Gary Coleman Died: How Did Gary Coleman Die?

Jerry | May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman Died: How Did Gary Coleman Die? – Actor Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42. Most famous for his role on the hit TV show “Diff’rent Strokes,” the star suffered a brain hemorrhage after a strike to the head, and died earlier today in a Utah hospital. The actor had reportedly fallen on hard times in recent years, both in his health and in his career. Coleman had been admitted to nearby hospitals several times throughout the year for suffering apparent seizures. There has been no word as to what may have been causing the seizures, and whether or not they are related to the brain hemorrhage Coleman suffered in recent days.

The news quickly spread around the Internet, prompting a barrage of RIP Tweets across the social networking platforms. Coleman recently made news when he was selling a large number of his autographed belongings on eBay. Some of the items included an autographed pair of shoelaces, autographed sweatpants, and other items that Coleman had placed on the popular auction website.

Gary Coleman had continued to act throughout his life, but had seen the number of roles that he was offered in recent years diminish. Coleman only appeared in 11 television shows, specials and movies over the course of the last ten years, and was reportedly upset over the lack of work that he had found.
Coleman fans around the world mourn his loss today.

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  1. Chasidy says:

    im so sad like “what you talkin bout willis?”

  2. carissa says:

    R.I.P i hate this happened

  3. Brittany says:

    I wish people and the media would have stayed out of his life and realize that the saying “what you talkin’ about willis” really got on his nevrves. I wish the best to his family and hope that he did not suffer.

  4. andy says:

    i feel sad

  5. Angi says:

    Its sad to go through life tragedies, but to except what people call jokes about the
    Death of Gary Coleman is unexceptable! U wouldn’t want anyone to disrespect ur love ones.

  6. john says:

    He sure made me laugh

  7. Ann says:

    I so agree with Brittany, Gary Coleman wanted nothing to do with that line. He had tried his whole life to overcome that stereotype. And to become a actor as Gary Coleman. My heart is with him.

  8. pal says:

    what u talking bout!

  9. Rogers Emretiyoma says:

    In the 80’s,he was my main star in Tv,we will miss him alot,may his gentle soul rest in peace Amen.

  10. kieran says:

    i wish Gary coleman was still alive but much better

  11. sharp101 says:

    That’s crazy I never thought he would go so soon befor he accomplish more work Like he wanted to R.I.P Gary Coleman

  12. glen poland says:

    I will deeply miss gary I grew up watching different stokes gary was very telented. { What you talkin bout dad]

  13. juicy baby says:

    i really admired gary coleman as an actress and he is going to be really missed!

  14. Carla says:

    To Gary’s family and friends my condolences. Clearly , this young man was a talent that the world lost too soon. Ultimately, he succumbed the way he lived. His family ripped him off, and he could not find steady acting jobs for several years, tragic. He seemed to me that he was a tormented soul simply trying to find his way in this world like ALL of us.

    Rest now my brother! God Bless!

  15. Brii gary! says:

    omqq diss i$ soo sadd hes gonee but never forgotten. man gary coleman ima miss ya ! yhu was a funny lil dude! lovee ya. brii!

  16. Joiya says:

    I cant believe this happened he shouldnt have died he didnt deserve it little people to me seem like kids no matter how old they get i mourn 4 him and well i shall miss him here come the water works

  17. Les T says:

    I think his wife struck him in the head after an argument causing the brain hemorrhage then taking him off of life support to cover up the crime. The parents needs to get and autopsy of his body to put her A@# in jail. RIP G

  18. SamW360 says:

    RIP Gary Coleman. You were awesome!

  19. gary johnson says:

    i will really miss him he was AWESOME. i was such a big fan and i thought it was very cool that we have the same first name.

  20. tbone says:

    I wish people would realize that all the celebrities they talk s$$t about are actually people. Other human beings with feelings, everybody loved ripping on Gary but now everybody is acting concerned and sad over his death. Why not be concerned for him while he was alive? I really am sickened by all this nonsense. I think the lesson hear is to love everybody around you as much as you can because you can’t love them after their gone. RIP Gary Coleman

  21. OSHTHADON says:


  22. Powell10000001 says:

    Gary Colmen died because of his wife.She said this mornin that she told Gary to fix her somethin to eat.Then she heard a loud noise.She went downstairs then she saw him on the floor.He was in a puddle of blood in the kitchen.Some people said that she pushed him but its not mabe ture. Anyway,( RI.P.) Rest In Peace.You are gone but never forgotten.

  23. Robby s says:

    I loved diffent strikes and all of harts movies from the first episode when he jumps into the jaccuzee with Willis to the movie with George burns thankyou Gary it was great watching you over the years rip

  24. ronke ladipo says:

    May his soul rest in peace!! I love u soo! Much!! And I pray GOD in heaven lift up ur soul.

  25. Whats it to you.. says:

    For this poor man to have a brain Hemorrhage he bleed out from the inside of his brain. They only way for this to happen is to be hit in the head or hit his head on something very hard or many years of head being hit. I remember him from back in the days when I was a young child. I know over the years they did a show on him about how he was living his life as a every day person, pay check to pay check. I think that they need to reopen his case and really look into how he die. I feel for his family. But his parents need to lay off cause they took from their own child.

  26. Tippie says:

    This is so unfortunate. We all looked up to Gary as a child and it is this type of behavior that makes me wonder just what great life did he really have. Always depressed about his size, career, about the phrase “what u talkin bout Willis and now to be abused by his spouse. What really did he have to live for? My heart goes out to him and his family. Regardless that was still someones child. Major loss…..

  27. ALofty says:

    To add to the comment about a brain hemorrhage: This type of bleed in to the brain can also happen with an ansuresum, or a slow bleed from a vein or vessel in the brain. What happened to Gary is horrible. I can’t honestly say that Shannon Price had anything to do with his death, beyond taking him off life support. Shannon was a very selfish wife and person. I don’t know if you’ve all heard the 911 call, but it’s ridiculous and at points cold hearted. However, there has been no proof that she had anything to do with his death, and I can’t foresee anything being found. Other than her wanting something from his home in Utah county, Utah (Santaquin).

    I wish nothing but peace for Gary Coleman. He deserves nothing but this…

  28. connie says:

    He used to come to the CowPony, a local bar in Tucson, AZ quite often. Little guy had a HUGE presence! We’ll miss you!

  29. Amber says:

    Its sad when any one dies but we have to live life normal and we have to have faith in our hearts its more sad when a family member dies but we keep them in our hearts so why forget bout them no one will ever forget about gary coleman he was a good actor but how was he as a person where is he now? what was his faith you wouldn’t be so sad if you know but since we don’t its even sader i will always remember him and i am sure he wasn’t mad about that line he did it im sure he was happy people fans rememberd it and i pay my respect to him he’ll be missed! <3 Is there something missing in your life where are you going when you die think about GOD!!!!! if you don't beleave why????

  30. jibril says:

    Gary coleman was cool

  31. jibril says:

    His tight

  32. Jeani says:

    I think with this news we should do what he wanted and never use “the line” again out of respect for him. He would not have wanted to be remembered for a one liner.

  33. stephanie says:

    gary coleman was a very cool person and may his huge soul rest in piece 🙁

  34. jen says:

    no 1 cared b4 he died, made fun of him & were just mean. Plus he wasnt the nicest person even to fans. dont get me wrong sad story & RIP but u ppl r so fake

  35. taylor says:

    i know shanon killed him.she probley got into a fight.if i were him i wouldnt live with the siko i divorced.ihate shonon .shanon killed gary colemen.

  36. james perry says:

    yeah it sux he died he was a good guy.

  37. Ashley says:

    Like Macheal, Gary suffered the good and the bad from the press:likewise,he has his friends,family, and fans to show for that he will be miss…If i had one wish right now it would to meet this wonderful person. An to tell him that you matter….Love you Gary(Mwah)

  38. trae says:

    he acts like bill cosby he is the funnist man in the world bill cosby and gary like the same

  39. lili says:

    He is amazing and 4eva will be and ppl will miss him dearly RIP GARY!!!<3

  40. James Town says:


  41. vicki says:

    in my opinion i belive his wife had something to do with it also

  42. Jordan says:

    i dont know but i do care he was a good guy

  43. kathilina khalifa says:

    man why he was so funny i feel so freakin sorry but iny ways when my brother wiz khalifa as cameron found out he was so crying because he watched dem shows man and garry said who would have an interview with sharon but then this happend so now we cant and it was supposed to be scudled today friday febuary the 4rth but nah and i take my words creally so as you lay your reawy had as your rest love wiz khalifa and kathilina khalifa r. i. p buddy love us i went to your funeral sorry love you sorry sobbing

  44. cruizer says:

    he sure made me laugh also and he was a great person great actor but more important he was a great person and he loved to make others laugh he was my favorite actor but more as a person he was my favorite. i was trying to find out how to get an autograph picture of him customed autographed till i heard he died but unfortonatly i couldnt figure out a way to get ahold of gary coleman to ask him for a autographed picture of him and also the sister i always thought she was so hot when i was a kid watching that show lol anyways i am very sorry to all his loved ones most of all his family gary buddy RIP my good friend you were loved and still loved there little buddy

    take care all and to his fans as well that adored n cared for him be cool.