Microvascular Angina:Toni Braxton Microvascular angina

Princess .P. | September 22, 2008

Microvascular Angina:Toni Braxton Microvascular angina

Microvascular Angina:Toni Braxton Microvascular anginaToni Braxton has revealed that she was diagnosed with Microvascular angina also called Coronary Microvascular angina.Despite the microvascular angina disease that starves parts of her boy of oxygenated blood and causes breathing problems,she is competing in Dancing With The Stars Season 7.Toni Braxton said:

“I am not thinking about my blood pressure although my doctor has been on me to check it during rehearsals, so I have to stop and check it.”“I’m competing with myself because I don’t want to be the victim because people will be like, ‘Toni has heart disease, oh she is a victim.’”

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  1. NIKOLA HASSEL says:

    MS. TONI BRAXTON I”m a victim of a heart disease also, i actually died four times. See we are not victims, we african american womens are strong and we are surviors. See i”m one of the survior . I wish i have enough time to tell u the whole story. It’s very said but i thank-god for giving me a second chance. Even though i wanted to give up! SEE i was tired of suffering. Toni it’s best to listen to the doctors and take their advice, i had the same problems of being out breathe. The doctors where i’m from told that there’s nothing wrong with me! everytime i walked i was constantly out of breathe. See we are not victims we are surviors. Please don’t care about what other people say, if anything they will be by your side. Just like my family and friends were. They sayings is true! “family that prays together stays together”!