Kevin Hart On Dark-Skinned Women

Princess .P. | February 18, 2010

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart On Dark-Skinned Women – Comedian Kevin Hart took to his twitter account to make a joke about dark-skinned women where he called the ladies “broke ass dark hoes”. After being blasted by fans and foes for the remark,Hart issued a disclaimer to dark skin girls .

Kevin Hart On Dark-Skinned Women

Kevin Hart On Dark-Skinned Women

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  1. Smoldering Friend says:

    Dude looks like his knuckles drag the ground. He makes me a true believer in evolution!

  2. Iris Massey says:

    Like you are a light skin brother Kevin Hart….look at yourself in the mirror….I rather be a dark skin woman and prove of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. laromana says:

    STUPID/UGLY/SELFHATING ROACHES like this IDIOT should know better than to trash dark skinned BW. After all, I DOUBT his Mother was a lightskinned woman.

    MOST BM are the ONLY race of men on the planet who think it’s “funny” to trash the HUMANITY/DIGNITY/FEMININITY of their (SAME RACE) women who MOST resemble their MOTHERS/GRANDMOTHERS/SISTERS.

    OTHER NON-BM know that when they DEFEND the HONOR of their SAME RACE women, they are UPHOLDING their OWN WORTH. What these WARPED/IDIOTIC BM don’t seem to realize is that when they make IGNORANT, OFFENSIVE ANTI-BW comments they’re ACTUALLY putting THEMSELVES DOWN.

  4. just a word... says:

    well… okay hes a pretty good comedian. I have had a bucket of laughs courtesy of him many times in the past buuuuuut….. although it was a funny joke (im dark skinned and sexy 🙂 no harm no foul) he should have known that saying that in the same era as Don Imus and other like idiots he was going to get some slack from fans (critics?) because of it. And as a side note why do you care about womans credit mr. celebrity comedian…. was YOUR credit score “unavailible” when you asked that dark skinned woman to purchase something for you? Hummm…?

    Just wondering Peace and Love:)

  5. Linda Davis says:

    I guess that means his mama is a broke a$s dark h$e. Another dark skinned n$$$$r who hates himself and anyone who resembles him.

  6. Mary Green says:

    The only thing not dark on him is his newly whitened teeth. Of course, he would need a lighter, namely white, woman to feel secure as he is obviously illiterate and unexposed.

  7. Don Jenkins says:

    Guys like him actually hate their mothers for being black. So, it’s impossible for them to appreciate anyone who falls in that category. Black women should simply right off these self hating losers. You can take self hating n$$$a out of the ghetto but the self hate remains.

  8. Don Jenkins says:

    Guys like him actually hate their mothers for being black. So, it’s impossible for them to appreciate anyone who falls in that category. Black women should simply right off these self hating losers. You can take self hating Niggas out of the ghetto but the self hate remains.

  9. mcstanley says:

    Well, I can actually state just by “viewing” his photos, that when they mentioned “evolution” did they have HIM in mind.

    Besides, what does his mother look like; someone in his family is DARK-SKINNED, too.

    Don’t look in the mirror too much, Kevin. It might BREAK!!!

  10. Vicky says:

    Apparently Kevin hasn’t look at hisself in the mirror. Only thing that’s white about him is the big ugly looking gorilla teeth he has. Even if he was a good looking darkskinned brother which he isn’t, I would’nt give him the time of day or night. Vicky

  11. Amy says:

    If I was a white woman, Kevin, I wouldn’t give you the time of day. And just for the record, my husband is a handsome chocolate black man and he make you look like shhhhhhhhhhhh-t. I’m light brown skinned and loving it. There are some broke white women just like some blacks. I agree with you, Vicky, the only thing that shows is his teeth. Probably, every black lady that he has dated had to burn her bedroom light all night (laugh).

  12. Amy says:

    Ok, my black Sista’s,and Brother’s. I’m about to come to the stage on this fool. Let’s play a game, Kevin. It is called, Treasure Troll, us black Sista’s are the treasure, and your the ugly troll, hah, hah, hah. Da-n, I thought Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil’s Son-In-Law looked rough, but your no business minded junk yard insecured a-s just came alone then took the cake and the icing too, hah,hah. If you ever get a rich white woman and decide to marry her, she will probably turn you into her “Slave Of Honor” You had a role in the movie, Soul Plane, you are a plain and simple fool, without no soul, nor no heart. If I was a single woman and a millionaire, your first meal from me would be an opened can of pink salmon and a dollar box of crackers from the Dollar General store. If you was the only man left on earth, I’d rather find recycled rubber items and make me a male dummy doll. Last night, I ate oreo’s, as I touched each one I thought about you, hah, hah, only one thing, you will never be the creme, (hah, hah, hah, hah, ha, ha, hah.) Now, us black Sista’s an’t poor no more, because I just came to the stage on a wanna be, but can’t be intelligent black brother, like Mike Epps. This ones for you, Vicky, McStanley, Don J, Mary G, Linda D, and all the rest of our Sista’s and Brother’s out there. We all are rich in spirit, if that fool stay in the business long enough, he will be broke soon. It’s just a matter of time, God don’t ugly and not too much of pretty.

  13. A for Apple says:

    i used to date dark black women but since he says that i’m taking second thoughts. guess i will stick with the white girls from now on, they are the surpreme being.

  14. Keishana says:

    He’s really need to look at himself before making a stupid and ridiculous comment like that. Obviously his mother has to be dark skinned because nothing about him screams light skinned. Dark skinned women got it goin on, and what has be been in lately? What movies…..maybe he didn’t get any work because he is light skinned

  15. Teniqua says:

    I’m a beautiful dark-skinned woman & I have been told that I make a n$$$a turn his head away from light skinned women cuz I’m so pretty! Look in the mirror is all I have to say!!!

  16. lindsay says:

    im a light skinned half breed,black and white, and i get hit on by black men ALL the time. the sad thing is that this is how not all,but most black men really think. and that not an assumption, its a FACT! i cant even count how many black guys have told me to my face how much better i am than a dark skinned woman because ive got light skin, long curly hair,and white girl facial features. i feel bad for saying this because my dad is black but i would NOT TOUCH a black man! they are pathetic self haters who dont even try to hide their constant lusting after ANYTHING thats not black! they uplift everything thats white or light skinned! im not gonna lie, black women have hated on me all my life, but i can absolutely understand why! its a truly sad situation that i dont think is going to end anytime soon.

  17. Katrina says:

    WoW!! I understand it being “Jokes”….And I really likes Kevin Heart… I have to say…me a being a black kinda makes me feel a lil different then how I felt about him yesterday…But I do understand it is jokes..

  18. don gorgon says:

    in jamaica there is a fruit that we eat called the breadfruit. it can either be roasted or boiled. when roasted the skin turns black while the inside is white. sir kevin here is a roasted breadfruit. the man has black skin, but he is white inside. it is an indictment on the black race when you find a black man beating down his own ppl. it hurts me when the fellow sisters are treated & marginaliesd in this fashion. no matter what damage control kevin tries to do, the spoken word is already out. he cannot take that back. no apology can take back the hurt that this brethren has inflicted on race. black women everywhere should boycott him in whatever endeavours he embarks on from hereon. in fact black women should lock their legs so that he can no longer partake of the sweetness that they possess. let him go seek out his white women when he wants sexual fulfilment.

  19. Kilo ohkahni says:

    Wow…KEY WORD: COMEDIAN. FYI this MAN has been faithfully and happily married to beautiful DARKSKINNED WOMAN for about 12 years now. Granted there are far too many black males (cant call ’em men) who are “self hating” or however you wish to put it, but give credit were credit is due! DAMN!! We only have a few good men, let’s not badger them!

  20. Jaz says:

    I personally think that people need to stop being so sensitive, He is a comedian ! None of his jokes are meant to offend people. They are simply for laughs, and the way everyone gets so mad just makes people laugh even more, so don’t feed into it.

  21. Tiffany says:

    Did he include his dark skinned daugher in this statement?????

  22. Jazzie Lee says:

    I think the comment he posted on twitter was very rude and stereotypical. He may be a comedian but I don’t find anything laughable in those 2 twitter posts and it just makes me want to go up and slap him into a new world. What’s wrong with these men in the industry and in general?! After Yung Berg made his comment about “No dark butts” it seems like dark skinned women get more and more criticized for being the complexion they are. I’m brown skinned or to some light skinned, but I just can’t stand this ignorant feud any longer! Any shade of African-American skin is beauitful and we need to all learn how to break this senseless cycle and accept people for who they are, not by the complexion that they have inherited.

  23. SLF says:

    Shouldn’t a comedian be funny. I don’t see the humor in that remark at all.

  24. SLF says:

    Shouldn’t a comedian be funny? I don’t see the humor in that remark at all.

  25. Dianne says:

    Kevin you make me sick to my stomach. After these white women spend up all your money (because thats the only reason they put in time with black guys that have money anyway) and sue your a$s for the rest to take care of any children they may have gotten with you, they’re gonna drop your a$s like a brick and find another man they consider worthy enough to be with them.
    All they want is for you and other guys that are stupid like you to marry them and set them up for life on your money. I’m one black woman that will never feel sorry for your stupid a$s. Good for you (you are another O.J. Simpson). I admire those white women for using your a$s up. If I could I’d do the same thing.

  26. DAVID says:


  27. Tome says:

    I think that it is sad that this keeps happening in the media. I think that if Black people stand up and make this a law or do something about it to let the world no that hate is wrong. It could be hate for gay, gender, race, or for all lights and or all
    dark women or men. sad sad sad..Where do black people get the idea from that darks were outside and lights where in the houes. Look you slaves on the net you will see dark skinned kids, men and women holding the children of the slave ownners. Needless to say, many slave ownners are not going to go outside to get field slaves to go in the house to take pic. The dark slaves where aready in the house get it right!! People lie put pictures don’t.

  28. Yoyo J says:

    Sorry about how you al feel about Kevin but the truth is thats how most black men feel about you dark skin ladies. Just look at most of the black professional athletes. The majority of them ended up marrying white women or very light skin black women mainly because of that hidden reason. They might not come out saying it but deep down thats how most of them feel. I myself was an athlete in college and I seen it with my own eyes who most black athlete go after, mostly beautiful blonds or white girls. So instead of hating Kevin, take it as joke and move on. He is man enough to say it out in the public and of course its going to raise his rating.