Meagan Good Rolling Out Magazine Photos

Princess .P. | March 21, 2008

Meagan Good
Meagan Good Rolling Out Magazine Pictures

Here are some pictures of Meagan Good featured in the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine.Good did an interview with the magazine where she revealed that she has created her own production company called Freedom Bridge Entertainment with partners Ty Hodges, Tamara Bass and Marlon Olivera.Here is what Good said:

“We created this company, Freedom Bridge, to basically serve as the bridge to … freedom to do the type of movies that we wanted to do,”“We don’t want to be stereotyped, and made to play the typical characters that we have played in our past. We also wanted to create an avenue for others actors to get work as well. For me personally though, this was important because I wanted us to bring a type of film to the public that has a message and a story that’s not just about making money and making a huge blockbuster film. We are making independent films that have substance, that mean something to you, and that warm your heart. Our first film is Miles From Home, which Ty Hodges wrote, directed and co-starred in with me. I personally think that the project is wonderful, and I want to go on record to tell the world just how talented I think Ty is. I don’t want to call him the next Spike Lee, because I don’t think he’s the next anything, but he’s just that brilliant. I feel honored that we’re working together.”

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