Kat Stacks On Alleged Beat Down By Fabolous

Jerry | May 30, 2010

Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks On Alleged Beat Down By Fabolous – A recent video that was leaked online shows Kat Stacks being beat down by an unidentified man in a bar. Kat Stacks has been releasing personal information about a number of rappers that she has slept with in recent years, and apparently has made some of the wrong people angry. The model and rap video actress has been involved in a number of incidents in recent weeks, including one where she released rapper Fabolous’ number for the world on her Twitter page.

Kat Stacks claimed that it was Fabolous who sent people to smack her up. The individuals first stole her phone, and then videotaped the incident. He smacked her on several occasions and then asked her to apologize for the things that she had done on camera. If one thing is clear, it is that if you bring that much negative attention to yourself, there are going to be a number of individuals who will ensure that you feel the negative energy right back.
The man in the video is not Fabolous, but the speculation is that the man in the clip is a man who was associated with Fabolous. He admitted on his Twitter to knowing who the individual was but claimed that he never asked them to go hit Kat Stacks. Fabolous has traded blows back and fourth with Kat Stacks in recent weeks. Reportedly she was going to be working on a music video with Fab. He found out that she was the woman on the Internet causing a stir, and dismissed her from the video set without pay. this caused her to release his number for the world to see on her Twitter, which apparently caused the recent slapping backlash.

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  1. alicia a says:

    Thats what that biatch get.. good he should have beat her butt some more,, skanky tramp!

  2. Dweezy says:

    yall see she didn’t apologize that dude smack was hella weak.He’s a b*tch for hiting a girl ne-ways. Next time send a beezy to do the job.

  3. Cosculluela says:

    That bch needs a few open handed smacks to rearrange that Goddamnawful looking face.

  4. Slab says:


  5. nick says:

    What a pathetic little dog these guys have got to be. Can’t believe they think this violence against a woman is ok. They just look like f*ckwits.

    Fabolous and this guy are blatantly gay, and that’s why this guy got so jealous he felt like he needed to go do this.

  6. oatis says:

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  7. sahra says:

    Thats what she deserves for putting herself infront of all the rappers and geat ripped by all of them then get beat up goooddddd

  8. Jay says:

    Leave dem white Biootches alone! she is white not black a wanna be at best.

  9. jenniDee says:

    wow so this kat stacks she is ugly.