Madea’s Big Happy Family Trailer: New Tyler Perry Movie Teaser

Olivia SA | February 10, 2011

Tyler Perry recently announced that he would be debuting a new film, called “Madea’s Big Happy Family”.

The film will follow the story of the same family involved in the other “Madea” films. A trailer was recently released for the film, and although there is not much of the plot revealed in the trailer, Madea herself is called “everyone’s favorite wise-cracking, take-no-prisoners grandma.”

This movie is going to follow the last Madea family film, “Madea Goes to Jail”. This film will revolve around the crazy grandma who decides to jump in when her niece, Shirley, find out devastating news and tries to gather her family around to tell them about it.

However, Tammy, Kimberly, and Byron, Shirley’s three adult children, are too focused on themselves to take a moment out to comfort their mother.
Therefore, Madea enlists the help of Aunt Bam to bring the family together and to try to make things right.

This involves the rambunctious grandmother employing her most well-known tricks, bringing lots of tough love and secrets to the table. The film will feature Tyler Perry in his signature role as Madea. The film is set to debut in the United States on April 22.

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  1. branazjah says:

    mgoin to see this movies