Kobe Bryant Turkish Airlines Deal: Los Angeles Armenians Outrage

Zoe EB | December 21, 2010

The recent deal that Kobe Bryant made with a Turkish airline has ignited a fire in the Armenian community in Los Angeles that is getting harder and harder for the basketball super star to ignore.

Although he has not officially commented on the controversy just yet, there is no doubt that Bryant has heard about the stir that his deal with the airline has been making.

There has been quite a bit of drama recently regarding the almost legendary feud that Armenian people have against the Turkish because of what they call a genocide that occurred years ago.

There are definitely quite a few Armenian Lakers fans that are not going to be supporting Bryant until he gets out of the deal that he just made with the Turkish airlines, simply because they have been feuding with the Turks for years.

Many of the Armenian Lakers fans say that they want him to drop the deal completely because of how offensive it is to those who are in this small yet very tightly knit community of people.

The Armenian Youth Federation said that by signing the deal Bryant is totally disregarding the feelings of the entire Armenian community and that has offended many people.

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  1. Kirakosyan says:

    Armenians came to Los Angeles and the United States because of the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey in 1915. Kobe representing the country that massacred 1.5 million Armenians and now denies ever doing it is ridiculous and hypocritical of Kobe who regularly supports human rights values around the world. its simply this: Kobe represents the city of Los Angeles which is home to millions of Armenians. His deal with Turkey undermines the struggles and tears of a very sizable group of his fans against Turkey. Turkey clearly (proven historically and logically with the Armenian Diaspora) committed genocide and now denies it. OBVIOUSLY Armenians would cry foul…. obviously… and Kobe definitely should back off this deal and officially recognize the Armenian Genocide himself. It would be a huge and positive step for human rights and is a a strong moral statement against Turkey’s violations of human rights. Human rights violations should NEVER be forgotten/accepted/ignored. That is EXACTLY what Kobe’s deal with Turkey does. It forgets Turkey’s horrific violations and murders, accepts Turkeys actions of committing genocide followed by denying it to escape it, and ignores Turkeys God-awful violations and mass murders.

  2. Billy says:

    How about telling us what the details of the deal are. . . .

  3. Hufington says:

    Do any of those armenian people know or care about the truth? They are talking about an alleged genocide, which never took place by the way, and threatening an American basketball player to drop his deal with the Turkish Airlines based on hearsay. This is a business deal, which has nothing to do with any armenians or historical events.
    Armenian terrorists (backed secretly by the armenian governments) have killed many innocent Turkish diplomats throughout the years, talking about the so-called genocide and justifying their terroristic acts with something they themselves cannot even prove. Killing innocent people, threatening individuals, and terrorizing anyone that has a relationship with Turkey or Turks is not a good solution to receive recognition. If Kobe Bryant has balls, he should stand behind his signature and respect his contract.

  4. SAS says:

    Does Kobe Bryant need the permission of the Armenian community to associate himself with Turkish Airlines ?

    Does he need the permission of the Jewish community to sign a contract with Arab airlines ?

    What if he were to do business with a Japanese airline ? Would he need to clear it with Los Angeles’s sizeable Korean community ?

    The point is, ethnic lobbies are entitled to lobby as they please, but they are clearly overstepping their rights when they bully individuals outside their own communities for their own vested political interests. California’s Armenians are acting as though the whole world revolves around their whims, which is far from being the case.

  5. steve goldberg says:

    Kobe is the one that talks about genocide on TV and how much he cares , but when the money is right he can take money from Turkish Government, this government has killed 1.5 million Armenians and they never got punish for it, Shame on Kobe, What’s next Kobe taking money from al-Qaeda Terrorist Group. Again Shame one Kobe, I’m going with Clippers. I hope Kobe don’t enjoy that 4 million bloody dollars from Genocide and Terror Money from Turkey. Turkey raped and killed 1.5 million Armenians, Kobe raped 1 person, I guess this is match made in heaven.

  6. David says:

    huffington is crazy.. how dare you call the genocide hearsay.. and say it did not take place.. there is overwhelming evidence and it is only a matter of time until the Armenian genocide is recognized

  7. Mark says:

    Ar Meniacs are liars ,there was no so called Genocide armenians got killed when they were cought red handed killing Turkish women and children, and besides did we heard last week that armenians srtolen Billions of dollars of US tax payers money from Medicare and wikileaks said that armenians was passing weapons to terrorist in Iraq to kill US solodiers/
    we don’t care about your fight here, leave our congress alone, take your figth out of our country,we love Kobe, and l will fly with Turkish Airlines just let you know
    and Kardashian is a Hollywood slit with black mustashe and very ugly without a make up

  8. Mary says:

    OHHHH pooo hoooo to all armenians they just lost the house vote, with a biggest lie this World ever known
    stop stealing our Tax payers money with your scams in US ,stop paying our congressman money to tell a lie , no one cares for a un important country like armenia who hosts Russian military basses.

  9. Doug says:

    Bull S. ! We all know Armenians are big liars. When a cop friend of mine showing me around in LA, we passed by an Armenian neighborhood and he was like; yeah this is a money launderer’s store, that one is a mafia guys store, there is the biggest scum bag ever existed and so on… You guys have no freaking right to tell what our player should do or not. I know how those low life forms support the drug trafficking in northern Iraq and feed the money they made to our congressmen. That c..nt Kardashian is also part of this scheme and she is the worst thing ever happened to Armenians. So shut the f up and be just like any other community in the US.

  10. Boomer says:

    That’s really thiinkgn out of the box. Thanks!