Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Slams Bill Maher

Princess .P. | October 31, 2007

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is in the upcoming issue of Vibe Magazine and she has a lot to say about the relationship she had with Bill Maher.

She said:

“Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn’t be ‘Bill Maher’s girlfriend’ any more – not when I’m Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author.”

It’s hard for a professional blow job giver to keep her damn mouth shut.

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  1. Taneshia Henry says:

    I feel Karrine Steffans is a disgrace to black women all over the world. She played the game and was not successful at it. so what she do but put here business out in the street so everyone could know what the hell she was doing. If she had any respect for here self then she wouldn’t had went about it the way she did. If she was a real women she would have keep what she did between her and the person she did it with,but like the ho smut that she is, she trying top put people on blast. From a mom to another mom u should have never dedicated the book to your son because that’s not how you would want your child to remember you like that. If it is possible I would like your feedback,if your a real women . I just want to know why would you want to hate on the people who you was getting with when you couldn’t get your way. Don’t you know what comes around goes around, I guess that why you have been through all the s$$t that you’ve been through.

  2. beautiful black woman says:

    I completely agree with the woman above me. And even the way you worded your relationship with Maher was disgraceful to black women. ” That’s why he won’t date a white girl or an intellectual.” There are PLENTY of black women who love a good debate as well as the next white girl. Not all black women are “ghetto” either. Lots of black women are intellectuals. Just because YOU lost debates to him, is ghetto, and not smart enough to debate his points of views in life, doesn’t mean that he won’t appreciate a woman, black or white, who is intelligent. Your a$s was slobbing and slurping d$$k to make money…that’s nothing to be proud of. It doesn’t matter if you made millions…your name is SUPAHEAD. It’s spelled wrong, and it’s degrading, meaning they call you a dumb ho. Then gonna dedicate your s$$t-rampades to your son? That’s disgraceful. If I were a man, I would “date” you too. Get some of that super head, and put you down in debate. Your ghetto a$s will never comprehend true differences between republican and democrat….or any other antonyms.

  3. Sunny says:

    Karrine is a woman like any other woman. So she fu*ked a lot of celebrities. But they f*ck a lot of women also, and they sing about it everyday and it’s on the radio and we sing along and they make disgusting amounts of money for singing about what they do with their penises. Those men put her on blast way before she started her writing her book. She saw an opportunity. People are interested in knowing the sex lives of celebrities. That’s why the book was a best-seller. SHE IS NOT A DISGRACE TO BLACK WOMEN. The attack from the media and her community is the TRUE disgrace to all African American people. It is clear that when it comes to sexuality and the exchange of sex for pleasure, money, power, gifts or emotional connection, the Black community is one which is both conservative, hypocritical and blatantly sexist favoring male dominance over women and encouraging multiple sex partners. We are lucky to live in a country where we can choose what we want to get out of sex. Whlie not everyone may agree with the exchange that happens, we have to all recognize that it is a beautiful and wonderful freedom. Bottom line though, if those idiot celebrities could keep their mouths shut (and I know most men can’t when the sex is amazing) none of this might have come out quite like this. Either way–who cares. I mean really it is time that all women, especially African American and Latina women begin to determine when and how they want to be sexually active as well as to OWN their sexuality. Condom usage is TOO LOW in our communities! And more and more research shows that relationship power dynamics between men and women has a lot to do with that (in many cases also access and other things). But when a woman is in control of how/when she wants to have sex she can make safe decisions and recognize that, in fact, safety trumps pleasure. I mean I love sucking d$$k. If I could s$$k all those guys dicks (with a condom on of course) it would be incredibly exciting. There is nothing degrading about giving head. There is nothing degrading about consensual sex. Sex doesn’t become degrading after a certain # of partners. Sex is just sex and for those that are in love or relationships it isn’t “righter” or more “holy.” She’s written other books too about different things. Go read it and get a life. She is not the only Black woman that has had that many partners it just so happens that they were famous. You cannot determine one’s self respect by the # of sexual partners they have had. She clearly had issues and was looking for something SHE WROTE ABOUT THAT, SHE EXPOSED HERSELF and she’s not the only woman who has done so, but she’s moved on, now maybe you should too.

  4. lakesia richardson says:

    I think Karrine Steffans is doing an excellent job in her books. I really liked her book called Confessions of Video Vixens and I’m about finishing up on Vixen diaries. I can’t wait to read her next book. Vixen Manuels, I think thats the name of her next book.

    Great Books Karrine!

  5. Justa Joe says:

    The first two gals on this thread were way to hard on that poor girl, Karrine. Bill Maher is obviously no gentleman. He is the hypocrit. I’m sure Karrine could debate Maher in a fair debate, but that is the problem. Maher doesn’t engage in fair debates. He ridicules, calls names, and bullies. Maher tries to sell himself as some “compassionate liberal,” but it is obvious in his inter-personal relationships with actual women Maher is a monster. Ike Turner would seem more repectful of women by comparison. Karrine has stated that Maher is afraid to treat white girls in the shabby fashion that he treated her. That wouldn’t be any different if Karrine was Saint and/or a rocket scientist.

  6. Joanne says:

    The first two women were spot on!!! This woman is a digrace to the black race, she sucks for money and reveals all for money, whilst the dumbed down public go and buy her book’s because they cant get enough of her freaked out antic’s…..If that was my mum i’d hire a hit man to take her out!!!

  7. ame says:

    She disgusting, there is no debate…

  8. Kim says:

    I know plenty of girls who do what she does everday for a McDonalds meal or a promise of marriage LMAO…baby I love you I’m going to marry you if you s$$k my d$$k..I know women who been with men for 3 or 4 years and then he dumps them lol…all those years..and got what to show for it…. In the black community, men are used to being in the dominant positions (hence the rap videos) and the women even buy their records and go along with what they say about them…(the 2 first posts probably got baby daddies and they are holding them down LMAO) Atleast she got paid to do what you do for free and even allow “your man or baby daddy” to sleep on your couch while you go to work and hold your man down and swallow his cum… GO Karrine…

  9. Kim says:

    You keep holding your man down girl…..work them jobs…let him sleep on that couch…you know he love you right…LMAOOOO…Atleast she got married…. 70% of black women don’t get married because black men don’t have to.. all they gotta do is say baby I love you..and you hold him down like he is your husband and he gets the milk for free… Show your loyalty…get 2 or 3 jobs girl…he LOOVE you ROFLMAOOO I love how black women make us white girls look good with their stupidity…

  10. Chyna says:

    sweetie, i know plenty of WHITE women who make us black women look good by doing everything for heir black men. thats the only reason black men date white women cause yall break yall knecks for em and will s$$k their sweaty azz dicks no matta where it came from. my own brother said thats y he date white women cause he can get anything from yall kind so boo, which race is stupid… WHITES LMFAO!

  11. Tyra says:

    While I dont agree with the way you got by, I do however believe that no one has the right to judge you. As a black woman it does make it hard to get recognized for intelligence when people expect all black women to be like you whether upfront or on the low. Dont get me wrong I realize that it’s the ignorance of the individuals and not you, but it’s hard none the less. As for the comments made about being told how ghetto you are in reference to black women, how big your butt is, etc. I know you were angry but you know as well as I that the stereotypical approach you took wasnt cool. As im sure you know there ghetto(ignorant) people of all ethnicities, not jus black women have big/phat butts, and although it’s common in their culture not just muslim women are expected to walk behind their men, it depends on the controlling aspect on the man.

  12. Junko says:

    This woman seriously makes me sad. All she did was lower herself down to the point of a common prostitute and brag about it. She even bragged about the nickname Superhead. People can use the excuse of men doing it all the time to defend her, but as women we’re supposed to be doing much better than that. Then we wonder why men won’t take women seriously. She’s been proven to be a liar by her babydaddy’s girlfriend or wife. She played audio recordings of Karrine lying about having a daughter that she never had. Why would you take someone who is super deceptive seriously?

  13. RicoC says:

    We want to talk ‘disgrace to the black race’??? Let’s talk about our president.

  14. karl larrison says:

    Bill “putz” Maher dated Karrin ” superhead” Steffans just so he could get his name in her next book. The only intelligent words “superhead” ever uttered were “I’m choking”. For those who don’t know what a “putz” is here is the definition, it is a d$$k only smaller or Bill Maher. Maher couldn’t carry Mort Sahl or Dennis Millers jock much less fill it.