Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz Laughed Off Christina Elizabeth Cheating Claims

Princess .P. | September 14, 2011

With rumors flying around that mega producer Swiss Beatz also known as Kasseem Dean is cheating on his new wife RnB singer and song writer Alicia Keys, it appears that the duo has gone out of their way to post pictures of themselves on Twitter where they display their perfect romance during the rapper’s birthday.

On Tuesday news broke that a young woman by the name of Christina Elizabeth aka Chris – a Texan singer/songwriter had dozens of proofs to back up the claims that she had a long affair with Beatz while he was married to Mashonda and that they have been sexting while he was with Keys.

Oddly enough on Wednesday the duo who just had a baby boy named Egypt posted several shots of themselves celebrating Swizz Beatz 33rd birthday at High Line roller skating rink in New York City.

The singer took the opportunity to blast the cheating rumors calling them laughable and adding:

“Happy Birthday to the most INCREDIBLE man I know!!!!! @therealswizzz !!! To A life of ENDLESS shining between us!Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Some things are just LAUGHABLE!!!!!! Now, Let’s Continue to SHINE!! Everything else is a waste of time!! Sending love!”

The producer also posted a photo of his gift to his wife – a brand new Lotus.

He also called the story a joke and tweeted:

“The best part of my Bday today was my gift I made my wife because my Bday is her Bday.Wow people sure do take things far with the BS Lmao… If people put the same time into positive things the same as they do negative B.S the world would be a better place! #peopleneedhelp.”

For a laughable story (is the story really fake, Swizz cheated on Mashonda with Keys and Christina Elizabeth has videos, pictures, text messages and emails backing that she has been spending a lot of time with Beatz) they sure are wasting a lot of time on it.

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