Barack Obama Childhood Movie:’Little Obama’ Indonesian Film

Jerry | May 22, 2010

Barack Obama Childhood Movie:’Little Obama’ Indonesian Film – A new film titled “Little Obama” will document the childhood of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. This will show a side of the president that we have not previously seen. The President grew up having spent most of his time in Indonesia. The child version of Obama will be played by a 12 year old actor named Hasan Faruq Ali. Ali, who hails from New Mexico, also moved to Indonesia when he was only a toddler.

“Hassan has the walk, he has the posture of Barry,” said a childhood friend of Obama’s from 1967-1971 when the President lived in Jakarta. “But Berry was a better ping pong player.”

The movie will be produced by an Indonesian production company called Multivision plus. It is not currently known if the movie will see any type of release in the United States, but it is currently slated to be released on June 17 in Indonesia, around the same time that President Obama is expected to return home.

'Little Obama' the Movie

The film will follow Obama from the ages of six to ten, when he lived in Indonesia. There is said to be no political plot behind the flick, and it is only meant to take a closer look at the life that Barack Obama lived when he was in Indonesia. Hassan has said that he feels great playing Obama, and that he is happy to be the first person to ever play the Obama in the entire world in a motion picture. Several of Obama’s childhood friends had to instruct and teach the young boy about the era that they grew up in, and the types of games that they played when they were young.

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