Gabrielle Union Nude Photos Allure Magazine

Princess .P. | April 20, 2008 | 14 Comments

Gabrielle Union Naked Pictures Allure Magazine
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Gabrielle Union goes completely naked for the May 2008 issue of “Allure” magazine.Here is what Gabrielle told the mag about the shoot:

“I worked my ass off for this shoot,” “I’ve always been athletic, but I stepped it up for this. I ran up and down stadium stars and went hiking. I’m cool with being naked, but I wanted to push myself.” When the big day came, Union felt good about her toned body -especially her arms. At the shoot, however, the star of the comedy “Starship Dave” wasn’t thinking about any of her body parts: “My iPOD was hooked up to the studio speakers, and I was paranoid that someone was going to think my playlist was weird – it has everything from show tunes to rap. But that’s typical Gaby. I’m naked up there, and I’m worrying about my music.”

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  1. Silkysoul.$$m says:

    Hahahaha! I like how the mention of Jill Scott participating in this shoot was completely neglected.

  2. ghhfghfg says:

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  3. ghhfghfg says:

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  4. unknown says:

    my balls are fat lololololooolllolo

  5. BRIAN LEONARD says:


  6. samantha kidd says:

    she is the sexiest girl ever i love her p$$$y and t$$s love yo gabbby

  7. mark swazy says:

    wow not only is it stupid that ppl post comments here but its also funny when ppl try to act mature and tell other ppl to grow up when they on this site also, dumbasses

  8. shawn says:

    Gabby has got to one of the hottest woman I have ever seen. She is an amazing woman and if I could ever have a chance with a woman that even came remotely close too Gabbies looks and body, I would worship the ground she walked on

  9. owen says:

    i’m obsessed by you… union…

  10. rhhfykh says:

    i so want to f her

  11. keith Flemming says:

    Nice photo,Allways found you to be amazing!You are blessed.I hope one day to find a women as blessed as you.

  12. Charles Norris says:

    I think you are the finest woman on the planet.If you would like to call me my number is 678-956-2455.I will be 51 on the 9 of March,If you like older men,I would be Honored to be a part of your life.

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