Michelle Obama On McQueen Dress Drama

Jenny Roberts | February 1, 2011

It appears First Lady Michelle Obama can be the center of controversy just as much as her husband President Barack Obama, but in her case it’s a war of fashion!

The First Lady was recently the target of criticism from fashion mogul Oscar de la Renta who found it inappropriate for Ms. Obama to be wearing a dress from the Alexander McQueen clothing line which is a British company while at the state dinner with China’s President.

In addition the CFDA released it’s own statement regarding their disappointment in Ms. Obama’s choice of attire.

It’s reported that Ms. Obama responded to the misgivings with a quote saying, “Look, women, wear what you love. That’s all I can say. That’s my motto. I wear what I like because, I gotta be in the dress, so…”

It’s obvious the press is going to make merry with this fashion faux paux and considering the more serious issues at hand one wonders where the press and the celebs’ heads are at.

Ms. Obama has been direct and outspoken in the past but this time around her direct statement will surely shock her critics who will hopefully leave her and her closet alone.

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  1. Good People says:

    Good for her! Mr de la Renta’s toxic and misplaced criticisms are out of order and he should apologize to the First Lady. Volunteering these incendiary remarks was totally inappropriate.

  2. RJ says:

    No, he shouldn’t apologize to her. Sure, the dude’s kind of nutty but what he said wasn’t THAT bad.

    Anyway, Michelle Obama hasn’t done anything of any importance as first lady except wearing expensive clothes, so I think it’s only right that people comment on her outfits. Her wardrobe is the only reason she stays in the news.

  3. L. Lu says:

    Michelle Obama has the right to dress any way that she can afford to dress. why are you so critical of what our leaders do? Her wardrob is top fashion and worthy to be worn by such a lovely person. Its only drama if you make it that way.