Lauryn Hill Pregnant

B. Honaist | October 15, 2007

The queen of hiphop soul Lauryn Hill is pregnant with her fifth child.

Lauryn is reportedly married to founder of Tuff Gong ,Rohan Marley whom is also the son of the legendary Bob Marley although no legal evidence of the union has ever surfaced.
By the looks of things Hill will most likely be a single parent because her supposed husband is currently residing in Africa,Ethiopia to be precise.

Nonetheless her friends are revealing that she is very happy to be pregnant and was longing to have a baby in her home again.
The ex fugee singer and her alleged husband have four children – 10-year-old Zion, nine-year-old Selah, five-year-old Joshua, and four-year-old John .
Additionally Marley has two unacknowledged children from a previous marriage.

Curiously enough Lauryn’s MySpace page lists her as “Lauryn Hill-Marley”, and states she is “married to the man who completes my whole life, Rohan Marley”, whereas Rohan makes no reference to the singer, and lists his status as single.

Wyclef Jean stated few months ago that Lauryn needed seek psychiatric treatment for her strange behavior.

He said:

“Lauryn Hill, Mrs. Hill, The Hill, should go see a psychiatrist – period. Just seek help. At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.”

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  1. Isaac Amoo Otoo says:

    i loved Lauren Hill with the fugees and i expected her to marry a responsible man because she was very descent but now Rohan turns her down. and i think she needs someone to comfort her now. i still loved and feel her

  2. EB says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!! Her lyrics and life stories are are so touching. I feel that they relate to me in some kind of way. I love ALL her songs. I would definitely be very shocked to see her perform or even jus get a chance to see her doin nothing. I love this woman’s style and way of thinking . I always told myself I was goimg to name my first born son after hers ” Zion” just so I can sing that precious song entitled ” Zion” to him. Lauryn hill i love you:)

  3. Sunni says:

    Lauryn is to be commended for turning her back on superficial “Hollywood” values -materiality and engaging on a path of introspection and the pursuit of truth. Individuals who undertake this path are always considered ‘crazy’..
    when we leave this world all we have is the essence of our souls…all the jewels,furs,and cars turn to so much dust…
    She is to be commended for her courage. May God Bless you Lauryn with the illumination of a thousand suns…

  4. Wontung... says:

    STOP HATEIN YAAAL… LET HER BE! She is more than you will eva b. Mrs Hill-Marley is grounded, sensible, deeply in love with the father of her children and a committed mother and home maker. Y should she take their children out of the States and educate them in Ethiopia? Right – doesn’t make sense! I commend her for her strength of character against the odds. I respect her decisions to dedicate to her family and the legacy of the man she loves and who – despite the haters – obviously loves her. My only wish is that she continues to create inspiring, uplifting music for us because without her the music scene is missing a queen! STAY BLESSED EMPRESS. Love and Blessins. Aluta Continua!

  5. Doorkas says:

    Ms. Hill-Marley is a legendary musical genius… She is commited to her beliefs. May God bless her & her familly; may He lead her on the path He chose for her…

  6. Aww says:


  7. Deborah L. H says:

    There has been none as powerful as you Lauryn; Lyrically blessed the message that you are sending is great. No matter where your life may be right now at this point you are totally blessed. When I here how people are constantly hating on you, I have no choice but to think of how the Hated on our Savior and then they killed him. Don’t feel bad baby I am more than sure you have a crown waiting for you in our eternal home.

  8. KIM L. says:

    I really like Lauryn’s music and really enjoyed her in Sister Act 2. But to see a picture of her now it’s like Wow! what happened. The new man in her life is dragging her life down. I truly hope that her kids are safe

  9. etsub metaferia says:

    Oh, Mrs Lauryn Hill, my God thank you for your fabulous, fantastic, unforgettable, loving, …etc performance on May 7, 2011 at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans. You rock Mrs Hill, I would love to take a picture of you but couldn’t due to the crowd. Very, very, very nice job. God Bless you and your family. THANKS YOU FOR MAKING MY LUCKY DAY. Take care.