Mel Gibson Racist Comments : N-Word Rant NAACP Response

Terry | July 2, 2010

Mel Gibson Racist Comments : N-Word Rant NAACP Response – Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend have had their issues during their separation. The two have battled out during their custody issues and continue to confront faces on the matter. However, Mel was regretful after he realized that he’d made a mistake recently.Mel Gibson was caught yelling racial remarks towards his girlfriend when they we’re arguing one evening after a heated debate.Mel Gibson had his eighth child, yes eighth, with his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. It’s no secret that the two have had their fair share of problems but they continually harass each other over the separation. It’s been a shocker to hear Mel use explosive racial anger towards Oksana.

Mel Gibson has a mouth that is not appropriate for children and he continuously uses that mouth when things get rough for him.
“You look like a f****** pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n******, it will be your fault.” A recording of Mel Gibson yelling this at his ex-girlfriend was released to the United States court to provide evidence during an on-going case for custody over their child. Eight month old Lucia still doesn’t have an answer for where she will be living. Clearly, Mel has some issues that need to be addressed before Lucia comes home. reported on the public scandal announcing that the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP was grilling Mel Gibson about his latest outburst.
Leon Jenkins, the President of the NAACP released his statement to Gibson saying: “It is unfortunate that a man of his statue and admiration, who has made his millions off of women, African-Americans and Jews harbor such racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic feeling against people who have admired and respected him for decades. An apology is insufficient given his history of racism, sexism and anti Semitism. He has set one of the worse examples for our young children and adults at a time when this country is making significant progress in moving toward a color-blind society. No amount of words will change his image as an out of date and out of control racist. Only a sustained period of positive acts can his legacy be redeemed.”

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  1. C. Cannon says:

    Mel Gibson ain’t nothing but dust like all of us. I wouldn’t let his words bother me because God said “life and death is in the power of the tongue and those that love it will eat of its fruit.” So, it’s just a matter of time for his words to come back to him to reap the friut of his mouth. Mel, you are speaking death to yourself. You are not a man of wisdom but a foolish one. You are wicked and evil and God said “evil shall destroy the wicked. Look it up in you Holy Bible. You better repent because of your offensiveness to the Lord.

  2. LADYNAY says:

    i listen to the recording and it’s true a person can sh*t from his mouth.

  3. ScumbagJack says:

    Mel is the victim of a rotting soul, full of hate full of bitterness and racial contempt. Let him self destruct, he had a choice.