Lisa Raye’s Husband Michael Misick Dating Eddie Murphy Ex Wife Nicole Murphy ?

Princess .P. | October 30, 2007

It is being reporting that Lisa Raye’s husband, Turks and Caicos premier Michael Misick, attended the opening of the Mediterranean Village at Sandals’ Grande Antigua resort with none other than Eddie Murphy ex wife Nicole Murphy.

Nicole is said to be a mutual friend of the couple, however witnesses said the two were very close at the opening event, which LisaRaye did not attend.
Sources say:

“Our spies say the premier’s bodyguard made sure there were no photos taken of the two,”
“And he did a great job: neither WireImage, the event’s official photographer, nor ‘Access Hollywood,’ who did a segment on the launch, mentioned either of them being there.”

Michael Misick and Nicole Murphy were also seen being very friendly and kisses were exchanged between the two.

A rep for LisaRaye said:

“Nicole is a good friend, and she and Michael were both there for an event but not together.”

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  1. viola says:

    This misick is the worse garbage yet to come out of the caribbean. it seems he intends to date her single black startlet with money he can to enrich his cow pasture kingdom. Wake up fools, how much proof do you need that the american haters mean you no good.

  2. lily says:

    listen here you fool thats the premier of my country but still he wrong but dont say he caribbean trash becuz we down here can kick ya a$s

  3. bveatz says:

    Any garbage that comes from the Caribbean is twice as better than anything good from America…learn that..we are miles a head of you in dignity……we dong hate America but we disdain ignorant people like you…

  4. goldn7 says:

    first of all, we need to be clear about the characteristics of certain cultures. caribbean men have a sexist womanizing streak that runs about as long as the islands that they call home. american women get the flack because we speak up for ourselves which then gets cast as having a big mouth. If we see it and don’t like it, then you know it, point blank. The idea of a country or islands of women supporting a man when it is clear that he’s a womanizer just because he chose to marry an american woman is what I call ignorant. As a Black American Female, I love my country and its very apparent that regardless of what the “others” say, its crystal clear that they love the country as well because if they didn’t they’d go back home to the country that’s filled with dignity and poverty if not for tourism! Most islanders seem to have forgotten that their governments are corrupt as well with at the most 20% of their entire population splitting the wealth amongst themselves or being out right controlled by the British! I travel around the world and I go to islands for the sun, the water and the food not the poverty, third world conditions, low budget fashion sense, or the seemingly sex starved mongrel men. I’m sick and tired of having to be beat in the head with Caribbean Patriotism while the Caribbeans are here in the US. If you love what you consider your home, do us all a big a$s favor please”GO BAHK SEEN!”

  5. brownsuga08 says:

    in regards to LISA RAYE I am a huge fan. She is only going through what women have been going through for centuries. It’s just that ,she is a famous actress and things are no longer private. The press and everyone just needs to leave her alone, and let her deal with this on her own. GOOD LUCK

  6. Edward E Smith, PhD says:

    I am somewhat amazed of some of the trashy statements athat are made here on this site. Be it as it may. But I fell compelled to clear the air on a few things. First Michael Missick, the Premier of the Turks and Caicos is only human and being human comes with thoughts, habits and action that is not always pleasing to us all; but he is himself and has his owwn habits and attributes. That is NOT like all Turks and Caicos Islanders.
    I am suprised of the womanizing, especially when there are ‘rumors” that the man is of preferred sex choice; on ewonders if that is a “cover”. But I must admit that he has good choices, luck or chance as it may!
    As far as being from afar and making unkind statement about this country is ignorance; let us put that to rest. I myself with a PhD can not or would not be allowed to return home and take a comparable position there. We are still like crabs in a barrel, you will not get out before me and if you do get out evn if you want to come back, you will like be allowed to witout great sacrifice. That is waht we call ‘island mentality” and we must get over it.
    The woman. I am sure that there am many beautiful black women in the world but they all are NOT real. Most and let me repeat, MOST black women want to be like blue eye Sally; the wigs, the weaves, the tatoos. And it would not look too bad if it was wig or weave with kinks; then it lease it would look like a black person hair. But no, it MUST be steams of horse tails streaming down all the way to the knees. That is a Black woman want to be a WHITE woman. It is not to be sistas. White women want to get bigger *SSES and Black women want to get longer HAIR.
    Very sad.
    American women speak up more beacuse the system affords fredom of expression not because they are smarter than other women. So dismiss that thought. All person shpuld have freedom.
    Do not forget to vote!

  7. somebody says:

    i’m getting so sick of u caribbeans. yall are not better or far ahead of americans.and bveatz and lily, u can take ur dumb a$s back to the caribbean if u think that ignorant GARBAGE! and how can u kick someone’s a$s if they’re on the computer. i’d like to see u come over here.i agree with goldn7 .speaking of caribbean trash, how’s rihanna been doing lately?

  8. George from Miami says:

    I think this is a prime example , that the WILLIE LYNCHE LETTERS ARE ALIVE AND WELL !!!!!!!!!!!! We as people are always at eachothers throat . PEACE

  9. George from Miami says:

    Read the bio on willie lynche . Where he came from ? and what impact hes having on all of us today ?

  10. beautiful says:

    lisa-raye is one american gold diggin b$$$h, all she wanted mike for was his money, and those of you that don’t beleive so, get with it.
    she was setting him up from the begginning, he should of married one of his native woman and he would’nt have to worry about her leaving. but what kind of behavier you expect from a stripper lol.

  11. A succesful fine African American Woman says:

    Beautiful, SHUT UP you sound very stupid. Why would she want to use ANYBODY for money when she has her own. As a matter of fact, she made Mr-Sir Misick because nobody had ever heard of him until she married him. I had NO IDEA what the heck the TURKS and CAICOS Island was until SHE, LISA-RAYE married that man. You can’t even see the island on the google map unless you specifically type in the name and en-large. Most of “YOU” people are just mad and jealous that he selected a fine African American woman to suit his fancy. Meanwhile you hideous, flock of vultures have to cut, stalk and do roots to achieve your ‘DREAM MAN’, who is nothing more than an island goat. GO BACK TO YA YARD! if you don’t like it. You have done nothing but come to this country with your filthy attitudes and ridiculous mannerism, kissed up, cheated your way through society. You are the WORST dam nurses in the hospitals. Can barely understand what you are saying with your NO-TALKING, BROKEN LANGUAGE SPEAKING SELVES, THREE DAY OLD CURRY SMELLING IGNORANCE. As soon as you spot an African American woman ya kiss up ya teet and puff out ya mout with ya rambuncious behavior. Basicly, he used her to get himself into the lime-light. Typical monkey scheeming Islander, which is what ”YOU” people do best. Use African Americans to get to the top of your tree then you monkey your way to the next one. Just wait until white folks start throwing bananas at your behinds. Once a dam NANNY, always a DAM NANNY. Don’t you have some white babies to take to the park? I

  12. Jay from Las Vegas, Nevada says:

    where is my post?

  13. KENESHIA says:


  14. Asanteron says:

    All you monkey a$s bitches should shut the f$$k up.l use to feel sorry for a woman when she gets abused by a man but honestly,women being the source of all evil & messengers of the devil can die for all l care,l dont give a f$$k coz they love men who rape them,abuse them,use them & destroy them.That Lisaraye chic followed that n$$$a for the money coz these are fame-hungry bitches & all bitches are the same & thats why they are bitches.Most rich guys lie a lot & all you rich muthafuckers know l’m telling the truth.The more money,the bigger the lie & thats what you bitches LOVE so when a speaker of the truth arrives,them bitches shun him.She’s very sad to divorce the guy coz he’s a god in his fucked up lsland & coz he got money.These lsland muthafuckers who do drug like s$$t…where that n$$$a got his money from?Lisaraye wanna tell us niggaz that all her life,she aint fucked some sweet guy?but coz this gold-digging bitches-like vultures wait for the big boy to settle down for his money so f$$k you all bitches & f$$k you.If she found out that n$$$a’s doing drug,she wont inform the police.The only time a b$$$h comes snitchin on your a$s is when she aint part of the s$$t.F$$$$$g lsland with snakes & bad wicked reptiles….drug dealers,rapist & s$$t……f$$k you all……f$$k the lsland,f$$k that n$$$a mismick or what the f$$k they call him & f$$k Lisa F$$$$$g RAYe J!!!!!!!!!

  15. Asanteron says:

    l’m waiting on you silly a$s bitches to hit at me…c’mon,bring it on….where y’all at bitches?The world is CHAOTIC today coz of you silly a$s hoes otherwise BITCHES.Many are in jail today….why?…a b$$$h…many are dead..why?…a b$$$h….many are gone bananas…why?…a F$$$$$g b$$$h…& them bitches still wont quit their s$$t…..niggaz do drug..its a b$$$h….niggaz rob….its a damn b$$$h…niggaz kill…its a F$$$$$g b$$$h…..they gotta pay bills…they gonna have to pay some b$$$h’s bills…..f$$k BITCHES…INCLUDING YOU LISA!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tiffany Jones says:

    Wow man you sound soooo gay! and confused.
    You are a b$$$h if you let chicken heads fool you into thinking all females are like that.
    It makes me wonder if you ever ever been exsposed to a real woman?
    What kind of mom did you have? (wow Sweetheart).
    You b$$$h better than my mom dawg!

    Men are supposed to be reasoning beings not as emotionally driven as females and the ones driven solely by emotion are the ones we call bitches just like you! No reasoning!


  17. Lady j says:

    U are one of the most ignorant and uneducated muthafuckas in life any grown a$s man who blames a woman for their problems is a fuckin punk and u must have had a real piece of s$$t mother to have such ill feelings for women the ones who bring life to the world the same thing that brought you into the world or did you forget but you must take it in the a$s cause how you feel about women i hope you wouldnt have the nerve to try in sleep with one and how the f$$k is lisa raye a gold digger you dumb muthafucka she rich on her own he used her for his own personal gain didnt nobody no misick until lisa raye so who used who get an education and read about what really happened cause he got her for money she didnt get him and lisa raye you get much love in my city my brothers and cousins love you so no need to worry about ignorant people like him asanteron or j whoever u are ur a b$$$h

  18. Tiffany Jones says:

    Thank You Lady J,

    When it comes to keeping it real, it is so nice to know ur not alone!

    We as humans, have to understand that no one is perfect, and or job is to try
    to be as right as possible in the mist of balanceing all, (mental, emotion,
    physical, social, spiritual, and yes, financial.)

    Princess Lisa, I’m proud of you for I know that you can hang in there, only if you
    are one to keep it real, and you do! I look forward to watching you dust off your
    shoulders, and continue to be a true strong woman! People like that are what
    our elders call simple minded. God put us here for
    he whom has an ear to hear and an eye to see what is true.
    Most are blinded by thier hearts and own guiltiness.
    Why judge in the first place? Who are we? Quit PLayin! Life is full of shizzle!
    We surprise ourselves and yes for sure other do too!
    The real problem in this world is its great lack of respect for each other and
    more so women! Only the weak prey on what they consider the weak!
    Keep your head up and represent you for us! who needs haters?

  19. ReddBoneGal says:

    How about this….they were both WRONG! He’s a cheater and she’s a gold digger…and a real hood one at that. Lisa Raye used to be on a reality show a few years ago about actors/actresses that were struggling to get jobs. I can’t remember the name of the show but it was a few years after Player’s Club. All I can say is that she was ignorant as hell and thought her sh!t didn’t stink. That’s why she was struggling to get jobs because people didn’t want to deal with her nasty attitude. How you gonna roll up in the auditions acting like a diva when you’re BROKE, not famous and a bad actress…..4REAL?? The night that her and her ex husband got in that fight at the mansion, she’s the one that bum rushed up in there with her cousin even though she didn’t live there anymore. She was only in town for divorce proceedings. So what would you do if your ex tried to force their way into your house? I’m not defending him for cheating or being a womanizer, but I just wish that people would stop trying to treat Lisa Raye like she’s Maya Angelou. That chick ain’t no angel and she’s just mad cause she finally met her match…it’s called KARMA baby!

  20. They Are Crazy says:

    ReddBoneGal on October 1st, 2009 12:09 am

    Totally agree. They were BOTH wrong and BOTH had their motives and agendas. And I’m sure Lisa Raye had her motives for staying with such a man and not leaving the minute she found out about his outside kids, having babies with every other woman, constant and open womanizing, rampant corruption, and doesn’t the list go on and on and to cap it off a rape case. He didn’t seem to be worried or concerned she would ditch him. I still wonder why he felt so free to really act the fool and be such an embarassment? And why got to where he dumped her and even then she seemed to want to get back in there. She really didn’t seem eager to leave this piece of work..was it him or the life she was fighting to stay attached to? It was a grand lifestyle the two of them where living up in there thanks to his corruption and shady dealings. Better than she had even in Hollywood at her medium level of fame. Guess she really was willing to put up with whatever to be in that Head of State residence with that life. And yes he did use her to promote himself and his agendas. But I think she was okay with it just along as it was contributing to increasing and affording her the grand lifestyle she was getting out of it. He seems to have let power go right to his head and he thought he could quite literally do and get away with anything under the sun. Lisa Raye even though she only lived on the island for what? two years? and only ever moved there to be his wife was saying she planned on staying there as it is her home. Didn’t she live in the States for the whole of her 40 years of life prior to that? She was still referring to herself as first lady after they were split and she was off the island. Sounds like she had some difficulty letting it go so easy. The importance and status. She clearly has advantages of being a big fish in a small pond over there and being treated much better than she could dream of being treated back in Hollywood where she had several times drifted into obscurity and had only ever peaked at C or D-list level. Her career had picked up a bit but she wasn’t Halle Berry at the time she left to get married let’s face it. She wasn’t anywhere near A-list and wasn’t ever going to get there. But on that island I’m sure she was treated as near royalty.

    However I don’t care if she burst into the former residence to confront him. She would probably do that if she felt wronged, which clearly she seemed to. No man should hit a woman. Walk away. But they both sound like such tremendously tacky individuals. Getting in marital brawls in front of cabinet ministers. Is that how y’all do it out in the Carribean? The people you call your Premier and First Lady acting like an episode of the Jerry Springer show in public. Ridiculous. It’s like a joke. But there it was HIM who is definately in the wrong. Hitting a woman? No man regardless of who he is should ever be doing that. Very immature. And just wrong plain and simple.

    Is it just me or does the fact he is not above getting violent, physically assaulting a woman and beating her lend to his regard towards women? Would he be above sexually assaulting a woman if that basic lack of respect for women seems to be in place? Is it impossible?

  21. NaturalChocolatebrownsister says:

    Why are all of us carribbeans and african americans fighting and complaning and putting each other down, Over to motha fu-as who don’t give a damn about any of us. They both used each other and got what they deserve. A nasty ball of sh*t and drama. We should be uplifting each other as black people and tring to help each other achieve.

  22. woo says:

    LisaRaye is a gold digger .A lot of time when you want something for nothing you end up with nothing .Now he is pulling money out your pockets $6999.00 a month. Who’s pimping who.If you are not a big dog you need to stay on the porch. On her reality show she comes out of her own mouth and said she wants someone that is rich. she’s a gold digger!!! She haven’t learned yet. She thinks her looks can carry her (not so) If that was the case her husband would not have cheated on her. The marriage was going to fail from the start because she was in it for the wrong reasons( $$). she is not even a good actress. Almost anyone can strip and shake there -ss.Next time before you check out the bank account get to know the person and check out his background. After all this man has done she still wanted to work it out with him or work it out with his money. thats a true gold digger!

  23. mzbossy says:

    RedBOnegal you’re soo right, n NaturalChoclateBrownsister you’re right also…THEY BOTH USE EACHOTHER AND GOT WHAT THEY WANTED AND DESERVE but for the others if you read and hear facts about this s$$t then you wouldnt sound soo ingnorant…LIsa-Raye is a gold diggin b$$$h she thought by dating Micheal Missick of the Turks and Caicos Island she would of get what she wanted, But who got s$$t in the end? Her, Before Micheal Missick ran for premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands he had money..& a successful fine african woman the reason why you’ll dumb a$s cant see THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS on map because we are a SMALL COUNTRY(STUPID b$$$h) and No hunni she selected a FINE TCI Islander because her BROKE a$s was seeing DOLLAR SIGNS…An’t nothing were taken away from HIM but alot was taken away from HER……….Say what you’ll want about the MY Premier nothing will bring him down and he is INNOCENT until proven Guilty

  24. mzbossy says:

    A Sucessful Fine African Woman, I am a Proud Turks and Caicos Islander and am also proud of the way we Speak, If your dumb a$s went to school and pass with A’s you will know or should know that Every STATE, COUNTRY & ISLAND has their own LANGUAGE and WAY OF SPEAKING….STUPID LIL h$e lol lol…Think before you place your lil dirty fingers on the keyboard to type your words OK?

  25. mzbossy says:

    Sooo True Woo

  26. crunchy95 says:

    man dat n$$$a he broke and ugly.. man he a cheater any way he just b dating these rich chicks just to get there mother F$$$$$g money cause he f$$k a$s anit making none .. so he decide to use my DOG LISA RAYE SO HE COULD TAKE MONEY FROM HER . IN SINCE HIS SORRY a$s ANIT GET PAYED ANOF ON THAT SHITY a$s ISLAND.. AND ALL THE OTHER CHICKS DUMB ANY WAY CAUSE HER USE THE ASSES JUST FOR A MOTHER F$$$$$g 1 NITE STAND AND WWEN HE GET THE a$s PREGO THEY GOINA B ASKING HIS a$s FOR MOEY AND HE GOINA B ACTING MOTHER FUKING STUPID

  27. Border says:

    Y’all need to get a life…Lisa Raye is a muthafu**ingb*tch.A has been that never really was

  28. Beverly says:

    Ok, I personally believe that all these comments are ignorant as this kind of situation is not the first to happpen nor is it going to be the last. We are all living in diverse cultures so lets not get things twisted as we all love other countries outside of where we are from so stop slinging insults like you know what you are talking about …but if you do sling insults then I am going to assume that you have never been abroad before and have never experienced life in another country or if you have you are ethnocentric and that is the reason why you feel the way you do. Now as for Michael and LisaRaye Misick none of us were present when they met nor do we know the truth of what really happened between them while they were together so to sit in judgment in a negative way about who’s being the opportunist everyone need to but out, mind your business because am pretty sure that none of us are without skeletonst. LET’S GET REAL NOW!, WE ARE ALL USERS IF THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF! We are all waiting and looking for it! Now if you can’t say anything positive or nice then shut up and keep moving this is not your business they don’t need mine or your input on how we feel they should handle their affairs and whether or not you like them. Go look at yourself in the mirror and see what is there. Oh, and please proof read before posting your comments because if you cannot write properly then you should not sit in judgment of others.

  29. paula says:

    He was a conman