Mariah Carey Photos Without Makeup

Princess .P. | May 7, 2008

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Honeymoon Photos

Mariah Carey with no makeup was pictured on her honeymoon with her husband Nick Cannon on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas yesterday.Carey e-mailed her friend Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley to tell him how happy she is.Andre said:

“I received an e-mail from her (Monday) and she is so happy. She really sounds like someone on her honeymoon,” “I didn’t have time to offer her any style tips.”

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  1. zandria says:

    she still looks the same with or without make up she’s just pretty any way so whats their to prove. sometimes celebrities might not want to put make up on everyday and she looks like she just got out of the bed so who is gone be sleeping with make up on their face.

  2. Maji says:

    I think that mariah carey looks much much younger im her number one fan and even if she was old she would look at least 20 years old. At first thought i thought she was like 20 or somehting but i checked out her age and she came to be 40!WOW! so hey Mariah Carey and kept it up with the looks

  3. Ty says:


    Not pretty at all in her new movie.

  4. High Max says:

    She still looks lovely, with or without. Whats the big deal? no one really wakes up with full make up on, or can keep it on all day everyday. She is a real person not a doll. Grow up.. Stars are real people

  5. High Max says:

    To keep good skin, a women must remove her make up and not sleep in it.. A face and body must relax and get air. The face must rest with only creams on it
    so the skin can drink and relax

  6. jennifer says:

    mariah carey looks like s$$t without out makeup!!!
    she so ugly that if a demon goes in her to get it out all she has to do is look at her reflection..

  7. NICK says:

    i agree, she reminds me of my explosive s$$t that febreeze couldnt help. she looks so old and wrinkley her spider webs have wrinkles.

  8. ashley says:

    she looks like shitwithout makeup
    she looks so ugly that if she had a demon inside her all she’ll have to do to take it out is look at her reflection.
    she looks so bad that if winnie the pooh sees her he’ll s$$t honey.

  9. ashley says:

    she looks so bad that if winnie the pooh sees her he’ll s$$t honey.

  10. Andy says:

    She still looks beautiful without makeup

  11. vivica says:

    mariah carey is beautieful the way she is you all should just leave her alone you ALL are probably jealous of her looks and style i love mariah carey i go on the computer every day just to hear her sing and mariah carey if you are reading this right now ignore the roomers and think posative i love mariah carey and im only in the 5th grade and im doing this i mean what is the BIG deal you dont wanna wear makeup to bed so what I FEEL YA I LOVE MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!! and im one of your number one fans

  12. rosalyn says:

    That’s b$$$h it ugly

  13. lesli says:

    She is ugly as hell what. R u thinking nick yukeeeeee

  14. mike says:

    she alright to me

  15. kade says:

    i think that she does not really look bad without makup because i like her the way she is and i dont care what other people say because i am a 10 year old and i really dont thik she lookes bad.

  16. nisara says:

    i think she hot 4 a 40 year old i mean how many 40 year olds have u seen look like that………..i mean like every body makes a big deal about how stars look but their fame comes cuz of their talent…..dont get me wrong looking good 2 is a definate heads up but the ugly always gets seen…..but she dont look half bad……~>

  17. Taylor says:

    Mariah Carey looks the same with makeup on so all you ppl who hatin on her stfu,, And last time I checked when was Mariah a female dog. Okay , so why are yall hatin on her are yall jealous of her or something,, so just stfu.. Im bout tired of yall hatin on her she is not ugly at all she is so pretty.. she probably look better than all yall who talkin bout her

  18. Anjelica says:

    Mariah Carey Is Beautiful LAdy With Or Without Her Make Up. Yall People Need To Look In The Mirror Yall Selves. Then The Bad Part Yall Talkin Bout Mariah Yall Using Jokes Thats Not Even Funny They Are Lame As f$$k. So Yall Niggas/Bitches Needs To Shut Up.

  19. shan says:

    those pics aren’t close ups so i personally cant tell if shes really that pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bert W says:

    She’s always been friggin’ ugly as sin. Nice body, butterface.

  21. barbie says:

    she still looks the ssame without her makeup she is natural beauty

  22. antolique says:

    mariah carey is damn beautiful with or without makeup i dont know y ull h8ers so h8fl coz she better than u nd ur hole fam and she better than ur ex and ur next so stop hating mariah im her number1 fan and im lyk only 14 years old s$$t i dont lyk being rude but f$$k all u bitches and stop hating