BeBe Winans Arrested:BeBe Winans Wife Assault

Princess .P. | March 12, 2009

BeBe Winans Arrested:BeBe Winans Wife Assault

BeBe Winans Arrested:BeBe Winans Wife Assault – BeBe Winans Arrested for hitting his wife is creating a buzz on the internet this evening.BeBe Winans who is a very well known gospel singer got busted for assaulting his wife.According to the Smoking Gun:

Gospel singer BeBe Winans was booked yesterday on a domestic assault rap for allegedly pushing his ex-wife to the ground during an argument last month. According to a court filing, a copy of which you’ll find below, Winans, 46, and his former spouse got into a “verbal altercation” on February 13 about “custody issues dealing with their children.” At the time, Winans was at his ex-wife Debra’s Nashville home, where he had driven to pick up his children. “The victim was telling the defendant of issues with the children when he became irate. The defendant then pushed the victim to the ground.” Winans, pictured in the mug shot at right, was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge. He was briefly held at the Davidson County jail before posting $1000 bond. Winans, best known for albums recorded with his sister CeCe, has won four Grammy awards

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  1. wife says:

    thats jacked up!

  2. Nakiya says:

    Now, while all of yall haters are talking!!! BEBE is only human, he is not God!!! now tell me if someone got all in your face screaming and hollering you want push them away from you????? “think about that!!!” lol hahaha… yall crazy!!! this is life and things happen! AND ANYWAYS NO ONE IS A JUDGE!!! THERE IS NOT BUT ONE JUDGE,,, AND WE ALL KNOW THAT IS JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! HATERZZZZ!!!!!! QUIT COMPLAINING AND TALKINK SO MUCH OVER NOTHING!!! MIND YOURZ!!!! AND I’M 19 AND KNOW ALL OF THIS!!! ; ) “SMILING”

  3. alfred shimunza says:

    it is not right, what expample are you giving to the non believers that christians beat each other, no you should ask god for deliverance

  4. Mocha says:

    Okay, here we go again. Just like with the issue w/Juanita Bynum and her I guess now ex-husband. These people are human and they are not surpassed from having issues as do other people who are not in the “lime light” like they are. Just like Chris/Rhianna sometimes either the male/female can provoke and one thing leads to another. We have to keep these people in our prayers and thoughts because things do happen. Nobody was there except the people to whom it happened too and only they can resolve the issue along with the help of God. So don’t point your fingers because when you do, you have three pointing back at you. Just like my mom used to say, Mind your own bees wax and you want have to worry about other people’s.

  5. D-walk says:

    This type of behavior is never acceptable. Couples should find other ways to resolve their conflicks. Men are generally physically stonger than women so they will win that battle all day long. Females(not women) have and will always find ways to get men upset. The very first female(EVE) got GOD upset with Adam for disobeying. So man must respond to conflicts more intellegently as God had made him to be.

  6. D-walk says:

    This type of behavior is never acceptable. Couples should find other ways to resolve their conflicks. Men are generally physically stonger than women so they will win that battle all day long. Females(not women) have and will always find ways to get men upset. The very first female(EVE) got GOD upset with Adam for disobeying. So man must respond to conflicts more intellegently as God had made him to be. This world is really screwed us when people say,’oh he is human’ or ‘he need to check him woman’ or even say “she started it and deserves a beat-down’.

  7. Bridget Eatmon says:

    Bebe Winans and his ex-wife will recover from this incident. God is talking to Bebe and letting Him know: dont get too far away from God with your voice. Your voice heals and the devil hates that. It will be alright for the both of them Too much prayer is going forth for THE BOTH OF THEM. God promises to make it alright. Everything is already alright. God Bless you BOTH.

  8. Evg. Martin says:

    While I quite agree that these individuals are human just like the rest of us, that does not excuse them of bad behavior. Some folk seem to have or hold celebrities to a different standard. If BeBe’s wife or Rhianna were YOUR sister (or any relative) would you be as understanding and brush abuse against them off as casual as a few of you have expressed? Selah- that means think about it!

    In BeBe Winans case, I hope that he has made private and public apologies as he does have celebrity in Christendom.

  9. Rusty says:

    I grow weary of Christians defending other Christians bad behavior. Are we that weak willed that we need to follow the ways of the world?

    Only Christ can change Bebe but only if Bebe wants to change. And please stop using the devil as an excuse. Non believers love to point out our hypocrisies when we fall. Christians need to own up to what they do and REPENT. Repentance means turning 180 degrees from your behavior and allowing the Holy Spirit to empower you to live righteously.

    We need to pray for Bebe that he would allow the Lord to restore him completely and for his ex-wife that she will forgive him.

  10. Enoch says:

    One major fact that judgmental Saints overlook is that the devil is the accuser of the Brethren. Isn’t it amazing how we applaud people and speak well of them as long as they are being used mightily by God, but then when they prove that they still have a flesh and commit a sin and/or fall short of the glory of God, we murder them with our tongues as if God has never used them as vessels of honor? The more God uses you for His glory, the more subtle the attacks of the enemy become in order to discredit awesome, but yet human Christians of note. Let’s commit to covering each other in prayer like the Word of God teaches and watch God perfect our shortcomings right before the devil’s eyes!

  11. prayer warrior says:

    This is a plea to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Please if you are having trouble in any area of your life, The Word says confess your faults (we have to expose the works of the devil as early as possible) — get the saints praying – I’m talking about fervent effectual prayer. We have to stop playing pity-pat with the devil. The devil is going to and fro seeking whom he may devour. He is after all of us – to stop the praise, to deny the power of God, to distract us from proclaiming the Word of God!!!! Come on saints — we are not ignorant of the devil devices. Let us Pray Without Ceasing, in Jesus Name!!! Amen!!! Please if we follow The Word in every aspect of our lives, God is Faithful and Just — we have Life More Abundantly in Jesus!!! In Jesus!!!

  12. LIZA says:


  13. Michael Swaby says:

    I am sorry to hear of this incident but keep the faith Bebe. God’s grace is greater than all our sins. David commited adultery and murder and God forgave him. The same woman with which he commited the act became his wife with which he had the wisest son ever, king Salomon. Also the savior of the whole world came through the lineage of this once adulterer and murderer. It was after David messed up that he wrote some of his greatest songs and psalms because he truly repented. So i say Bebe your latter shall be greater than your former. God bless you and be strong.

  14. NENE says:

    Let’s all be fair there is no reason for anyone to harm another, but Things happen that shuld’nt . Please don’t judge we were’nt there. And as for being christian we are human to.

  15. Neesie says:

    I believe that all people, not only men, not just women, have the responsibility of controlling their tongues, their tempers, and their tendency for violence. It is not just the man’s responsibility to control himself because he is “stronger”, nor is it solely the woman’s responsibility to avoid conflict. Neither of these opinions is Biblical, no matter how many people believe these opinions. What is Biblical is that both parties show the respect and care that God would have us give each other in every arena. When people fall short of doing this, loving prayer and intercession on the behalf of all involved are called for, not criticism. And no, I would not want my female loved one abused through violence, nor my male loved one vilified because of a mistake he made. We are not to provoke or to initiate violence, but if we do, we are to admit our mistakes to God, own up to our responsibilities, and forgive the provokers/initiators—even if they are ourselves.

  16. jasmine says:

    what is this world coming to? dont men know that they are not sappose to put their hands on a woman like that? Why do men do things like that? This is just unacceptable and people need to check themselves and think about things before the do them because it might get them into a lot of trouble with the law, and with God.

  17. Shari says:


  18. Richard Bishop says:

    Once again “think it not strange.” While this is an unfortunate incident in the Body of Christ, our affections must be set on praying for and restoring our brother Bebe, the children, his ex-wife and all involved, in the “spirit of meekness, considering ourselves… While believers have a responsibility to guard our hearts and maintain our spiritual armour, the fact remains we are not “supermen” or wonderwomen.” We are sojourners. We are reminded of this a throughout the scriptures. We are all susceptible to the sinful, as well as the, sinless limitations of the flesh. The difference between the believer and the non-believer is the acceptance of the great hope of everlasting life…and knowing that if, by chance, we should fall, we can rise without condemnation. YES, the consequences of impulsivity and all sin remain (believer or not). May God strengthen and restore Bebe, the immediate and extended family and all involved.

  19. stacey says:

    I have posted this at a couple places because I’m still not certain that it happened the way that it has been described. I wonder if it all got blown out of proportion? Course, I wasn’t there. But I’ve been listening to BeBe and CeCe sing since I was a child (now 33) and he has never been accused of anything like this. Usually those kinds of things have a history of occurrences. Also, I do have a son and I do tell him not to hit women. But I wonder when he’s older and perhaps in a heated argument/situation/child custody battle, if the woman is in his space and being somewhat threatening (which is what I gather could have happened here and I don’t see many taking that into consideration), what would some Christian parents advise their sons to do? Trying to maneuver a woman out of your space so that you can get on with your day/life, if you’re a male-without punching, kicking, biting, etc, how is that accomplished (especially when someone is threatening you in the court system and probably mouthing off in front of your children as well? Which is to say, I don’t know that he “became irate”, as she says, for no reason at all. ) Before my husband and I reconciled, he sometimes tried to provoke me to act out of character too. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t -and yes, I’m saved-not perfect. Something tells me that may have happened here. He could have been trying to get on with his day with his kids and get her out his way (and out of earshot of his kids) without kicking her tail (although probably very tempted to do so) and it got made into him being an abusive ex-husband now and plants the seed that he was probably that way all the time. I doubt if he had truly been an abusive husband that she would even be allowing him around the kids at all or even have went to the car in the first place.

  20. alishia says:

    come on now u guys, a push this is all over a push…she shouldve gotten up and whooped his a$s!..but i guess, and plus it doent matter nowadays how religious u are…everybody does bad everyday and sometimes…christian or not, i mean he shouldve kept his hands to himself but a push..i mean he didnt beat her, blacken her eyes..busted her lips and knocked out some teeth…they taken it too far…ok so, and get over it…things foks be complainin about be triv..

  21. Queen says:

    Let us not be so judgemental, when we were in our sins, Christ died for the ungodly. Just remember BeBe in your prayers. He is not perfect and neither are we.

  22. Sandra Herndon says:

    Hold both BeBe and his wife up in prayer, pray in the spirit for their healing and for their forgiveness,because if ther is a repentant heart and it has been put before God it is done with.

  23. Dianne Simpson says:

    Now, I don’t believe in violence but at some point in our lives we are provoked into hitting someone or using verbal abuse. Saying wrongful things out of anger. BeBe was pushed to that point. When will we stop thinking ministers or strong believers and followers cannot do wrongful things? They are are human too.
    My personal experience involving my divorce and my children wasn’t a pretty sight either so I understand the situation between BeBe and his ex-wife.

    BeBe keep praising and uplifting his name. God bless and I’m sure you will pray for forgiveness plus ask God to strengthen you.

    Love always,

  24. Jacqueline says:

    All I can say regarding the incident is that we aren`t perfect and we all make mistakes just because someone is famous doesn`t mean we won`t make mistakes in life. No matter what we do in life God will forgive us , so don`t allow the media and others to direct you to think so if some people walk in perfection.

  25. silky slim says:

    who are we to judge?!

  26. Nell says:

    Wow…I knew nothing at all about his until today…Nov 5th 2009! Sorry to hear
    this for BeBe, the wife, and the kids. Truth is…there is a lot more behind this
    than any of us always is. Most of us think we are right in our own eyes so I understand why everyone is so passionate about what “they think” and the comments they have made. Well….hmmmm?? What does the Word of God have to say about this? Now, this ain’t for non-believers so hold the phone for just a moment…The Bible says, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it”… He loves us unconditionally and forgives us everyday if we ask. Had he responded the God kind of way, this would never have happened. When we operate in with our own thoughts and our way of thinking, we will always react outside of love and ultimately hurt people. Was he wrong for pushing her? Yes. I’m sure what ever lead him to this point was also wrong…yelling, screaming, pushing, shoving are all acts of anger and an attempt to control someone. Who yelled? Who screamed? Who pushed? I have a feeling a lot of that was going on before the final blow came and the police were called…. Anyway, I’m sad to hear it and hope that they both
    and especially the children will get through this and recover and perhaps help someone else not go there…

  27. Sharron says:

    There ia a difference between domestic violence and keeping someone away from you who is out of control. While no one who was not there can give any insight. I tend to believe since the report states that she was pused to the ground, that he was probably trying to get her out of his face. Now don’t get me wrong I do not stand for domestic violence against anyone be it man or woman. However, let’s remember innocent until proven guilty. No pics or at least none that evidently were worth showing tend to say that there were no physical injuries to actually prove abuse, maybe there are but this remains to be seen. I hate that people, whether out of envy, anger, spite or just plain cruelty, take an argument and say it was more, it diminshes the true cases that need to be addressed and taken seriously. Not saying that this is one. But it seems sort of suspect to me. I do hope that all parties involved get the needed assistance they need for the sake of their spiritual and mental health and what is best for the children involved.

  28. baby says:

    things happen! bebe just kept his ex-ol’ lady from making the insident worst. she already gettin all his money, what else do she want from him?

  29. MamEnyARKO says:

    come on folks, he’s only a human. we all get angry at times and do all sort of things. do you remember the last time you got sooooo angry and did something you wish you’ve never done? there you go you’re also human . Please pardon him