their publication. At the time, it appears that the magazine wasn’t interested in Fishburne’s photos and had no intention of running them.

However, with the recent sex tape scandal that has been surrounding the young celebrity, it is a fair bet to say that Playboy may run the photos soon, so that they can capitalize on the fame she has been garnering for herself.

Fishburne recently said that she wanted to follow in the steps of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, by using a sex tape to garner fame and fortune for herself. Fishburne’s father has kept his feelings hidden about his daughter running rampant, with no doubt that he has to be getting tired of all the jokes his child is bringing upon them all.

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  1. Rachel says:

    What a role model! Just silly! There are no words to describe this FOOLISHNESS!

  2. Jess says:

    Alrite i’m tired of hearing about her now. NEXT

  3. bash kadiri says:

    so unfortunate that a father like lauren fishburne who did perfectly well as a adorable dad to satisfied his daughter with the best things in life just for her to be decent
    ,great and successful in life and later was dissappointed by his effort.i pity him and pray he overcome the stupidity of his weak and discourage of her action.

  4. jenniDee says:

    thats why we should love on our children and build a strong foundation in our homes and in our parenting so when they grow up they will have esteem and integrity. my parents loved me , but they expected me the best from me.

  5. samorah 4rom south africa says:

    eish i feel so great way 2 go montana ive been waitin 18 years of my life 2 see ur beautiful body i DIG u girl

  6. Priscilla says:

    I am so sorry that such a man with so much Intergrity and honor has to face such disrepect from his daughter. God tells us to train up a child in the way he/she should go and he/she will not depart from it. The meaning to this is: that our children has been train properly and he might go astray but will realize that this is not the life their parents showed them that will bring them to success. The word also tells us as children to: Honor thy mother and father that thy days might be longer and prosperous upon the earth. God has shown us the way and given us his promises, he is not a GOD that he should lie nor a man that he should repent. Now take a look at the picture if you truly believe the word of GOD, Mr. Fishbourne daughter did not have to go threw the back door for wealth. First of all she ws already blessed by the success of her Father. She had no need to subject herself to such embarrassment, dishonor, and an appearance of poor self esteem. She is a beautiful young woman who did not have to stoop to such a level to get attention. I don’t know what was going on in her head but I pray that she comes to some type of understanding that she is ALREADY BLESSED BY THE MOST HIGH GOD. It is hard to understand the life of Hollywood adults and children, but one thing I do know is missing in some of it is; JESUS. Don’t get me wrong or misinterpret anything I am saying because If GOD had not saved me, tell me where would I be.
    I could have did some of the things anyone else could have done, but GOD helped me and I KNOW HE WILL HELP THIS YOUNG LADY AND HER FATHR GET THROUGH THIS WITH MUCH LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING.

  7. Black Athiest says:

    good for years for not enslaving her mind to other people’s beliefs
    bottom line is that:
    life is short
    there is no god
    And its best not to waste it enslaved to beliefs in other people’s heads(things are only right or wrong in an individual mind(it doesn’t apply to evryone))

    its doesn’t matter anyway she could have been coming out as gay, atheist(probably is one)


  8. Christine m says:

    Everyone has their own opinion on what Montana chose to do as a career. But cant neither of yall say a damn thing about her doing porn. Its better sleeping around with every man for free then doing something you like to do and get paid at it. She is a beautiful woman and their are plenty of porn stars that are just as beautiful or more that chose to be a porn star. and made a success out of it and still are respected till this day.if this is a mistake for Montana then she needs to release and learn from it herself. I do agree this has been on the internet, news etc for to long and to much its dumb. Let the woman do her. Stop showing telling us how much everyone is against it and just tell us when her next video is coming out and the title. People are such hyperocrites, talking about shes not godly like because she does that. OH SHUT UP! U dont do everything that god wants you too do from in your prime years till now. This is something u got to except or just dont bother to voice your opinion because your WRONG. bottom line! How U DOIN! GOOD DAY!

  9. ktm101 says:

    She is so hot I dont know why all you people are hatting. I know all of you truely wont her!!!!!!!!!!

  10. gena says:

    I am with u when u r right Christine. Ain’t know crime greater than the next one.

    Now, Run & twll THAT!

  11. Iani says:

    She just looks much too young to be doing this. Kind of sad really.

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