Jennifer Hudson Terrence Howard (Mandelas) in New Biopic

Jerry | July 23, 2010

Jennifer Hudson Terrence Howard (Mandelas) in New Biopic – Jennifer Hudson will be taking on the role of Winnie Mandela, the wife of Nelson Mandela in an upcoming biopic. She will be starring alongside Terrance Howard, who will be playing the part of Nelson. As of now, the movie is tentatively titled “Winnie,” but that could change at any time. It is currently in the shooting phase, and they have gotten to the part of the story where the couple was married in 1958, based on a number of “wedding pictures” that have surfaced in recent days.

The couple went on to change history, but eventually split around the time that Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The film will focus on happier times that the couple shared together, but inevitably will have to touch on the prison sentence that Nelson served while he was a political prisoner.
The photos don’t really give away too much other than the fact that they will be filming a wedding scene for the movie. “Winnie,” will almost most definitely be Oscar bait, and already has a strong following of interested fans.

The acting career of Jennifer Hudson is fairly limited, but Terrance Howard has a lot of experience and is considered to be one of the premiere actors in Hollywood. Both of them look very much like the people they portray in the photos that have been released. Howard looks strikingly like Nelson Mandela, and is even wearing the white gloves that he was famous for.

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  1. jenniDee says:

    jennifer will do fine she acts better than some black actresses who have been in the game in a min she has natural talent.

  2. Sahleta says:

    Totally agree with you – the girl is “BAD”….Kudos to them both!