Is Alicia Keys Pregnant For Swizz Beatz?

tamekajo | May 1, 2010

Is Alicia Keys Pregnant For Swizz Beatz? – Online reports have surfaced that Alicia Keys is pregnant by boyfriend Swizz Beatz.
Hip Hop Weekly reported the shocking news this week. According to the magazine, sources have come forward alleging that the R&B singer and hip-hop producer are expecting a child together, and also rumored to be engaged. The pair has been an item since 2008 when Swizz and his estranged wife, singer Mashonda, announced that they were breaking up.
While Hip Hop Weekly cannot confirm the pregnancy at this time, the source is someone close to the couple.
In related news, Swizz recently talked about his growth and maturation into manhood.

“Part of the graduation stage is dumbing-down the toys a little bit. You gotta understand I was doing these things since I was 17, 18 years old, and I’m 31 now. If you are doing the same things in your 30’s that you were doing in your teens, something’s not right,” said Swizz with a chuckle.
In keeping with the positive direction, Swizz be honored with the “Inspiration” Humanitarian Award at this year’s SESAC New York Music Awards on May 12. The “Inspiration Award” is in recognition of Beatz’s humanitarian work, raising money and awareness for Haiti relief, specifically on “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour),” the song he co-wrote and co-produced with U2’s Bono and also recorded by the Irish rock singer along with Jay-Z and Rihanna. The song, a moving call to action to aid the earthquake victims of Haiti, went on to become a top selling download on iTunes, raising millions for the cause. Swizz also worked with the United Nations to unite the entertainment community in its efforts to promote peace around the world.

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  1. nyasia says:

    i think that is a good couple to me but i do not know wat yall haters talking BOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Traluvsme says:

    Alicia keys is a homewrecker……..point blank.
    Damn he just got of a marriage not to long ago now he’s so in love
    to get married again. Keys watch out he might do the same thing to
    you… Better her than me. Not hating just feel bad for her.
    I hope everything work out for her.

  3. JBlaize says:

    Wow, this from the woman who sang songs with titles like “Karma”, “A Woman’s Worth” and Troubles”? How disappointing. I don’t even know how she can keep her head up. It’s a shame because it’s alreadt pretty clear that this is NOT going to end well!

    Not to take the responsibility away from Swiss but the fact is, no one even cares about him. Afterall, he’s a dude that used to rob and steal back in the days with DMX AND already has multiple babies with different women so you would think that out of all of the men that Alicia could pick, she would make a more intelligent choice and not barter her soul for someone who already has a shady track record. Oh well!