Alana Wyatt-Smith Tell All Book (Mos Def Wife)

Princess .P. | June 30, 2008

Alana Wyatt-Smith

Alana Wyatt-Smith Tell All Book “Breaking the Code of Silence” (Mos Def Wife) – Alana Wyatt-Smith who was married to Mos Def is about to publish a scandalous tell all book called Breaking the Code of Silence,about their private life,and all the professional athletes and celebrities she had relationships with.Alana just like Superhead,aka Karrine Steffans is a former stripper,she has this to say about her book:

“I disagree with putting names of people in there, just out of respect for their wives and children.” “If this was about making money, getting rich, I could have wrote a tell-all book, 10 times better than Karrine Steffens. People want to know about the biggest names in the NBA, who proposed to who, and did what, and this and that; I could have put some stuff in there that would have made it a No. 1 seller within days. I use nicknames, initials, that myself and the gentleman would know; the ones named I got permission from.”

Here are excerpts from Breaking the Code of Silence:

“He had asked me if I would attend a MuchMusic performance featuring Kanye West. Now, that was a little awkward because a year prior I had met Kanye in Vegas and we had a moment! NOT SEXUAL! I REPEAT, KANYE WEST and I NEVER have had sexual relations.” “Much to my surprise, Mos introduced me as his wife.”“There were stories that we may have been on drugs when we go married… was true honest love at first sight; although it took me a while to get to know him, and I think it was more in his heart than it was in mine. I kind of went along with it.”
“I don’t believe that his intent was to hurt me, I believe that he was trying to prove a point.”“But I had shared and cried with him many nights about my past (abusive) situation and I asked of him not to do that, because it brings back memories; so I found it to be more disrespectful, because he knew what I had been through.”“He won’t sign the papers,” she said. “He told my lawyer if he can’t have me, nobody else will.“To keep the guys away, honestly,” she demurred on the subject of the flashy diamond. She’s sweet and chatty, but just as contradictory on the subject of her, well, husband: on one hand blaming their incompatibility on her inability to be submissive; on the other expressing a desire to reconcile — “Since Mos, I have yet to experience being loved.”
“You have the girl out there that’s 35, 36, still carrying around the fact that her uncle molested her when she was 7 years old and hasn’t told nobody. That is a horrible thing to walk around with, I’ve done it.
“Then there’s the woman out there who doesn’t know the difference between `Is he my lover? Is he my pimp?;’ I’ve been there. Or, `I’m dating this NBA player, he flies me to 13 cities straight out of 82 games, I think he’s in love with me, but does he really like me?’ No, I’ve done it. And `Oh, my gosh! I thought he really liked me, we built this huge chemistry up until he came here, then he never called me after we slept together;’ I’ve been there. I saw death; I wound up on a hospital bed for three months because of my first boyfriend.
“If you have a question, I can answer it,”
“Even sitting around a jail or shelter with abused women, that’s the thrill I’m going to get from this book. I’ve never been a Louis Vuitton shopper type. I’m not fancy, I’m not expensive. In fact, I’ve never owned a Louis Vuitton bag.”

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  1. Black Jesus says:

    Getting married after 3 days of knowing eachother? 6 kids, one of which is a stepchild with 4 different women? The Mourning Bride” (1697) by William Congreve. The complete quote is “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

  2. isis1969 says:

    I am shaking my head at this woman and I use the term loosely. She wants to slam a man because of what? She is not innocent nor is he. She is a groupie and uses her looks and sexuality to her advantage. Maybe, just maybe if she did not drop out of school in 7th grade she would have had more wherewithall to know better to marry ANY man in 96 hours. Had he not been Mos Def would she have married him?! Be real peeps she is a gold digger and using men as pawns to claw a way to the top and make a name for herself. Men need to wake up and stop falling prey to the REAL devil and his minions. Wonders if she will write about guys without notoriety. Why not just walk away with your pride, what little you have, and just say this is another chapter that is closed in your life? Amazing that these guys continue to keep putting their credibility on the line all for the p$$$y. Can’t say I feel sorry for Mos but noone deserves this. Golddiggers are a terrible breed and need to be shutdown. But as the old saying goes, wars have been started over p$$$y and until men wakeup and stop falling for the beauty and p$$$y this will be their fate. Books and interview with salacious details all to gain money and notoriety, no matter how brief, for the groupies. Big ups to the guys, famous and not so famous, who know the truth and light.

  3. jinita says:

    your marriage wasn’t even legal.
    cuz he was still married to his first wife till october of 06.
    and u know very well u were both high as a F$$$$$g kite on mushrooms. u
    are a sorry excuse for a woman, a groupie and whatever the f$$k else u are.
    knowing how many kids and families he has, knowing how many people he needs to support and here u come with this b$$$$$$t.

  4. lee says:

    all yal shakin yall head and quick to judge. i dont understand why, ya she lived a life that would be classified under many negative names but who are you to judge. Instead of all the put downs why wouldn’t you not be encouraging or praying for her to better her life. This is wats so corrupt about the society we live in today we turn against each other expecially females they can be the most trifling. Yea the world may call her a h$e, groupie, and all the rest of negative things they want but as an individual you should be different it takes one person to do something and the rest of the world would follow. She had a real hard life and also did somethings just to get somewhere or be somebody in life everyone does it just maybe in a more positive way..ain’t much to explain but instead of all the negative thought maybe a little encouragement for a change of life style would be a help to her. And all things are possible through God so maybe one day she will trust and believe that no man can love her like he will or give her want she wants like he will with asking for one thing in return is to know and accept him as your personal savior. My prayers go out to her to seek Christ and change her lifestyle and use all she has been through as a testimony to young females heading down the same road.

  5. Fite says:

    I love Mos Def as an artist. But to marry a stripper/prostitue on site w/ a 7th grade education!… You went to the bottom of the barrel on this one bruh. That’s just a hoodrat that made it to the top. I don’t want to say that’s what you get, but i can say,” did you expect different”?.. She fotchu dawg, now she’s going to burn you. You slipped on this one bruh.

  6. g says:

    I don’t see how she was able to write a book. I’ve heard her speak during interviews, and from reading up above its obvious she is not very bright. I am a college educated woman and I would NEVER take advice from her “self-help” book. She has NO good advice to give a young girl. She used the men she dated and they used her. So they are even. She allowed it. I too was a victim of sexual and emotional abuse and guess what…I’m not a gold-digger and I don’t sleep with men to get money. People like this are not women…they are stupid human beings. She should feel blessed that she is not in the Sudan or the Congo–those women don’t have a choice. I don’t pity her.

  7. observer says:

    Its sad yet comical how men base their decisions(w/ their eyes and phallus) on sharing material wealth or DNA but women are considered the erratic, emotional thinkers. I agree with some of the previous responses but do not judge Alana Wyatt with such haste – a man chooses a women according to these religious texts. Dante Smith chose an emotionally damaged “ho” for a wife so what does that say about his character? Often men seek out those type women to abuse, exploit for sex or use as decoration which is perverse and objectifying.

    Judging from his past, it doesn’t seem he can maintain healthy relationships (unless he is deliberately doing a Bob Marley repopulating the globe with reckless breeding w/o maintaining a base or stability)

    Only in this world do we blame the victim. Grimy or not, she doesn’t deserve to be abused or mistreated. He most likely proposed to Her so that was his choice. He is an pseudo intellectual entertainer….not Malcolm X sheesh. Rappers can pretend to be thugs or pretend to be conscious. Men will be men even the funny looking poor literate ones who frequent okayplayer.$$m crave trophies; just dont have the charisma or money to obtain beauty naturally. Once they get one, they will mistreat them like any other woman. (Never understood how any man could lay his hands on Tammi Terrell)

    God bless light skin and baby hair. Gets ’em every time. I need to hang with her Karrine, Kim K and Tila Tequila. These ladies know how to retire in peace, jk 🙂 Alana is amazing to look at. Just dont dog her out, he is equally if responsible for the divorce if not mostly.

  8. Reason says:

    Ok the marriage wasn’t legal.

    She showed her intentions when she referenced Karrine Steffens.

    She is not first women with this type of story and sadly she won’t be the last.

    If she wanted to use this just to help other girls in this situation, then why drop “nick” names?…because she knew famous “abusers” can promote more $$$$.

    Come on Alana, aren’t you tired of being just used for your looks.

    Don’t let people simplify you down to what they see.

    If this book is the only way to better yourself, than I truly feel sorry for you, but not enough to buy/read the book.

  9. lmfao says:

    So…. I was at a strip club in the GTA, and this Alana chick was goin from girl to girl tryin to recruit video hoes for some “Up n coming” (no name) artist. Her claim to fame was, “I’m Mos Defs wife!!!:)”. I’m sorry but if you’re tryin to sell an image of a rehabiltated, gold diggin, ex stripper. The last thing you should do is try to pimp strippers to your wanna be rapper friends! I’m just sayin!

  10. Movieman says:

    I read the interview with her on the Hip Hop magazine page about the book. It speaks of the movie he did in Brazil and how she made to be part of Mos Def’s career and she was not used to long hours on set and so on. It also spoke of Mos abusing her and wanting her to be on set at all times and if she didn’t he abused her and so on and so on…
    Well, I was there in Brazil and I worked on the show shoulder to shoulder with Mos Def and all the other stars on the show. I am friends with the producers on the show and spent most of my time with them there. I know the entire story day by day and minute to minute and it was quite different from the story in the book and what was said in the interview!
    First off Mos was late getting to Brazil because of what he called some small problems at home. He finally arrived in Brazil and had three friends with him. His cousin, a body guard and one other friend. There was no wife to be seen.
    As soon as Mos hit the ground in Brazil his phone was ringing. His wife was pressuring him to come home before he even got his luggage.
    Mos went to the Hotel and called us to confirm his arrival.
    The talk on the set indicated that she was calling him over and over telling him to come back the U.S.
    He told her over and over that he was under contract and could not leave until he was finished. She continued to pressured him until he finally agreed to fly her to Brazil. This was the worst mistake he could have made. She seemed nice at first and me and many others were surprised at her beauty. She was about 115 pounds at the time and very attractive. But as time went on she continued to pressure Mos to leave with her and go back to the United States. He of course continued to tell her he could not. She got nasty and more assertive. Finally one day we came out on the set to begin for the day and drove in on a very strange scene. The women on the set were crying and the men trying to comfort them and calm them down. The producers were riding with me and immediately wanted answers. Come to find out Mos Def’s wife had called the Brazilian police and tipped them that Mos was selling drugs from his production trailer. They take that very seriously there. They put all out crew against the concrete wall and held them there at gun point while they proceeded to rip through every trailer there searching for drugs. This was a very bad day for everyone and how Mos gave such a convincing performance through all this I will never know other than the fact the man is a pro. She played head games with him the whole time and I never saw him so much as raise his voice to her.
    I don’t know about the book because I have not and will not read it but I can tell you from first hand that the part about the movie in Brazil was totally incorrect. If there was abuse going on she was the abuser from what I and everyone else saw. Baring this in mind I find this book very hard to believe based on the fabrications I saw firsthand. I had contact with Mos on the film several times and found him to be a very intelligent and interesting guy with a calm and soothing spirit. I never saw nor did anyone else in Brazil the man described in this book.