Hoopz Tape: Mr. Zzee Video

Princess .P. | May 11, 2009

Hoopz Tape:Mr Zzee Video – VH1 reality star Hoopz has new sex tape that was leaked by Mr Zzee.

Mr Zzee who is the man behind the Rihanna and Cassie nude photos is now making money off Nikki Alexander, aka “Hoopz” winner of “Flavor of Love,” sex tape.

Mr. Zzee who has already leaked several pictures of the TV star having sexual encounter with a man is planning to release Hoopz’ full sex tape video online on pay-per-view and on DVD.

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  1. anon says:

    I cannot believe she actually made a vid, but I am glad, I been wanting to see her naked since flavor of love, she is so sexy !!! It took a lot of searching but I finally found a working link for the vid. I was kind of skeptical at first, but its her for sure.
    Here it is the full dvd !! She is is a wild one in the sack !!!

  2. Nikki Alexander says:

    If you wanna have anal with me com to my place because I do everything.I give you a blow job Jake and you anon.Do me in my a$s someone PLEASE???????????????????????????

  3. ........ says:

    i will f$$k u in the a$s

  4. ........ says:

    CALL ME 414 397 3315

  5. Virtue says:

    how do i view the video?!?!?!?!?!

  6. ....... says:

    This sextape is prob a ploy by Hoopz to create some pub for herself this vid is neva coming out….

  7. ty says:

    how do u view the tape? somebody hit me up tyrone2341@yahoo.$$m

  8. dfn says:

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  9. mx says:

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  10. deonte says:

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  11. shiane says:

    omg this is so friigin long just wanna see hoopz get it in someone help ”shaine280992@hotmail.co.uk” bear in mind im in the uk do the math but thnx

  12. shaine says:

    btw my names spelt wrong at top lolz

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  14. johnny says:

    yo i want to watch the vid send me the link J2_musowls@yahoo.$$m

  15. downlow says:

    where do i view video

  16. Pete says:

    Hoopz stay strong, him and his boys will get whats comming to them, they always do !!!!!

  17. Nelson says:

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  18. Anthony says:

    if anyone can hit me up Mrdean247@yahoo.$$m, i still cannot find her video,

  19. billy jones says:

    shes so godam beutiful and smart i would pay 100 to watch that tape. and i got bitches lined up three deep to hit up eeeeryday

  20. Ken says:

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  21. Millzzzzzz says:

    I want my dikk sukked ,

  22. riceroni says:

    That guy at the top is a lying sack of s$$t, the tape has yet to be released.

  23. poke says:

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  24. nyce the prince says:

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  25. edd says:

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  26. Chris TOpher says:

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  27. Papi says:

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  28. bonasty says:

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  29. king says:

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  49. alex says:

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  50. fugds says:

    u guys are perverts and freaks..damn, yeah she fine but yall taken it to far

  51. karam says:

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  59. v grizzle says:

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  60. Johnny Cash says:

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  61. Johnny Cash says:

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  67. Blake says:

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  73. anon says:

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  82. razorjoe says:

    This just show what the world is coming to, when black people period loose their mind to see somebody have sex , the comments are a outrage, Our daughters have to select young men that dont know how to wear pants, the only time they say yes sir is in front of a judge, then its too late, we as a nation can do so much better, and dont get me started on the problems of the internet!!!!!!!

  83. razorjoe says:

    Look at the spelling our young people use to day, our nation is being dumb down to a whole new level, i would like to know if any of the people in the above comments can complete a job application, and spell correctly, better wake up black people cause some people in white america, this is just what they want!!!!!!!!

  84. Jay Patterson says:

    The video is a hoax, no one has it anywhere. No one will ever find it EVER. Spammers claim to have seen it and post links but whenever you click on it you are directed to some spam site that tries to get you pay to see Brittany naked.
    P.S. Who is the guy who clicked on “Hoopz Tape:Mr Zee Video” just to judge others who did the same?

  85. nate says:

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