Beyonce Idris Elba Kissing Obsessed Movie

Princess .P. | June 26, 2008

Beyonce Idris Elba
Beyonce Idris Elba Photos Kissing Obsessed Movie

Beyonce Knowles was pictured kissing Idris Elba at a Los Angeles studio while filming a scene for her new movie “Obsessed”,yesterday.For Beyonce this is the first project since “Dreamgirls”,it will hit theater on February 27, 2009.

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  1. Sami says:

    Idris is so hot and a BRIT. Doubly cool!

    But that’s not a hot kiss between them, her mouth is closed and so is his!

  2. MoNique says:

    their mouth is closed because she is known for having bad breath or so I have read and heard but you know she’s not a real actress she can’t do without those beyonce wigs. she should try to step out of her box and give into acting not just acting like beyonce that’s easy, acting is art and she doesn’t have it yet. she should try roles that doesn’t make her look like her we see that on stage, in videos, roles that really lets you take on the person you are playing. just my opinion.

  3. kefilwe says:

    BEYONCE IS A GREAT actress idris himself is so exited bout da movie and says B is really good in this movie
    but i know she’s gna be even better in CADILAC RECORDS- SHE GNA WIN A GOLDEN GLOBE

  4. Debeyoncelove says:

    his beautifull picture

  5. Mercedes says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie, this looks like it’ll be Beyonce’s best and I love Mr. Elba!

  6. Tammy says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie either. I think it’s going to be great!! I really like Beyonce both as an actress and singer and not to mention she has an amazing body. Since the movie is not coming out until April I figured I would look around to find a screensaver and guess what…I found one that is amazing and will keep me energized until the movie comes out. The website I found the free screensaver was

  7. Brittania says:

    the movie was great to me and i want to see it again beyonce did a great job as well as idris love both of them and beyonce does not have bad breath it was a hoax

  8. Nykeisha says:

    This movie was Great and iris elba Luks gr8 (sexy) in this movie ( better than this christmas) the ending was so funny wen Katie gave that dirty look to sherold ( beyonce) and the lights jus fall. there was plenty of times where i wanted to slap katie but if i had to rate it out of 10 i would rate it 100000!!!! gr8 movie

  9. Cayla says:

    I wonda wat Jay-z has 2 say?!

  10. dope says:

    beyonce is not a actress period. She sucks as a singer lie. This my honest opinion

  11. Chris (South Africa) says:

    I’m impressed by Beyonce’s acting ability in this movie. She really showed her talent as na actress which, in this instance was not shadowed by her image as a singer. She’s brilliant. She deserves an award nomination for this one. Idris carried this role extremely well in this movie.

  12. Abbie says:

    I really like Beyonce anyway, I think that she is a great singer and I think that she is a great actress.

  13. iyanla says:

    i don’t like it when they kissing it’s not hot and even not sexy but that movie is pretty cool. that what i like beyonce is a great singer, and a really good actress

  14. iyanla says:

    nathan is very cute

  15. jalisa mayers says:

    hello beyonce does not have bad breath because when i was backstage with her july 9th 2009 she talked to me and she smelled pretty great soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it not true