Angel Lola Luv Bikini Photos

Princess .P. | May 12, 2008

Angel Lola Luv Melaku
Angel Lola Luv Bikini Pictures

Here are some sexy bikini pictures of Angel Lola Luv Melaku.Angel is promoting her body of work.

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  1. ALEXANDRA says:


  2. memphis says:

    That gal iz quite amazn tho she has gt fake a$s m crazy of that s$$t..u rock lola.

  3. juan rivera says:

    mami ur a$s look good I don’t care if is fake I lov it lola keep it up

  4. Shawn Hines says:

    She sexy as hell but her a$s is fake but I still will hit it

  5. origin says:

    you have the sexiest a$s in da world

  6. awel says:

    hi Angela, if u are come to Ethiopia please recognize me, i love u & i wish u forever

  7. daniel says:

    angel i know u very well if u live in addis specially in “CHERCOSE”. i am u’r nigbour at addis kebele 25 at chercose. plesea send u’r message i need u very well.

  8. daniel says:

    hi angel i know u very well at u live in addis. i am u’r neigbour at “CHRCOSE” KEBLE 25.please send me u’r message as soon as possible.

  9. emmanuel says:

    hi ANGEL,im from africa,in RWANDA,a country of a thousand hills.YOU ARE A WOMAN THAT EVERY MAN DREAMS OF…SO SO SO SWEET..SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL…I m from TUTSI ETHNIE WHICH IS FROM YOUR COUNTRY ETHIOPIA,and i know my sisters and cousins are beautiful ,but not that kind,your ASSES my dear,is too much i swear,to good to resist,i m on my kneels and i salute your beauty my dear;kisssssss…write me something,anything i beg from the bottom of my heart,pliz,pliz ANGEL.Im still waiting SEXY LADY.YOUR RWANDAN ADMIRER….CIAO

  10. Solomon says:

    Lola,ure really sexy

  11. Abrish says:

    Realy lola u are sexy.i wana be by ur side youngest ugly man from ur homeland.

  12. Abraham Tamirat says:

    Marivelus beauty,I never seen in life.amazing a$s,God bless zis a$s & never let it shirink.Lola i’m ur lover from Maji,SNNPR ,Ethiopia.