Al Sharpton Rally For 47th Anniversary of I Have A Dream Speech

Jerry | August 28, 2010

Al Sharpton Rally For 47th Anniversary of I Have A Dream Speech – Al Sharpton is not pleased with the way that Glenn Beck has presented his upcoming rally. The rally will be held at the Lincoln memorial, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, which was also given at the same location. Beck has said that he did not purposely choose the date, but now seems to be capitalizing on the opportunity to present the rally as being related to the civil rights movement.
Thousands of tea party supports were expected to attend the rally on Saturday.

The event is named “Restoring Honor,” and was created to show support for the troops that are overseas and at home. The location and timing of the rally have been brought into question by some civil rights veterans, including Al Sharpton, who may be the world’s most known living civil rights activist.

“They don’t have the right to distort what Dr. King’s dream was about,” Sharpton said in a statement. He also said that they do have the right to rally, but feels that they should move away from the loose connections between the rally and Dr. King’s speech.

It will be interesting to see how the political left reacts to the rally. Beck has been a controversial figure throughout his career, and he had to have known that choosing the day he did would create further headaches for him. Of course, choosing the 47th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech is likely going to be great promotion for his rally, which will benefit Beck in the long run.

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  1. KS says:

    Sharpton is an idiot. Why is he still relevant or even alive?

  2. JEH69 says:

    Sharpton is one of the greatest racisits of our time. His entire life has been one of promoting hatred of whites. He makes his fortune by it.

    Glen McCoy’s cartoon describes it perfectly:

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are standing under the Wishing Star and Sharpton says, “Oh Wishing Star, we wish for an end to racial strife and bigotry.”….and “POOF”, they both disappear in a cloud of smoke!

  3. George says:

    Rev. Al Sharpton’s greatest fear is that the end of racism will render him irrevelant. So, he perpetuates racism any time and any place he has a forum. He truly has a different “dream” than Dr. King had. He needs a large dose of humility (which will never happen) and admit his sin.

  4. content of character says:

    Why is there no talk of the outstanding speech that Dr. Alveda King gave today?

    I thought Rev. Sharpton didn’t do the day justice.

  5. USA#1 says:

    POOR CNN WAS DOWN PLAYING THE GLEN BECK RALLY TODAY. AL SHARPTONS RALLY 1000 ATTENDED & GLAN BECK RALLY A MILLION PLUS. NOT TO MENTION Dr. Alveda King Spoke At Glenn Beck Rally instead of RACIST AL’s rally, go lick your wounds somewhere..hahahahahahahaahah

  6. Todd says:

    Mr Beck I believe feels we still owe African Americans. That racism is still rampant in America on both sides. That through light we can expose the darkness.
    Sharpton on the other hand is not world’s most known living civil rights activist. He is the biggest hate spewer and does not represent the christian values of a reverend.
    I also don’t believe he represents the majority of christian African Americans.

  7. Jan says:

    If Al Sharpton had done what was honest and shown his faith in God and Dr. Martin Luther King’s true dream for us all he would have joined in the Glenn Beck rally. We all need to get along, ask God to guide us to forgive the past and move forward. He, nor Jesse Jackson want that. They want to keep us divided. I pray to my Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ that peace will come to our nation and we will put God back in our schools. That is our only hope and why these racists can’t see it, I will never understand. They are living in the past in darkness. May God bring them out of it. There is no one that can change them, but God. This goes for all racists regardless of color.

  8. Tom says:

    Al Sharpton may be down behind the Glen Beck comedy stunt but he ain’t out. Just keep an eye on Becks sponsors as they run for the hills!
    That was very disrespectful to Martin Luther King to thank the vets when King made it clear he was against war.
    Becks days in the media are over and I as one of the few black men who really like Beck and some of his extremist talk I will in fact miss him.
    I won’t miss Palen at all she’s worst than that fake radio doctor.
    I really am sad that Beck did that he could did his rally differently.

  9. mocha says:

    I agree they are both racists. And they are liars. Martin Luther King doesn’t belong exclusively to blacks. Refer back to his “I Have a Dream” speech. He longed for the day people would be judged not by color, but by content of character. He reached out to all colors.

    Racism is a two-way street.

  10. PF says:

    Did Al not realise that one of the speakers at Beck’s rally was Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King? I guess her words honoring her uncle and his legacy were too political for Al.

  11. Elazebeth says:

    Al Sharpton should be ashamed of himself. The only racist is the ones that are excited by people like sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
    The blacks and white are more in tune than Sharpton or Jackson would like for them to be.

    Hey you two hooters!!!!

    Why are you not speaking on the Radical Muslims that wants this country to be Muslim? There is a great platform for anyone with the decency and honor.
    I thought you two were (Rev’s)…….Do you not believe our Bible? If not – Take the (Rev’s) out in front of your names!!!! Do you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God – You can not be effective Rev’s and play with the political’s – You know who they are and what they are after.
    Or have you converted to Muslim?
    If so – Kindly step aside while people with honor and integrity can step up to the platform……..Yes – Like Dr. Martin’s Niiece and all the King family.

  12. LB says:

    Wish instead of trying to cause divisions Mr. Sharpton would have realized the two groups could have been one and built on the dream that Dr. King had. Had sad! I am white, but I love black people and think as a race they are an amazing people. Mr. Sharpton, why make a divide, why not build on the dream. Sad day for you indeed.

    News media said, “Glenn Beck’s rally was mostly all white, but did not say that Al Sharpton’s rally was mostly black.” News media are racist for sure. I love the peoples of this country and do not want it divided. Come on America, come together for he good of our country.

  13. ES says:

    Dr Alveda King should have been giving her speech at Rev.Al Sarpton’s Rally. Shame on her!!!!

  14. Incredulous says:

    The last desperate gasp of irrelevancy.

  15. Cat says:

    The Al Sharpton Rally was a great success!!! Over a million perhaps marched to the MLK Memorial. As far as the eye could see, there were people of all colors marching together for the common cause of equality for ALL people. Don’t be fooled!! No matter what themselves media tells you or shows you, there was an EXTRAORDINARY turnout, and I am so proud!!!!

  16. Cat says:

    Correction: A over a million people,

  17. Shawn says:

    Yes, Tom. Sponsors tend so often to “run for the hills” from people who can draw crowds of 300k on a hot summer day. Beck’s enemies have been pressuring his sponsors to drop him for over a year, and the effort’s been a monumental flop. And as I understand it, King was against the Vietnam war, specifically. Is there anything to suggest he would have opposed America’s efforts defeating Hitler, to whom he was nothing but a “schwarzie?”

    Mocha, calling Beck a racist has become almost a throwaway accusation. The guy has done entire episodes of his show with all-black discussion panels and all-black audiences. I know it’s a novel concept but what, uhh, evidence do have to substantiate that charge?

  18. amanda says:

    I don’t get it. If Al wanted to live Dr. Kings dream then why not get everyone to attend the same rally. Thats what the dream was for everyone Black and White to come together as one. I think him attending Becks would have made a better impact on what Dr. Kings dream than having a separate rally. Dr. King did not want separation he want to us to unite and to LOVE one another.

  19. scott says:

    Al you need to grow up and try to find God and stop following Satan he is your God Devision is of the devil and that seems to be what you are about I pray for you sir that you will wake up and find the real God That loves you and do the right thing and get over your racism and learn to get along and love others this racism
    is getting old you are the one keeping your people in bondage because the people of God love all people of any color and judge a man by his fruits and not his color you should study your bible and PRAY THAT GOD will teach you the truth
    I will be Praying for you sir and all those who follow you.

  20. Agent Orange Blossom says:

    I watched both CSpan coverage of the events …..

    Beck focused on a positive message, while Sharpton threw together a rally filled with name calling and vitriol aimed at Beck.

    I remember MLK’s speech “I have a Dream” ….. it was about unity, not skin color.

    Beck was inline with MLK’s ideals.

    Sharpton’s speech was about Hate… & hot to perpetuate Racism

    If MLK was still alive he would have b$$$h-slapped Sharpton.

  21. Don says:

    Back in the 70’s I attended a Jr. College in Okla. We had several africans also attending school. One of them made a statement that I will never forget, he said and I quote- ” The different between the American blacks and the african blacks is the american blacks don ‘t have a heart! unquote

  22. kaykay says:

    Al Sharpton is a disgrace to his race. Bigot and hate monger. Keep it going at all costs so he can get some press from the liberals. The Restore Honor rally was just that a true rally to restore Honor among us all. Great job and very touching. Your efforts Mr. Sharpton are as usual, short and non accomplished, bring more trouble and hatred as soon as another venue presents itself! Why anyone listens to you is a mystery.

  23. Alvin "The Chipmunk" Sharpton says:

    Hey – this is Al Sharpton, you all. We be gettin’ down real good at this rally, where we had a good 100,000…er, 10,000…er, I meant 1,000 people turn out at Dunbar High School. Of course we had to share the venue with a cheerleading practice and a high school basketball pickup game, but it was good. We had a bunch of fine folks…I would name some of them, but I can’t. We had labor leaders, and NAACP leaders, and…well, labor leaders, and I believe some NAACP leaders were there. One guy even had on a t-shirt that read, “Glen Beck He No Speaka for Me,” obviously a slur at Italians, although the dude was black. And we had speeches from some community leaders, like the head of the welfare office and the head of the former ACORN office, who is now unemployed.

    So we had a real good time, speaking and marching and rallying. It was some rally. Then we marched over to where they are building a memorial for Martin Luther King, and there a good 200 people assembled. We showed that dumb Glenn Beck! Hah! We said we would have more people at our rally, and we did. Wait…what? Beck had how many? Half a million?!? What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Somebody is lying their butt off. No way Beck could beat us! We had labor leaders and NAACP leaders and tons of ordinary folks, some of them with signs! That’s not fair! It is just not fair!

  24. mike says:

    “Rev” Sharpton is right – Mr. King was a socialist and wanted Social Justice for black folk. I don’t care how Beck wants to twist King’s words to make him look like something he is not. Read King’s words for yourself – He was as pink as they come. Its disappointing that Beck caught himself in a pickle and chose to go all-out on King being a good man. King and Sharpton stood for the same thing: Black power and Equal property for blacks and whites.

  25. mjishernameo says:

    hahahahahahahahaha….. A MILLION at Becks rally, 300 at Sharptons rally…….ahhahahahahahahah nuff said.
    sharpton who?

  26. Patrick says:

    When is it ever disrespectful to anyone to thank the vets? War is not a good thing, but it certainly is necessary at times and the people protecting us from those that would do us harm NEED to be thanked at every opportunity they can. Al Sharpton was preemptive in attacking Glenn Beck’s rally. No hate, no bigotry was spilled there. But Sharpton attacked whenever and wherever he could. A true man of God would praise Glenn for making the event about the Almighty and those who protect us. Unfortunately, the Reverend is a reverend for the church known as himself. Oh how I pray he sees the light, and how I pray the Lord cuts through the lies spilled by the tongue of man with the Sword of the Spirit of Truth.

  27. ms houston says:

    i don’t think al sharpton is all those negative things you people say he is when anybody black speaks the truth about ignort white people their racist but when a white person calls some body black a n$$$$r there are millions of excuses you people like a yes n$$$a some one who’ll just sit back and take what ever you dish out, well it is 2010 and slavery is long over and we aint sced now so say what you want you have been doing it all your life, doing people any kind of way and expecting for them to take. there are a lot of smart educated black men and women now and white people is just hating it and you are not used to a aggressive black man or woman well get use to because there are many more coming al sharpton speaks for a lot of black people just like george “DEVIL” bush speaks for the whites

  28. IHW says:

    I agree with much of the sentiment here. Rev. Al Sharpton had an opportunity to truly make a difference, to bring people together, and he blew it! On April 7th, he was on Glenn Beck. Beck asked him if he believed that “Hope, Faith, and Charity” could bring this country together! Not only did Rev. Sharpton agree, he said “that it (Hope, Faith, and Charity) SHOULD bring this country together”. Yet even after several open invitation for ALL to attend, Rev Sharpton had to make his own rally. That action is contradictory to what he said. And then Rev. Sharpton criticized Beck for not doing what he said he would? The rally was all about Hope, Faith and Charity… So, I don’t understand where Rev. Sharpton gets off?

    In regards to the argument about civil rights – Civil Rights are no longer about Black vs. White, or White vs. Black… It’s about THE PEOPLE vs. BIG government. We are losing our freedoms, and Beck talks about how these freedoms began disappearing over 100 years ago, and many president have contribute, from both sides, including Bush Jr. Beck’s sentiment towards Bush are the same as those towards Obama – they (were not) are not upholding theirs vow(s) to protect and preserve the Constitution. I think we all know what happens with organization that move away from the very principle they were founded on. We’ve been seeing it a lot lately in corporate greed! Just like America was NOT founded to create BIG government, corporations are NOT created to scam people. This is the time that we need to hold true to our principles! Just as this is the time that we need to make sure those who represent us, hold true to these principles as well. Reverend and Politician alike.

    God Bless us ALL

  29. Bruce Hardy says:

    To mr. al sharpton . i am writing to about a problem i am having getting a job in mansfield pa. i have been looking for work sense 11/06 and for some reason i can not even get an interview for any job when the pacareerlink state employment office sends me out to look for work i get turned down i used to work at mansfield university and i had a lot of problems with ben jones i left and so did a all the other blacks i think he is black balling me from getting a job if this violating my civil rights i want to sue him, if i can’t work i can’t pay my bills or for my medicine for my diabetes,hi blood pressure, heart medicine, or any other medicine i take , i would like to talk to you in person about this situation please i would appreciate it if can help me in any way possible iam sending you my name and address i hope to hear from you soon thank you very much. ssincerly yours, Bruce Hardy 19w.wellsboro street.mansfield, pa. 16933 apt. 19

  30. estell green says:

    way to go Rev Al. Glen Beck is only in this to faten his pockets. He has a hooome and 401K . The people who listens to hiiim need to wakup. He not out of a job or homeless.