Mary Harvey: Steve Harvey Infidelity Is Rape To Me

Imogen G. | January 31, 2011

The War of Words being very publicly waged by Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey has continued to intensify even as the comedian has repeatedly claimed her accusations are fabricated.

Mary Harvey appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Monday where the host – who is a friend of Steve Harvey’s – attempted to get her to move on. But Mary Harvey wasn’t hearing it and continued to air her dirty laundry in an even more public venue this time.

The couple has been divorced since 2005 and Steve Harvey remarried alleged mistress Marjorie Bridges.

In the past month, Mary Harvey has posted several videos on the popular sharing site YouTube in which she rants about Steve Harvey’s alleged cheating. Mary Harvey told Joyner she broke her silence because it was causing her health problems.

When Joyner tried to defend his friend, Mary Harvey said any good deeds done don’t excuse the poor treatment of his own family.

“…From a victim standpoint, it’s like saying to someone who was raped and had not had closure from his attacker that he’s still doing some good,” Mary Harvey said.

When Joyner object to her use of the rape analogy, she responded: “Its rape to me.”

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  1. Lanet says:

    “whatever is done in the dark will come to the like”.
    “You will reap what you sow”.
    Just because we change our lives for the better does not mean that we are transformed without the scars. Our scars are a reminder of what we were delivered from. It is those scars that give us our testimony.
    If Steve Harvey has not closed the door of his past properly, if he has not apoligized he should do what is right.

  2. Mary says:

    Mary Harvey has finally spoken what should have been said long ago and I am glad she did….16 years of marriage and thats the thanks that you get. It reminds me of waiting to exhale. She helped that man build his business and thats the thanks she gets, no remorse. To take their son Winton into another relationship, whats he teaching his son, be like me. I pray that you continue to expose men who do this to their families….I have no respect for him, because he did not give you the dignity that you deserve.

  3. Sunshine says:

    I’ve often wondered how did Steve Harvey get to be the spokes person on relationships. What a joke? I didn’t care for how he displayed himself (Mr. Relationship), before this came out. Now, I clearly do not care for his conversations about relationships. Talking about calling the kettle black, he’s a real joke!!!!


    IT’S AMAZING HOW HATERS CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ONE THEY R HATIN ON TO BE EXPOSED……….NOTTTTTTTTTTTT. She is a bitter woman who is upset her husband moved on and found a woman with looks and class. She asked for the divorce so take your angry a$s on. I’m sick of Ex’s who get what they ask for (a divorce). Most women have been cheated on so cut your losses and do you. No one ever thinks of the children only their selfish asses. One thing no parent can do except a female is turn a child on their parent. What court grants a father custody NONE…So her ish is not as innocent as yalls dumb asses think. YOU GO STEVE HARVEY MUCH LOVE……..The devil had your past but GOG has got your future bless you,Marjorie and your children……….

  5. Sincere says:

    To Marjorie: I don’t know either of you…However, I would like to say keep your head up girl!…and always remember what someone else does to you is their Karma and how you respond to it is your’s!!!!…He will get his at the end of the day!!!….I just hope and pray that you and your son will reunite someday…much love to you….I truely understand your pain..It’s not about the other woman it’s about closure…Steve do the right thing!!!….. .enough said!!! …he will get his in the end!!!!……………