Mo’Nique Radio One Show Cancelled

Princess .P. | March 16, 2009

Mo’Nique Radio One Show Cancelled

Mo’Nique Radio One Show Cancelled – MoNique’s syndicated radio show will be over on Wednesday, March 18 after being on the air for just eight months.The comedienne said:

“I would like to thank my fabulous board of directors for their daily inspiration and feedback and Radio One for the opportunity to further my entertainment brand through radio.”

Will you miss her?

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  1. Joe Public says:

    Thank GOD!

    Hopefully she will sanitize her mouth to the point where words of inspiration flow to the point that leads out of the gutter.

  2. Rae Miller says:

    I am so disappointed. I listened to Monique everyday at work. That was the only radioshow I listed to everyday from beginning to end. How every will I get through my evenings. It’s sad.

  3. Rita says:

    I am going to miss Mo’Nque so very and everybody in D.C. will too.

  4. Rita says:

    love you

  5. COCO BUTTER says:

    I think this is a good thing. We use to listen to her show daily in the office which was inappropriate due to many of her topic. I started out thinking this lady was highly religious with all her praying but in the very next breath she would talk about things that were very off colored. Monique needs to be where kids can’t just turn her on to hear the things that she liked to discuss. I wish you well but glad you are gone!

  6. Connie Gamble says:

    I listened to this show from time time, but was unable to find it this week. Today is Tuesday, March 17, but the headline states that the show will be over on Wednesday, March 18. Why did Mo’Nique’s show get cancelled?

  7. blackspeak says:


  8. zacharycaston says:

    mo thank u for d best 8mth on 102.1 houston radio show u will b mis here that spot 2to6 is not good here jeff harris is not funny love alway zack

  9. SheLL says:

    I loved Monique, Kim % Rodney! I’m sad to see them go but what I am agreeing with is, CANCELLING THE MICHAEL BAISDEN SHOW I can’t stand it!!

  10. Candice Alsharaqa says:

    I will miss the i don’t listen to the radio much because they play the same songs over and over again but for the past 8 months monique sonny and kim gave me a reason to listen to music. I can’t believe she is gone she will be missed in Columbus, Oh To blackspeck CHANGE THE STATION OR BUY A CD. i hate people that complain about avoidable stuff it is just sad.

  11. mr,mr says:

    another wrong is done and haters like blackspeak egg on…the show was about uplifiting people on a daily basis and it was a well done professional show WITH MUSIC!!!!for breaks it gave us enlightenment and it gave some people that drive to survive…this is a sad day wen some one with the passion and high ratings of Mo’Nique can get axed.Monique i love u and this isnt the end mama…man i miss that show it always gave me something to smile about…

  12. wellwellwell says:

    I would love to see Monique back on the air but going deeper into topics. I loved the format when it originally came on.

  13. Steve says:

    I will miss her… she always had stimulating subject matter. I will miss her.
    Good luck to you and hope you surface somewhere close to Houston again!

  14. Ms. Robinson says:



  15. Suzy Q says:

    I’m very sad about the show. I kept looking for the show and heard nothing but the local DJ. I can’t believe she was cancelled. I enjoyed the show and they always had me in tears from laughing so hard. Mo and crew you will be missed.

  16. bigboy1022 says:

    Monique is a black sister trying to feed her family, I found nothing offensive in her program. It was daily living protrayed thru radio, and i was intertainng. You haters get a life.

  17. Erika says:

    I had no idea the show was going to be cancelled. I am in and around washington , dc. At first I thought the show was moved to another station. Now that the show is cancelled I do not listen to the radio in the afternoon anymore. Hearing people free their mind actually freed my mind. I am really sad about this. There are other radios stations in the afternoon but none of them compare to the freedom Monique gave in the afternoon. Therefore, I drive home with the radio off, or pop in a CD. COME BACK MONIQUE.

  18. An'Nette says:

    How can you go back to the boring dj that we have in the afternoon here in houston, after we have had Moique. It’s like going to church with music.

  19. pisces313 says:

    Here we go again!!!! As soon as you start talking about real life situations and real life DRAMA, you have some people who just don’t want to be OPEN and honest about LIFE. For the people who wanted the show cancelled I say to you, stop being closed minded and come into the light because it’s 2009 and not 1909. Monique thank-you for the time you had on the radio. Just because they cancelled the show does not mean the seed was not planted. Maybe if people start opening up and talking about life situations as it may affect them, directly or indirectly, just maybe the WORLD would be a better place to live in. Monique keep doing what you are dioing because I will continue to support you whether it’s on TV, in a comedy show or another radio talk show……………………….Keep it moving MO-MO!!!!! Peace out

  20. Felicia says:

    At first I thought her show would be something I could listen to during drive time. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t take it after the 2nd show, her voice got to be irritating. The inappropriate topics and general foolery were just too much for me. I would make it a point to listen to a CD or another radio station during the drive home. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s glad to see the show off the air. Don’t get me wrong, I wish no ill-will or anything on Mo’Nique or the other co-hosts, but the show should have been gone a long time ago.

  21. dst86 says:

    I think that taking Monique’s show off was just another type of “let me show you what i can do,the powers that be”. Instead of cutting her show, why not address the issue you had with her Cathy Hughes…I think her show could’ve been less “street” and little bit more organized. Listening to the show gave me the feeling of unorganization.. At times it seemed as if everyone was talking over each other and at the same time which made for difficult listening. However, there was also a lot of funny moments. I’m sure she has more in the making. So good luck.

  22. Ms O says:

    Monique, you will truly be missed. You were a true inspiration to all of us. I meet you in Charlotte at the beginning of the radio show. Honey thanks for your real attitude. I got laid off the same day your show got cancelled. Don’t you know that God only closes doors in order for him to open up more doors for us, stay encouraged sista, luv u.

  23. Lisa M says:

    I will miss the Monique show – I agree with the others when they say don’t listen if it offends. And people are something, acting like it was so inappropriate for kids. Then they should not let their kids listen. Like “their kids aren’t exposed to dirty rap, dirty movies, and even cussing. We always do each other in. It was Adult radio for adults, she kept it real and discussed real topics, and you even got laughs, who doesn’t need to laugh. Their are just too many judges in this world, not enough positive people. People need to lighten up some, quit judging, enjoy life, help someone… that’s what the Monique show was about. We’ll never get there as a people acting like this. I’ll miss her show and hope she shows up somewhere else on radio. Peace out…. Mo love!!!!

  24. Jason says:

    The show was decent back when Sonny was on. It got more ghetto once Rodney came on. Bathroom talk was the worst. Oh well.

  25. Debbie says:

    I love Monique but I didn’t care very much for her radio show.

  26. dsnupeKC says:

    Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to hear Monique’s show while it was on. Myself, I prefer Michael Baisden and I listen to Steve in the morning and playback Tom via internet from 9a – 1pm cst. So I get the best of all worlds. It’s unfortunate, even though I do have my favorite, that doesn’t mean we need to get rid of anyone. I encourage diverse opinions and variety. Like I heard Steve say this past weekend during his comedy show in St. Louis, if you don’t like a particular show, your radio dial goes up and down….be blessed

  27. TRACY DISHMAN says:


  28. lee says:

    mo’nique was a little Black sometimes and she is a loud person at times,it lack the backing of product backing from other vender’s it is sad but i think it was about selling product and her show never had any new venders always the same LOWE’S ,WHAT WAS THE CONNECTION THEIR DID HER HER HUBB WORK THEIR ON WAS HE ON THE BOARD , I LOVE TOM JOYNER BUT WHAT EVER THE REASON MO’NIQUE WAS ON THE AIR THEY KNEW HER AND WHAT TO HER PLATEFORM WOULD BE I MEAN SHE HAS A LOVE FOR HER FAMILY AND I REALLY DO NOT THINK RADIO LAND CARED FOR THE BATHROOM MOMENTS SHE REMAINS ME OF LES BROWN MANNIE BROWN SON IT ONLY MATTERS TO LES BROWN AND HIS FAMILY

  29. cynthia mcdonald says:

    I love you monique keep up the good work

  30. Angie b says:

    I am so sad that Monique’s show was canceled! To anyone who says that her show was anything but entertaining, uplifting and a breath of fresh air has obviously never listened to her show. This show made me laugh and think. I guess because she didn’t go by the way of a Wendy Williams type show it wasn’t scandalous enough to keep on the air. I wish Monique, Kim and Rodney the best of luck in their future endeavors. God Bless!

  31. CoCo says:

    The show was just okay. Sometimes funny, sometimes inappropriate for young listeners. I liked her better than Michael Baisden. He’s extremely arrogant and annoying but plays the best old school.

  32. Ana says:

    I’m really upset, me and my coworkers listened to her every single afternoon and always sang togethet MONIQUE NIQUE NIQUE NIQUE NIQUE IN THE AFTERNOON! We are truly going to miss her! We Love you Monique no matter what!

  33. Ana says:

    I’m really upset, me and my coworkers listened to her every single afternoon and always sang together MONIQUE NIQUE NIQUE NIQUE NIQUE IN THE AFTERNOON! We are truly going to miss her! We Love you Monique no matter what!

  34. Baby T says:

    I have been looking for the Monique show for four days now. The Monique show was unique but it had charachter, integrity, truth and a whole lot of laughs. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard while driving or working. The show was dealing with real life issues and it helped so many people get over the hump in their situations or get on with their lives. I really appreciated the “no judgement zone”. The fact that she gave so much love out and received so much love back lets you know she touched the lives of others. Yeah, the show got a little raw sometimes but you have add seasoning to get flavor. Those of you who throw rocks, I’d like to see you float in the spirit of the word of God 24/7. Soon as you close the door of your house or your room, I’m sure there are some skeletons lurking somewhere. The Perfect One will come when Jesus returns. Put your gavel down. Whatever part of the show you enjoyed, the beginning or the ending, at least you can say you found some enjoyment in it. God continue to Bless U Monique, the Board of Directors, and all of your supports.

    Keep Livin’

  35. Ms D. says:

    I love her, I love her show, she was great on the radio I live to listen to her, she is funny a$s hell, so please bring her back I need her bad…………………………………..

  36. Columbusbrother says:

    It was a great show wake up people radio one it not for us it is a huge corp. that is about only MONEY!!!!

  37. Kirston says:

    I will miss the Monique Show, it was very entertaining and I looked forward to listening to the show on the way home. To all those people who say they are glad to see the show off the air, kick rocks, because you sure did listen to it a lot to make all of your little negative comments. Anytime something is not for you, it’s not necessary to listen to it over and over again to realize it’s not for you and then be negative about it, just don’t listen to it and move on. Thanks for givin’ it to us like you did. Love you Monique, Keep it pushin’ baby-girl!

  38. p harris says:

    Why not just move her to a later time slot???. It was adult radio and she did a good job at that!!!! It is too bad our lives are controlled by others. She will go even further now!!!

  39. VDC says:

    Wow – I loved “The Monique Show!” My drive home from work is not the same. I stopped listening to WHUR because I am a female and feel Michael Baisden is more of a “Male Chauvinistic” show. I was happy to find “The Monique Show.” I guess now I will no longer list to Radio 1.

    In my opinion “The Monique Show” dealt with real life issues. I heard relief in listener’s voices after expressing their issues with Monique. I feel she helped so many people with a venue to talk and listen to experiences that we all can relate to our lives. I really appreciated the “no judgement zone”.

    Monique and crew I will miss you.

  40. Valerie says:

    I enjoyed the Mo’Nique Show very much and I’m sorry the show was cancelled. I personally thought it was good and gave every day folks a chance to discuss every day life. Mo’Nique’s show discussed various topics, the only other show that does this is Michael Basiden.

    Canelling the show and playing straight music doing that time slot is not the answer. I will listen to the TJMS, but will change over, at 10:00.

  41. Cynthia says:

    I will really miss Monique. Her show made me laugh like I haven’t laughed in a long time. Her advise was thoughtful and I learned so much from her. I usually only listen to gospel music in my car, but once I found her show, I listened to just her on my drive home from work. God bless you Monique, I know you have to do what you have to do, but there is going to really be a huge void now that you won’t be there to make us laugh.

  42. Kay says:

    So very glad to have Jeff and music back! After a long day at work and the long drive home I would rather listen to music.

  43. Ms. D says:

    I sometime enjoyed the Monique show, however she sends a mixed message. One minute she is talking about Jesus and then calling women bitches. I really had a problem with Monique when she went to visit the women in prison to encourage them (I thought) but she kept addressing them as bitches, well this is the same name they where called on the street. Monique when you make your mind which master you will serve then you will find real success. You dont have to become all things to all people, keep it real Sis!!!!!!!

  44. G says:

    I was disgusted with the radio program. It was not appropriate even for adult afternoon listening. And although I did not like the show, it was waaay better than the programing we had before. I am a little confused why in a city the size of Houston, we don’t have more radio options? We don’t have talk radio that addresses our political concerns either. There are so many radio programs that we are not privy to. Michael Baesdon has the number 1 radio show in all of the markets that he is in, and he is affiliated with Radio One. Tell me why we would go back to the boring radio programming that we had before Monique came on the air????? I will do as I’ve done for years and plug up my Ipod. Good grief Houston.

  45. DEE DEE says:

    Even though I heard it was off, I still find myself searching for The Mo’Nique Show. will admit I am lost without it. I don’t really want to know what happen, I wish it would just come back on!

  46. FEDUP says:


  47. Yahna says:

    Losing Monique on the radio is really no loss. She has a filthy, disgusting mouth and is a disgrace to the beautiful black women who portray themselves with grace, elegance and class.

    Being successful has little to do with how much money you make and more to do with being true to yourself and uplifing & encouraging someone else. How in the world can we expect our black daughters to respect themselves when you have black women in the spotlight using profanity and doing any and everything just to get a dollar?

    Monique needs to re-evaluate her priorities – is she truly a Christian in every sense of the word, or does she just reference the Bible and Jesus to make herself look good? Would Jesus be proud of her show? Most likely – NOT!

    She’s entitled to live her life the way she sees fit, but please don’t try to bring the Lord into that foolishness. Good riddance!

  48. ladyD says:

    Bring back Monique………………Cathey Hughes bring back Monique, people really like her and love the topics she discuss. Cathey Hughes I believe this is a bad move on your part. If not can you give the Board of Directors the reason why she was canceled.

  49. MiMI DC says:

    Was Monique loud = yes, did she say the first thing that came to her mind = yes but if you’ve ever seen her stand up you’d know this was the case. Its just comedy people, it was another option available that you could take or leave. Some days I found it crazy funny some days I may not have been so into the topic but that why its was an option. If you have a radio that only gets one station perhaps its time to buy a new one (with a cd player). But really like it or not 8 months is really not long enough to really develop a true radio show. As much as I love Tyler Perry I must admit that I didn’t care for the first few showing of House of Pain. However, it got better and if it hadn’t I just wouldn’t have watched. I’m sure there were a lot of details that we the public don’t know about but I think they could have worked with her on the style of the show if that was the issue. But I have heard that Cathy Hughes is beast to work for.

  50. SharFlow says:

    When Monique first came on the air I truly loved the show. I could hardly wait for it to come on. Then one day I tuned in and no Sonny Andre. I believe that’s when I her show started to spiral down to cancellation. Sonny brought professionalism to the show. Monique is a comedienne not a radio personality. Sonny kept her grounded when needed and did so with class. Sonny has years of experience in the radio industry and knew the ins and outs of being on the radio.

    Monique always talked about us being her Board of Directors, but when Sonny left, I never heard her say anything about why. She went right on with the program, which she was supposed to do. BUT I never liked Rodney Perry. He wasn’t funny. Maybe because he tried too hard to be. But it’s hard to fill Sonny Andre’s shoes anyway. And Kim, oh Lord. Seems like she was on there just to laugh at Rodney ‘s sad attempts at comedy.

    But Monique is who she is at this point. Her mouth is filthy. And thus her topic choices. And I don’t think she’s quite arrived at the full meaning of Christianity. We’ve all been there as well. Seems like when people would call in and talk too long about God or Jesus, she or Rodney would rush the caller off or lead them in a “lighter” subject. If you keeping it real, that’s how a lot of us make it through life by letting God be our pilot. Monique make up your mind and stop being a half Christiain and straddling the fence.

    Overall I’m glad that her show was canceled. Now she can’t embarrass herself and continue to set black women back every day. Maybe a different time slot would have been better suited for her show. How sad, how hilariously sad for Monique.

  51. L. Cotton in H-Town says:

    Good and memorable jingle..

    Mo real, more laughs, more love
    Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo
    Mo-nique nique, nique, nique, nique, in the afternoon, the Mo nique shoooowwwwww, a-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This is the Monique Show with my boy Sonny Andre… That’s what I missed hearing the most. I don’t know ’bout that Rodney dude. He need to go somewhere with his kindergarten comedy, cause he wasn’t funny, not even a little bit.

    So now, after this weekend I will never have to listen to the Monique Show without Sonny Andre and have to listen when the topics were inappropriate. Some of them were on point and did need to be discussed. However, she should have been on later in the evening after the kids are gone to bed if she wanna discuss adult topics.

    One of her topics was: “What you gonna do now”. So Monique, we, tthe Board of Directors want to know, what you gonna do now, call Sonny and apologize? Or call your producer and ask her what was on her mind and yours too, thinking that Rodney and Kim could replace Sonny Andre. Your ratings went down after that and you know it Mo.. So long, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo Mo-Nique.

    P.S. Where Sonny at. ha ha.

    P.S.S. Where Sonny at? Ahhhhhhh – Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

    We still wanna know!!!

  52. Lea says:

    I enjoyed the Mo’nique show when Sonny Andre was the co-host but the show seemed to go down hill when she picked up that rude Rodney Perry. He often cut callers off and I found him very rude. I often thought something underhanded went down when Sonny Andre was dropped without a word……sooo, as goes Sonny Andre so goes Mo’nique. What goes around comes around. Hello!!

  53. KESHA says:

    I am really missing Mo’nique’s radio show. There is absolutely NO quality radio stations in DC. It seems the moment someone steps OUT THE BOX and doesn’t follow ‘mainstream’ radio like Michael Baisden, or Tom Joyner they get shut down which really sucks. But what do you expect, there are always the haters, and the naysayers. Mo’nique I love you, your personality and demeanor are intoxicating and beautiful!! I wish that RADIO ONE would re-think some of their horrible business decisions.

  54. houston81 says:

    I can honestly say it doesnt matter to me rather or not Monique is still on radio.
    I prefer to see her onstage or in films. I listened to her sometimes but not faithfully.

    I truly belive that The Monique Show wouldnt have been canceled if Sonny was still there. What happened to him????? Rodney really made her show go downhill, and Kim wasnt as interesting.
    Some of her topics were very inappropriate to be on daytime radio. But some were also very enlightning

    Monique was pretty cool, but I must agree with some..she sends mixed messages sometimes. Its like she was trying to please everyone else.Monique told people what they WANTED to hear and not hat they NEEDED to hear. She just called it the “no judgement zone”. Please dont call on God and pray then seconds later say its ok to cheat on your husband or call females bitches. “No Judgment Zone”. You can still love people while giving Good Godly advice.

    The one show that really upset me is when she let that chick from Star Trek come on. She said that the Bible didnt mention that it was wrong to be homosexual. Well it clearly says it in the Bible( 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10) that it is wrong…. Monique just let her give WRONG information because she was just trying to be a people pleaser. That really turned me off.
    After that I really didnt care to much about the show.
    But she is great at ACTING!!!!

  55. Vanessa says:

    I hate that the Mo’nique was cancelled, I just found out, I thought she was on break or something, I still find myself waiting for her show to come on the radio,DAMN THIS SUCKS, no more laughter in the afternoon.
    Miss U Mo’nique!!!!

  56. Tanya Brown says:

    Don’t worry girlfriend I miss you but I know my Diva will be back.
    I looked forward to listening to you every day at 3.00. Things will work out hold your had up strong woman. I have faith in you.Love you Tanya.

  57. mostrealchristiansarehypocrits says:

    The MONIQUE show dealt with whats really going on in society, real issues. I wish I could a fly on a wall who never gets smashed, I would out ALL OF YOU FAKES!! A few of you talked about her christianity. I left the church after 18 years because I could not take the drama and fashion shows off the church. I bet you if the pastor said that you could no longer wear you “nice clothes” but dress as bums, every Sunday from now on, there would be no christians in the church! Most of you only go to church show off and then call each other talk who can’t afford to spend money that they really don’t have. (seen it with my own eyes and ears). Although her topics where a little mature they were real, and thats, that. SO ALL YOU HOLIER THAN THOU PEOPLE STEP BACK AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST SINNERS BECAUSE YOU ARE FAKE WITH IT.

  58. houston81 says:

    Seems like somebody has issues to deal with(mostrealchristiansarehypocrits)

    First of all, no one is judging Monique or anyone else. I was just personally saying dont send mixed messages. You can stand on what you believe and still love others and give good sound advice. NOBODY IS PERFECT.

    Yes there are some fake people in the church. I know because I am surrounded by them. However, I still stand on my values and I DIDNT stop going just because I didnt like what was happening. My faithfulness is to God NOT to people. So by Monique trying to please other people she was not being faithful to God. And thats what I didnt like about her. She told people what they WANTED to hear and not what they NEEDED. Even with the Sonny Andre situation she WAS NOT REAL.She couldnt even tell us what really happened to Sonny. Sonny stood up for what he believed in and didnt let her husband just talk over him. So she decided to fire him. God’s people ALWAYS win.(the real one’s) So now her show got canceled and Sonny is now doing great in New York.

    Dont get me wrong. I like Monique as an actress and commedianne, but NOT as a radio host. As a matter of fact I am already getting tickets for when she comes to Houston in June!

  59. Lerin says:

    i say that the Moinque Show was the best in the afternoons then any other radio show morning & afternoon moinque in the afternoon and Doug banks in the Mornings was the best

  60. Lerin says:

    radio show is not the same since Monique

  61. BWN SGR says:

    I LOOOOVED the Mo’Nique show. She was was very encouraging and motivating. She was always in the NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Jesus has not returned yet. He willbe comming back soon, but in the meantime, NO ONE IS PERFECT, with that being said, there are no perfect people here on Earth at this present time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and your opinion only matters to you. State your opinion without judgement and we can all get along!

  62. Adrienne says:

    Im so glad that she is off of the air!!! When I first heard the show I knew it would end quickly! For me it reminded me of little children playing on the radio! No skills, no valuable topics, didnt really play the music all the way through…
    It just didnt catch my attention anytime I listened too it. Her voice was very annoying and why did she have so many co-host???? Glad to see the show is off air…….prefer the music that plays on air here indianapolis now!!! I agree with majority of others who commented her mouth was the worst, yet she used Jesus/God so freely to make everything she was saying ok!!! Not cool!!!! Oh well with her show off of the air, we are definitely not missing a thing…..good luck to her and the crew.

  63. Danita Longmire says:

    I found myself looking for her show and didn’t realize it had been cancelled. It w is a sad day when a person can’t use there god -given right to speak their mind without people having something to say.If you were offended by the show them use you god -given right and common sense and change the channel, because there are some of us that like to listen to real talk and some of her topic gave insight to one’s self maybe that whyu those that complained didn’t like it like did liike to look in the mirror and see you not perfect as you think you are HATERS. Take care MO you will be missed

  64. Bryan says:

    I thought Mo did a fabulous job! She always had me laughing and thinking. They cancelled the wrong show…it should’ve been Michael Basin.

  65. LaShannda McClain says:

    why why why did you guys cancell her she was the best talk show there was out there….why…what happened…..she needs to come back we all gonna vote her back

  66. titphoine says:

    I leave in memphis tenn and never got a chance to here the monique show but america must realize that monique is a unique individual with her on style and grace and she does not need to change who she is because then she will not have been true to her self Monique needs to stay true to her self no matter what america feels. Hell nits always going to be some body that does not like the way you look

  67. shonnegyrl says:

    Man I loved the show they kept me listening and always left me wanting more. My husband couldnt stand here. But I loved her and she will truly be missed her and her husband and the rest of the gang!

  68. Cynthia says:

    First, anyone who goes to church on Sunday is worshipping the Sun god. Jesus asks to keep the Sabbath an Holy Convocation, and that he would be in the midst of those who worship on Saturday. But you see the streets full of people in churches on Sunday. I think that the world would be a better place if people would read their own bibles and not rely on their pastors to read them two or three passages a year. People, read your bibles, there will be a Lake of Fire for those who eat pork, etc… and for those who worship on Sunday. God is a jealous God. The Lord also asks us to keep the sabbath in his commandments that he wrote twice in stone. Ignorance is not bliss. Knowing your bible is.

  69. Toni says:

    I am so disappointed that this show is cancelled. Monique had a unique show that made you laugh. Especially on the way home in DC TRAFFIC!!! Now at 3pm I turn the radio off. AJW puts me to sleep. I didn’t like his show before Monique. I would rather ride home in silence than listen to the afternoon radio in DC now. Everyone over 30 doesn’t like M.B. and the other 2 hip hop stations give me a headache.

  70. DebraBarnes says:

    What the hell I just got here I just heard Wendy Williams say something like Monique had a show but I didn’t know if it was morning or afternoon I just started typing,I GET HERE ALL READY FOR SOME MONIQUE AND SHE IS NOT HERE I AM PISSED.HAD TO BE SOME CORNY a$s SUITS HAD TO BE.WELL I HOPE SOME OTHER SMART SUITS WHO HAVE SOME GOOD GOD COMMON SENSE WILL PICK HER UP. LOVE YOU MONIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Karen says:

    The show was only on in a few markets anyway and the major markets she began with like LA didn’t keep her but for a hot minute. The show sucked she doesn’t have a voice for radio and the fact that she did Sonny so dirty makes me not feel the least bit sorry for her.

  72. Estelle Duncan says:

    We in Mi. miss you like crazy.

  73. Uncle Rosy says:

    Now if we get rid of the rest of the minstrel show fools and deal with real topics that’s important to our community.I’m tired of this relationship stuff and the local people on radio in St.Louis{Tony Scott and Tammie} are doing it too.

  74. Uncle Rosy says:

    Now if we can get rid of the other black minstrel show host and deal with real topics that’s important to our community.I’m tired of this relationship stuff and the local people on radio in St.Louis{Tony Scott and Tammie} are doing it too.

  75. Kathy says:

    She will NOT be missed.. She is NOT a lady.. she needs to wash her month out with soap.. GOOD RIDENS!!!

  76. Diana D says:

    well Ms. houston81 you sound like a hypocrite to me. because wether or not Monique is on the air as a television host or acting, she still has the same filthy mouth. so my question to you why would you listen to her at all. you said all of that religious stuff and then at the end you said that you were going to go to one of her shows. that’s crazy! No one can judge anyone but God. he has the final say in all that we do. so sweep around your own front and back door!

  77. Erich Latham says:

    Kathy,Uncle Rosy,joe public, and adrienne no matter your race. Your all aweful ppl. This woman just lost her job and you acting like savages. The person who said Michael Basiden should be next is a jack a$s and a bigot at that. Take ya a$s to South Carolina next to dat flag and take a pic u F$$$$$g red neck. I am so tired of the white ppl trying to hold us african american back. But u know what i will be the leader and stand up for whats right . I will kill your sterotype i am black 27 yes and just receieved my medical degree from Saint John and will be completing my residency at UofM so many ppl think so little of blacks because of media but guess what it aint the truth. Illegial imigrant are the real tragedy a arab just left flint michigan and killed 5 black men for nothing and stabbed another 13 so who tells me who crazy.