Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Suicide Defense In Pop Star Death Trial

Jenny Roberts | December 30, 2010

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at his home in Los Angeles.

His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, had attempted to resuscitate the pop star. The world grieved for Jackson, who will release seven posthumous albums.

Murray didn’t fare so well with Jackson’s death. He was brought up on manslaughter charges for issuing Jackson a lethal cocktail of sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs. The combination of the drugs was thought to have pushed Jackson to go into cardiac arrest, the cause of his death.

The defense for Murray came up with a shocking line.

They will suggest that Jackson killed himself. Deputy District Attorney David Walgren reported that the defense will be adhering to this theory.

On January 4, a preliminary hearing will decide whether or not sufficient evidence exists on which to charge Murray. The drug that killed Jackson was Propofol, an anesthetic.

Murray said that he only prescribed him 25 mg. Defense Attorney J. Michael Flanagan told Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor that 150 mg had to be present in Jackson’s body to kill him.

The defense has suggested that Jackson may have injected himself with more Propofol in order to fall asleep.

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  1. kat says:

    Did MU unhook his iv and pull it out of his arm, get up out of bed, and get everything he needed to self-inject himself AFTER Murray indicated he left the room after seeing that MJ fell asleep to make his phone call that he kept hidden from the poilice to begin with??????????? Conrad Murray’s lawyers have had over a year to build a defense and this is the best they can come up with? So pathetici Murray. They need to strip you of ever practicing medicine again and lock you up……….

  2. Marcus S. says:

    This defense is a bit on the coo-coo for coco puffs side. Professionals over the past 18 months, especially after his death have said that it would have been near impossible for Michael to inject himself with the drug.
    What I am curious about is this. The security tapes that vanished. Why have we not heard anything about anyone looking for those? The fact that they were taken in the first place shows that there was at least intent in this case, which manslaughter seems to be a very light charge for Michael’s death.
    There is something strange going on and I hope we find out soon. Michael Jackson may have been a person who you either loved or hated, but NO ONE deserved to die like this.
    Oh yea, and Conrad Murray not knowing how to do CPR or do it properly is just down right outrageous. He’s a heart doctor, and I would hope that you would have that kind of training if you are being credited!